My Comfort 내 위안 | Na Jaemin


Yoo HyeJi felt the horrible moment in her life when she failed to convience Na Jaemin to not participate in a dance competition as Jaemin is being hospitalized for some months. Everyone told her it wasn't her fault at all, but she couldn't find her courage to visit Na Jaemin even for a moment.

While she's busy thinking over her mistake, many things happen in her life, which made she feels desperate for Jaemin's comfort.



    Na Jaemin , joined NCT dance team when he was 11, now 17 ,very close with everyone especially HyeJi.



Yoo HyeJi , joined NCT dance team when she's 10 . now, 16 . Hye Ji.. has a lot of story to tell.


 A friend of Yoo HyeJi , joined NCT dance team when he's 14, now 16. 



More characters to come in upcoming chapters!

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