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Jieun's Point of View

We all turned to face the group of guys on the basketball court. There were six of them and I recognized their faces, they're seniors from a neighboring high school. They called themselves BAP, whatever that stands for, I'm not sure.

I don't know much people but I do know them only because they're popular in the area.

"What are you guys doing at our park?" Jongin asked, stepping up to face them. He seemed quite defensive and more alert now that he saw them here.

"Just checking out your basketball court. The gravel and you guys don't even have a net here," Yongguk said, bouncing the basketball on the ground with his right hand.

"Go to your own court then," Chanyeol said, narrowing his eyes at them. People in towns are pretty defensive about their territory. There are no legally marked areas but it's common knowledge to not trespass into neighboring towns without good reason to. Them being here put everyone on edge, especially because they're from a known rival school.

"It got a little boring. We'll kick it here. Why? You going to do something about it?" Daehyun asked dauntingly. He looked extremely scary with his thick brows and piercing eyes.

I noticed Jongin clenched his fists. This is not good.

People usually don't cross into towns but I guess BAP felt like they could because they were more powerful. They're all seniors and all reached the ripe age of eighteen, they're stronger than us. We're just juniors and I think Jongin, Suho, and Chanyeol are the only ones that are eighteen.

"In fact, yeah, we are. Get the off our basketball court," Sehun cursed. For being the youngest, he sure is feisty.

"We don't want to. You stupid juniors have nothing on us. You guys are a bunch of weak mutts," Himchan spat.

Apparently, that really did not settle with Jongin. He said in a low voice, "Bora, can you please hold the leashes for a bit? I'm going to kill this guy."

"Jongin, down. We have too many dogs with us right now and they're the priority, it's not worth it. Let's go," Jackson said, warning him. Jackson was never the one to be easily angered and he doesn't want any trouble.

"Yeah, let's just go," I said, agreeing with him.

Jongin his teeth and agreed as well, surprising me. He seemed to be the type to blow off easily. "Yeah, they're not worth it," he said, turning to walk away. The rest of the guys were fine with it too and we decided to leave.

"Hey, you ers are really backing down from a fight?" one of them called out, throwing a basketball our way.

I'm not sure who threw it because we had our backs turned. But what we did see was the ball flying towards us, hitting one of the dogs, Wangzi. It hit him on the side of his head and he whined in pain as soon as the ball came in contact with him.

We all gasped, shocked. He probably wasn't aiming for the dogs but that fact that it hit him, oh no. I felt anger in my gut and I was going to turn around to yell at them but someone beat me to it.

Someone from our group ran straight up to one of the guys and threw a punch at their face. Jackson.

"I'm going to ing rip your face off!" Jackson shouted as pummeled the guy with his fist. I'm sure Jackson didn't even know if he was the one who threw the ball but he had enough. Wangzi is his favorite dog and he loves him with

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