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Bomi steps into Chorong's life and, well, Chorong just has to get used to it. 



—my first ever fic!— (2019 revised) 

An imperfect fun fantasy story I've had in my head since 2016. Largely inspired by how they looked at the time (Brand New Days), especially Bomi's concept in 2017 Seasons Greetings. Here's a brief overview of how I see the characters (Chobom being most important to highlight):




Park Chorong


Yoon Bomi





Jung Eunji


Son Naeun


Kim Namjoo 


Oh Hayoung 


And of course! I always like to keep this video of Bomi in mind hehehe~


^ Credit to the owners of media used. 


3.5 years from the day I pressed "new story", it's finally finished! my first ever fic, crazy fantasy (=´∇`=)
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