Chanyeol's Deadly Farts

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Jongin's Point of View

I watched Jackson walk off with the girl that I can't quite remember what her name was. I didn't even get to fight him. Damn.

"Jongin, I don't feel like fighting anymore," Bora said in her human form. I turned to see she was already turned back and with her clothes on. Man, I kind of wanted to spar with her too. Guess I'll just test out my abilities at the next lycan diversion.

"That's cool. I'll turn back," I said, turning to find the tree where I put my stuff. I turned and changed back into my clothes. Bora was waiting for me on the side.

I looked into the clearing to see Sehun and Chanyeol still fighting. Of course, Chanyeol who is eighteen is clearly winning the fight. And my bet was on Sehun too, damn. I saw other people sparring and I wanted to fight too. I was so ready to bite Jackson's today. Not literally... but okay, maybe.

"Can you walk me home?" Bora asked. My head turned from watching Chanyeol's wolf form sitting on top of Sehun's wolf to Bora. "Yeah, of course. I'll take you back," I smiled, slipping my arm through my backpack straps.

"Thanks, Jonggie," she beamed, running to me and grabbing my arm. I grimaced, "Please don't call me that. Jackson calls me that all the time and I hate it."

She pouted, "Sorry, I thought it would sound cute."

"It's alright. You tried," I grinned, walking arm in arm with bora. I don't know what to do. Do we just keep linking arms? Am I supposed to hold her hand? No, Jongin. Too soon. Just chillllllll.

We walked in silence through the forest. We trampled over roots and bushes with no words exchanged. I had no idea what to say. Should I mention the mate thing? I'm completely sure yet... But , we've already reached the streets. I'll ask her when we cross the street.

We walked across and finally reached the sidewalk. "My house is this way," she pointed to the left. I nodded and we walked into that direction. , say something!!

"So, uhm. You're my mate??" I blurted out. Wait, what the did I just say? That didn't even make sense! Why would I ask her that? What the he- "What?" she interrupted my thoughts.

I looked down, watching our feet move with each step, "Uhm, I think you might be my mate. I'm not like... completely sure or anything but uh, yeah."

"Really?? You think so?" she perked up. I look up and see her beaming, basically shooting twinkles out of her eyes. She looked so happy.

"I-I think so," I responded, taken aback by her super excited expression. Does that mean she feels it too? She's my mate???

"Do you feel the connection too?" I asked expectedly, my eyebrows raised in curiosity. "I mean, I haven't turned eighteen yet but I know I like you for sure. Why do you think I'm your mate?" she asked, still smiling like crazy.

"I-I don't know. I kind of just smell cookies whenever you're around. A mate is always attracted and can smell the other mate. I've been smelling cookies ever since you came in through the door at the party. It's kind of on and off though like, I don't smell it right now. Probably because you're not eighteen yet. It's a bit wonky," I shrugged.

"My birthday is next week! December 6th to be exact. We'll know for sure at my party! You're coming, right? With your friends too?" she asked excitedly. "Next week?! Hell yeah, I'll be there. I'll tell the boys," I exclaimed.

"I can't wait. This is my place. Thanks f

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