Stupid Wolf

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Jieun's Point of View

The cold wind blew hard and I shielded my eyes in case any dirt got into them. I hurried to get to the mall entrance because the wind was making it hectic outside, leaves and dirt blown everywhere. 

Although it was extremely cold, there were no signs of snow yet. The sky was white but it has been since November and yet, still no snow. It was the middle of December and everyone was wondering if we’d even get a white Christmas this year. Global climate change is real and it is visible to the environment.

I hugged myself and hurried through the mall entrance. It was a bit warmer inside and I could already smell the food court. I came to the mall with one objective, to get Jackson a Christmas gift. 

He was so good at comforting me when I was a wolf but I dismissed him when we got back to my place since I needed time alone. I wanted to return the favor by getting him a good Christmas gift. Last year I was too busy to shop so I got him socks. And I... just realized I’ve never seen him wear them, definitely getting him a better gift this year.

Ugh, I also just remembered I don’t like shopping. 

I bit my bottom lip as I looked at all the storefronts lined up on my left and right side. The stores were all brightly lit with their promotion posters posted all over the windows—so many choices.


Jongin’s Point of View

“Can we please get a drink while we shop? I’m so thirsty,” Baekhyun whined, dragging his feet. Baekhyun never liked shopping and when we did, he’d always complain every time. And I repeat, every single damn time. 

Suho shoved his face in Baekhyun’s face, “Please shut up. I can’t deal with you whining again. Let me shop in peace. I will get you a drink and you will shut up.” 

Baekhyun moved his face away and gave a big smile to Suho, “Okay, you said it. You’re paying for my drink.”

I rolled my eyes, “C’mon guys, let’s hurry it up. I need to pick out a birthday present for Bora.” 

I had absolutely no idea what to get her but I just know whatever it is, it better be good. She’s my mate after all and I can’t show up to her 18th birthday with something lackluster. It has to be something that she’ll absolutely love. 

“There are so many humans here, I can smell all of them and their colognes. It smells so strong,” Sehun scrunches up his nose, looking around in disgust. We ventured out of our lycan town to go to a bigger mall but unfortunately, that means we’re in human territory.

“I was going to say - I can barely breathe in here. The Lush store with all the bath bombs is on the other end of the mall but I can still smell it,” Kyungsoo said, using a hand to wave away the air in front of his face as if that was going to help. 

Humans and us werewolves can coexist but we prefer not to. We have such different lifestyles and body anatomy that it doesn’t make sense to live together. There are no strict borders we can’t cross or anything, we are just naturally separated by different communities. There lycan towns that humans don’t venture to and human towns that we lycans don’t bother to go into. It works out because we don’t want anything to do with each other. Every once and a while we do venture out to human towns if we ever need anything. 

“What about some Chanel? Maybe Lululemon? Victoria Secret? C’mon Jongin, you’ve got to have some sort of idea of what she wants,” Suho said, putting a hand on my shoulder. 

I smirked and turned to him, “And why would you suggest Victoria Secret? You ert.”

The boys cackled and Suho’s eyes widened. He threw his hands up in defense, “I’m just giving you an idea idiot!”

“Maybe we should just go there to hang out,” Chanyeol raised his brows up and down mischievously. Kyungsoo came up behind him to slap the back of his head, “Do you know how creepy we would look?”

Chanyeol winced and rubbed the back of his head, “Girls would eat that up. A bunch of guys buying lingerie for someone special. They would swoon! Swoon I tell you!”

We all laughed. Chanyeol maybe has a point. But I’m not here for other girls, I’m here to find Bora a present. I also don’t think I’m confident enough to choose lingerie for Bora, that seems a bit much and I wouldn’t even know what to pick… 

Some of us separated to go to the

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