Love Polygon

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A polygon love story that is a good kind of






AHN YUJIN ,i love you just that you did not know...,,?



KIM MINJOO tries to be independent and escape from her mother’s voice clock every morning but find herself tangled in a love story she never wants.What she gonna do?



JANG WONYOUNG- the childhood friend but will she be remain in sidelines forever? or one day gonna wake up and fight?



CHOI YENA- i keep searching for my one true love without realizing all this time i am with her?



JO YURI- the happy go lucky in facade of others but shattered inside, will she be whole again?



KIM CHAEWON-the redhead charismatic first love


MIYAWAKI SAKURA-an unexpected student council president at school is an angel but at home Chaeyeon says otherwise


LEE CHAEYEON-the purest of all who knows the word self control


KANG HYEWON-I promise to make you happy if you choose me










But what if fate decides to play on their feelings? Can you be happy with the one you love into other’s arm? or will you put a fight even to cost a friendship?



A chaotic love story that revolves around izone members...


The number of words per chapter depends on my mood huehehe^^




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