Jieun's First Lycan Diversion

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Chapter Six

Jieun's Point of View

I groaned and banged my forehead against my locker. 68%!! A D+ on my test. I did not even get a C! I repeatedly banged my forehead against the cold locker when I suddenly felt something warm and soft against my forehead.

I look up and see Jackson's hand cushioning my forehead from the cold, hard locker.

''Bad score?'' he raised a brow. ''You already know, don't ask,'' I frowned, removing his hand to continue banging my head.

''You studied enough so you should have got a good score. Did you remember to check your over your answers?''


''Check over your answers twice instead of rushing through it, maybe that will help boost your next text grade.''

''I know..''

''If you know then why are you still sulking around like a sad sack of potatoes?'' he flicked me on the forehead. I yelped and immdiately rubbed my forehead with the palm of my hand, ''Ow, okay. I'll stop moping around but only if you buy me more green tea, that was really good.''

"No problem, I'll get you some tomorrow night too. More energy and alertness," he smiled, taking my backpack and slinging it over his other shoulder.

Oh, darn. I almost forgot, tomorrow is lycan diversion. ''What's the point? I can't turn, I still don't get why I should go.'' I looked down at my shoes, head hung low.

''I don't get why not,'' he shrugged, "Everyone there are experienced lycans who can turn on command. We can help you turn and it's good for you to mingle with other lycans."

And if I don't turn, I'll just turn out as embarrassment as you guys race around in your wild forms.

"What about ?" I mumbled. His brows furrowed, "?"

He leaned in closer then wiggled his brows with a smirk, "What about ?"

I pushed his face away, "I don't mean anything ual. I mean, when you guys turn don't you guys rip your clothes or something?"

"We just take it off and then turn, come on, don't worry about it," he put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to our next class.

Wait, did he just say take off our clothes? What does he mean there's nothing to worry about it. I'm not stripping in front of everyone!!

Jongin's Point of View

Tuesday night: the night of lycan diversion

I jumped up and down like a hyper, uncontrollable, annoying five year old. I'm excited! Lycan diversion is tonight and I swore on my own soul I will flirt with her till she falls in love with me.

Well, she is already in love with me, right? She's my mate. Well, I'm 90% sure. I still can not get rid of that chocolate smell. Sometimes the smell would be faint, like now. When I was at school, next to Bora, the smell was so strong.

Not only am I excited for that, but also because I get to truly test out my ability. I still feel stronger than ever since my birthday and ha, Jackson is going to be surprised.

I shoved my hands in my jean pockets and jumped around impatiently. The sky was clear and the moon was bright as ever. There was a slight breeze and I just know that will feel so good when I turn and run about. I can't wait!

''Kyungsoo! It's almost 10:00pm!! What are you doing in there?! It better be a hot chick. If not, you have no excuse for being this late!'' I shouted, standing outside Kyungsoo's house with the rest of the guys.

Baekhyun snickered, ''If Kyungsoo really does have a hot girl in there, then it's a Christmas miracle!''

''I heard Baekhyun say something about a hot girl! Where?!'' Kyungsoo runs out, wide-eyed, with his backpack slung over one shoulder. ''Up your , now, what took you so damn long?'' Suho flicked his forehead.

Suho was especially annoyed because the korean drama he was watching got discontinued because of a dirty scandal. A way for him to relieve stress was to run and a lot of people get closure from lycan diversion. We're wild beings after all but this event twice a week keeps us from ripping each other apart.

Kyungsoo frowned and rubbed his forehead, ''I was in the restroom, doing my business. You want to get in on my business too?''

''Let's just go. You guys can fight at lycan diversion. I know I can't wait to challenge Chanyeol. Stupid giant embarrassed me in class,'' Sehun complained, whacking Chanyeol on the back of head before walking off to the forest.

''Watch me beat up our little Sehun,'' Chanyeol turned to us and laughed. ''Oh, you know Sehun when he's fired up. He gets a bit crazy,'' I shrugged, swinging my arm over his shoulder, crossing the street and heading to the forest.

We all walked for about ten minutes till we arrived at a clearing. This field was open and vast, surrounding it is a bunch of tall trees and bushes. People could easily get lost in the forest. Though, it is a large clearing, humans would not be able to find this area.

There were about twenty other teenagers, talking and hanging out. When we arrived, a lot of heads turned to look at us. I mean, who wouldn't?

Everyone had backpacks on. That's where we keep our clothes when we turn. Obviously we don't keep our clothes on when we turn back into a human.

I sniffed and I couldn't smell cookies or dogs. That means Bora and Jackson did not arrive yet. Jackson is a lycanthrope but for some reason he always smells like a dog.

I'm so hyped right now. I can't wait till I get to fight Jackson and show off t

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