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Jieun's Point of View

My eyes were clouded. All I saw was red.

I bit down hard on his neck and wrung him around. Even though he was larger in size he felt so light in my mouth, it was easy to keep him in place. My ears were still ringing. There was so much noise around me but I couldn't hear anything outside of my head.

I don't think I was biting him for long but it felt like forever, I felt him go limp in my mouth. Eventually, I felt someone push me hard on my side. I got knocked back and I released him from my mouth.

I kept my stance and growled. I looked up to see who pushed me.

"Jieun, please. You're going to kill him," Jackson begged, standing in front of the bleeding wolf. At the sight of Jackson, I stopped growling. I took a step back to see the damage that was done. The poor wolf was bleeding out on the ground, eyes rolled back. I look up to see everyone around me. It was dead silent. My peers looked at me with fear and confusion. My head turned towards BAP who looked distressed to see their friend on the ground.

At that moment, I couldn't move. What have I done?

Jackson comes closer and snatches up my torn clothes with his mouth. He let out a muffled bark and nudged his head toward the street. "Let's go home, Jieun."

I paused and looked at the Wangzi and the other dogs. "W-we'll take them back. It's okay. Go, Jieun," Kyungsoo said, still a little shocked seeing my form. He was was standing next to Bora who also didn't turn into her wolf form. I could distintively see their shocked faces as human expression is the only thing I could recognize. They were the only 2 that didn't turn into their wolf forms.

I nodded my head slowly to Kyungsoo and started running after Jackson, back home.

The run back was quick, now that I had four legs. There was still so much adrenaline in me and everything happened in a blur. I pushed it to the back of my head to focus on running and within minutes, I made it home with Jackson. He changed back really quick to grab the keys out of my clothes to let me in. I shut my eyes as he went back to his human form.

"Are my clothes still here?" Jackson asked, unlocking my door and letting us both in. I nodded, still keeping my head down. I saw my paws stained with red, the poor guy's blood. What was going through my head at the time? Damn it, Jieun.

I crawled under my kitchen table and laid there, disappointed in myself. Jackson came back, dressed. "Your wolf form is cute."

He plopped down next to me and put his hand on my paw. I huffed and crossed my paw over the other while resting my head on it, "I changed but at what cost? Is that poor kid still alive?"

"Probably. Kid looked tough, he'll be fine," Jackson consoled. He saw my mouth and paws dirtied with red so he grabbed a wet towel in my kitchen to wipe me. I lifted my head so he could wipe my chin clean.

"I don't know what got into me. I was so heated. It was uncontrollable. I still don't think I can turn back right now if I wanted to," I howled.

He continued the gently wipe the wet towel all over my mouth, "At least you know you're capable of turning. We were all surprised."

Memories resurface of BAP making fun of my wolf form. The guy called me undeveloped and that is what caused me to snap.

I start shaking in a

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