Smell of Cookies and Farts

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Chapter 4

Jongin's Point of View

''Birthday boy needs to get an -whooping!'' Baekhyun shouted. '','' I muffled into my pillow. Feet shuffled into my bedroom and I felt someone throw themself on top of my back.

I groaned, ''Get your heavy off my , Sehun.''

''Hyung, are you a wizard? How did you know it was me?'' Sehun slapped my back, still not getting off me. ''I can sniff you from miles away, of course I would know,'' I rolled my eyes and pushed him off.

''You're eighteen now, do you know what that means?'' Kyungsoo smiled an evil smile. I gave him a sheepish smile and braced myself for what was behind that evil smile, ''Lots of presents for me??''

''WRONG!! EIGHTEEN SPANKS FROM ALL OF US!!'' Baekhyun squealed happily. I hid under my blanket, ''If any of you guys go near my precious booty, I'm biting your hand off.''

I felt a hand slap my and I growled. I whipped the blanket off and glared at all five of them. ''Who was it?''

They all pointed fingers at each other and laughed. I rolled my eyes and laughed too. ''C'mon, birthday breakfast for the birthday boy,'' Suho patted my booty to get off the bed.

I slid out of bed and rushed to the restroom to brush my teeth. ''Go down first, I'll be down in a second,'' I told the guys.

I dressed up and put my hair to the side, running my hand through it. I winked at myself through the mirror. Damn, looking good, Jongin.

I smelled seaweed soup and pancakes but mostly pancakes. I ran downstairs and kissed my mom on the cheek. She was in her apron and a bit messy from the pancake flour. I leaned to kiss my dad's cheek too.

''Good morning, dad and mom~'' I cooed. ''Happy birthday, Jongin,'' my mom rubbed my shoulder. The guys were all seated on the kitchen table, the table full of fruits, pancakes, cookies, and apple juice.

''Go sit, we made a big breakfast for all you boys,'' my dad smiled at me. ''Thank you, I love you guys,'' I hugged both of them and ran to the table.

I slid into my chair and the guys whistled. ''Damn, what the hell did you do to our Jongin and why are you so hot hot HOT?'' Chanyeol joked.

I fixed my collar and slung my arm on the chair, ''They call me the hottest lover of South Korea and also known as every girl's dream guy. You can call me at 1-800-cute-.''

''Gross, get your cheesy out of here.'' Sehun put a piece of pancake in my mouth. ''Language, Sehun,'' my mom raised a brow and I snickered.

''Eat up boys, you guys are going to help me set up for Jongin's party. I ordered the cake and we need to clear out the backyard for more space. Our house isn't the biggest but Jongin invited so much people so we have to use what we got. Remember, no one goes upstairs okay? Party is only downstairs, backyard, and front yard only.'' my dad informed while he was putting the seaweed soup in little bowls for us.

''Got it, Mr. Kim!'' the five boys said in unison. We all dug in and enjoyed the delicious breakfast. We all helped with snacks and decorations for my birthday party.

''Move anything that can break easily upstairs and all expensive stuff upstairs too,'' Mrs. Kim said as she went to bring up the glass vases. I helped her and was it me or is the vase super light? I saw Chanyeol struggle with it at first.

From the moment I woke up I already felt that I was more powerful than I was yesterday. I liked it.

''People are going to start coming around six or seven so let's hurry it up, boys,'' Mr. Kim said. We got everything ready and had it set up. The boys also revealed their present to me before the party started. They all pitched in for a Macbook Pro. Gosh, how did they know my computer broke? Those caring idiots.

People started coming in around six and everyone wished me a Happy Birthday. People gave me presents and I even got some confessions. Of course, I didn't accept them. I kindly turned them down.

The door opened again signaling another guest and suddenly a scent hit me. I looked at the door and realized it was Bora, a girl from one of my classes.

''Happy birthday, Jongin,'' she smiled. She gave me a nicely wrapped box. With my sharp sense of smell I could tell there was a variety of cookies in there. ''I love cookies. Thank you,'' I accepted the gift and smiled back.

From the scent I almost drooled, I'm really craving cookies all of a sudden.

She outstretched both her arms and leaned in to give me a hug. Oh, hot girl hugging me. Nice birthday gift, good job Jongin. I willingly wrap

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