The Lee-family

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Lee Taeyong is a single father of five children.
And truthfully, he thought he was blessed.
It didn’t mean he did not met his share of daily problems… and his share of big problems too.
But whoever dares to touch his sons, his happiness; they better prepare themselves to pay the price.
Basically family fluff with dreamies and NCT2018 hyung line.
Everyone appears, and gets his family (If not now, then later on in the story!)


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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: I waited and checked my notification for this update everyday and I can't believe I just saw it now... :( anyways, I can't wait for Mark's dance competition and Lucus's recovery ~~ So eager for WinWin's return ??
Chapter 23: icb i missed the actual update! im upset with myself hmph. Mei thank you so much for the gift, i love it! so much! (and thank you for the shoutout btw you dont have to!) i can feel the love, in Taeyong's love for Mark, Mark's forgiveness, Mark's appas and uncles's love for him... it's so heartwarming. im so glad he's surrounded by so much love. and Mark's willingness to be donor for Lucas! im so excited for their meeting! and Kunream flufffff omg im so soft! Jaehyun's right, a family is a simple happiness<3
Chapter 23: Hahaha I love how Jisung is getting bullied by Jungwoo here. XD he is so freaking cute, and how Renjun really fits his character. I like your update about how they interact with each other, I just really hope that Xuxi’s operation will be successful and the next chapter will be a good revelation about Mark’s identity. I can already see how it will change his status in school.

I’m really curious about Taeil’s character and what is his role in here, cause I know Winwin for sure will want to get his children back. But wouldn’t Lele change? Cause kids tend to change when they get separated for the people that he grow up with. It will be another conflict for sure. Hehehe

Anyway, love your update. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
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Waiting for the next chapter..thanks you very much for this such soft chapter..good luck for your internship
Chapter 23: Aaaw I missed this story so much, you don't have an idea :') it's so good to read such a soft and cute chapter, Mark and Taeyong are the prettiest thing in world!! And the sleepover, Renjun and Kun interaction is life for me hahahaha I'm also waiting for the moment WinWin appearance!! Aaand Lucas my gooooood I NEED to see him and Mark together!! Aaah I love your story soo soo soooo much!!! Waiting for the next amazing chapter!!! Thank you so muuuuch
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Chapter 23: omg I've been waiting for your update...and finally~
im really looking forward in the future where lucas and mark will meet. haha renjun and his teasing with mom kun made me smile~ i realy love the kids interaction...more of Jungwoo pls.even though his not talking yet...the siblings interaction and...where is Taeil???please get him in the story~
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Chapter 23: I love this story, this story is the main reason I check my updated subscribed stories, to see if this had been updated
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Chapter 23: MY FAVE STORY IS UPDATED MY NIGHT AND WHOLE WEEK IS 10 TIMES BETTER. Such fluffy Chapter I neeeedd Moarrr ??? . Injunie LeLe and winwin moment too . Fighting for your Internship . I will loyal and wait for you . ps. OMG You mention Me . Im shock. Thanks so much for writing such amazing story about NCT .Kinda curious are mark TY is your main Bias? ??
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Chapter 23: The update really made my day!!!