Kai's Mate

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Chapter Five

Jongin's Point of View

Something was shining brightly in my face and I was too lazy to open my eyes. I'm pretty sure it's the sunlight from my window. I rubbed my eyes and sniffed, something smells funny but also good.

I yawned and slowly opened my eyelids, adjusting to the light. A big foot was in front of my face. Kyungsoo was sleeping on the ground but his leggs were propped up on my bed in an awkward position.

I groanned and swatted his feet away. I sniffed the air again and it smelled like sweet,warm, oven-baked cookies. Why have I been smelling that recently? The scent is everywhere..

I turned over and stared at the box of cookies neatly placed on top of my bedside cabinet. Oh, yeah. That's why.

''Safety,'' a voice murmured. My eyes widened and I turned to look at the guys. No.. not in my room. Please, no.

When a person is about to fart, they are supposed to say safety first to warn the people around him that he is going to cut the cheese.


''OH, MY GOSH! THAT SCARED THE OUT OF ME! I WAS SLEEPING!! WHO WAS IT?! IT WAS SUHO, WASN'T IT?'' Baekhyun shouted, scrambling from the group of the guys and jumping on my bed. Because of Baekhyun the rest of the guys woke up.

''Why do you guys always blame your farts on me? It was Chanyeol!'' Suho cried, defending himself. I narrowed my eyes on the smiling Chanyeol. ''Chanyeol, you just had to stink up room?''

He shrugged innocently, ''I said "safety" before I did it.''

''We were all asleep, I didn't hear you say safety! Man, get your stank booty out of here,'' Sehun opened the door and kicked Chanyeol outside and shut the door.

Kyungsoo scrunched up his nose, ''You guys are stupid. You just trapped all of us here in the smell.''

I sniffed the air. ''I still smell cookies. That's weird.''

Chanyeol opened the door and peeked in, ''See, the smell isn't that bad. Jongin says it smells like cookies.''

''Chanyeol's farts messed with your nose. Are you okay, Jongin? Chanyeol's fart smell is gone, do you still smell cookies?' Suho looked at me worriedly.

''Stop messing with me guys, the scent is so strong. You guys don't smell it?'' I laughed. These guys had the best senses ever, I'm sure they can smell the cookies laid right next to me.

''I smell your mom cutting ripe oranges downstairs but no cookies,'' Baekhyun raised a brow at me. Now all the guys are looking at me like I was crazy.

I picked up the box of cookies, ''There are cookies right next to me, what do you mea-,'' I stopped when I realized how light the box was.

''Oh, those. I ate the cookies last night. Sorry, Jongin. I got hungry, please don't kill me, I'll buy you more,'' Chanyeol said, looking at me with his big eyes and a pout.

''Some thing is wrong with me. I keep smelling cookies everywhere I go,'' I rubbed my face with my hands.

"Your senses are probably heightened. You turned eighteen yesterday, you're supposed to be stronger. Maybe the grandma next door is baking cookies or something," Suho concluded, getting up from the ground and stretching his arms.

I scratched the back of my head, "I guess so."

We all fought for the restroom and got ready to eat.

Mom made sandwhiches and cut some oranges for us. Dad left for work early in the morning and mom doesn't work till ten o'clock so she had about an hour.

"I called the armchair!!" Sehun screamed, carrying his plate of food to the living room.

Kyungsoo grabbed the back of his shirt and tugged him back, "Mrs. Kim is sitting there, dumbo."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Mrs. Kim and thank you for breakfast!" Sehun thanked, moving to sit on the couch. My mom laughed, ''It's alright and you're welcome, eat up boys.''

We all squeezed on the couch while Suho and Kyungsoo sat on the floor.

"Time to watch the rerun for 'Fated to Be.' I missed it last night. It's getting intense!!" my mom said happily, taking the remote and clicking on the t.v.

The guys groaned, we all wanted to watch the new episode of Pokemon. All except Suho. He loves chick flicks.

"Eunji is so going to date Taemin. He likes Naeun but also knows Eunji is his mate. There's no stronger attraction than a mate's affinity for one another. We all know that, " Suho said, getting

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