(-Series) Rebirth: Book 3 - String of Fate

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1000 years ago, Jeon Wonwoo was a crown prince and Kim Mingyu was a royal general the crown prince’s best friend since young. Fallen into a trick of a devil minister, Wonwoo became a puppet king and the minister made the best friend clashed; in which Mingyu died at Wonwoo’s hand. Prior to Mingyu’s death, Wonwoo was poisoned by the same minister and died but he was brought back to life as he prayed to the deity for revenge. The deity picked up his wish and he got his revenge with the deals that he needed to help people with the power given to him as a pay for his sins of killing people. Wonwoo was granted with immortality as a powerful nine-tailed fox that will only die when he kissed his soulmate aka his first love, Kim Mingyu who the only mortal could see his tails. The years passed and Wonwoo had met and loved few Kim Mingyu but none saw his tails. Until right on his 1000th birthday, he met a mythical creature hunter boy and he realized his fate was screwed since the beginning.



Hey Dolls! ^^ Finally I'm back with this series~

So now I'm already done my degree (and already just passed the graduation day huhu), currently searching for job huhu. I wrote this while still finishing my last semester thou but with all the busyness now only I post it here huhu. I hope you guys will still here with me too, kkk. Well, I guess as I'm quite not busy lately, I can update this regularly, once a week or maybe twice, we will see hehe. Oh yeah, well as another notice if you're my new reader here, I put 'Series' on the title/myowntag. Rebirth is like a series of book but each of it will feature different pair and different storyline (and also not continuing from each other). The similarity (the reason why it comes under the same series) is the concept of reincarnation, yeah the title tells you that :) Anyway, this book featured Seventeen Meanie and the story will go around them more. There's also other characters you will find as important characters or cameo to spice the story huhu. And as you read the description already, this story is getting inspired by Goblin the korean drama, but it's not like the storyline itself. I hope you will love and enjoy the story. Give Meanie and Seventeen a lot of love my Dolls (ah, well some love for Pristin too ^^) (Seventeen's comeback is coming, go go support them in any ways you could Carats~). This story will start soon ^^

* Rebirth Series *

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This story runs into two AU; a millennium ago (labelled as past) where Wonwoo was a crown prince and Mingyu was a royal general and a millennium later (labelled as present) where the nine-tailed fox Wonwoo met the hunter Mingyu. Along the story, there will be few flashbacks (in italic) of Wonwoo’s 1000 years-of-life and each will be in different AUs that are not chronologically gone through.

Notable Characters:

>Jeon Wonwoo was a cheerful, honourable and kind crown prince before he became a puppet-to-evil king. While living as an immortal, he tended to keep to himself as a way to conceal his pains and regrets also reflect for all his sins. He tried his best to pay for his deed.

>Kim Mingyu was a strong and loyal general and also a fun and great best friend. He tried to stop the wrongness in everything that the King Wonwoo had done but he failed. Through few times he’s reincarnated, he was always a cheerful and puppy-like guy.

>Wen Junhui was one of the royal military army under General Mingyu and sent by the deity to be the nine-tailed fox’s servant as an immortal witch. He didn’t remember the past life as the soldier.

>Kwon Soonyoung had come and goes in the past years of Wonwoo’s life but today, he was the CMO in Wonwoo’s established company that likes Junhui a lot.

>Jeon (Jeong) Eunwoo was a bubbly innocent princess who is Wonwoo’s half-sibling and likes Mingyu so much. She was reincarnated few times but today as hunter Mingyu’s sibling-like best friend.

>Yoon Jeonghan was the devil minister that had been doing bad things since he became a minister. He’s sly and very manipulative in which helping him earned to be the influential minister.

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If you ever come across a similar story like this that is not just simply changing the names of the characters which can be consider as plagiarism, it's just coincident~ you know FF in this world is going beyond trillion ^^

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