Helping Out

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Jongin's Point of View

"Let's get bubble tea!" Sehun exclaimed excitedly, twirling around on the crosswalk like some psycho. It's Monday so that means bubble tea. We always get it after school to make up for ty Mondays.

As we were walking my arm was around Bora. I invited her to come along, if she's going to be my mate then she needs to know the guys too.

"I want my honey milk green tea again. You're paying for me, right?" Baekhyun swung an arm around Suho's shoulder. He shrugged him off, "Hell, no. I may be the oldest one but I'm a broke elder, okay? You should take care of me. Buy me bubble tea!"

Baekhyun shook his head and walked away from him. "Hey, I got an idea! Since we're so broke, let's go volunteer instead!" Kyungsoo perked up.

I raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him, "Really? Volunteer work on a Monday instead of bubble tea?"

Kyungsoo nodded furiously.

" that, I want some bubble tea," Chanyeol shook his head. Bora nodded in agreement. "You guys said you were broke anyway. And we need the volunteer hours for credit. Let's goooooo," Kyungsoo whined.

"Suho and Baekhyun are broke! I can pay bubble tea for myself," Sehun argued. "It's volunteering at my mom's dog shelter. C'mon, you get to see cute dogs," Kyungsoo persuaded.

"You guys see my wolf form twice a week. I'm a cute dog too. That's all you need," I shrugged. Bora turned to me and giggled. I got nervous because her face was really close because my arm was around her shoulder. I faked a cough and looked away.

"I haven't seen Mrs. Do in a while. I'm down to help. Only if we get kimbap rolls next time, she makes the most delicious rolls," Suho smiled, almost drooling at the thought of it.

"Actually, I'm down too if we get kimbap rolls," Sehun changed his mind. Kyungsoo nodded in agreement, "Sure, I'll tell my mom. Now, let's go!"

We all walked to the pet shelter instead of the bubble tea shop with mild whining from the boys. "Are you okay with going to the pet shelter instead of getting bubble tea?" I asked Bora was we walked in synchronization, our feet taking the same step each time.

She turned her head to me and smiled, "Yeah, as long as I get to spend time with you. I want to know you more."

I smiled back. We didn't know if we were mates for sure yet but she's already putting the effort in to know me more. I like it.

We arrived at the pet shelter and Kyungsoo ran up to hug his mom and said, "I brought my friends! They want to help out in exchange for kimbap rolls."

"Oh, boys! You guys don't need to help out. I would make you guys kimbap rolls regardless!" Mrs. Do said and smiled.

"Auntie, your kimbap rolls are way too good to be given out for free! We'll make sure all your dogs are all taken care of today," Chanyeol said.

"My two volunteers, Jieun and Jackson did all the cleaning and feeding so they just need to be walked. I'm sure you know them, they're in the same grade," Mrs. Do said, motioning to the room where the dogs are kept. My right eye twitched at the mention of Jackson. Of course, he's here too.

"I see, I'll go say hi!" Kyungsoo said, excitedly. He burst through the door and greeted Jieun with a big smile. Huh, I didn't think he knew her that well.

"Cute dogs everywhere, this is heaven," Baekhyun said, following in after Kyungsoo to pet the dogs. Everyone s

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