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Finally, after what seemed like forever, the bell rang signaling the end of first period. My classmates began to pack their belongings, heading out the door one by one.

"Argh. Math's getting harder every year," I complained while gathering my things when I heard someone laugh behind me.

"Are you still having a hard time in math, Haneul?" Myungsoo chuckled.

I pouted. I didn’t want to admit it but it’s true and he knows it. "Apparently. I don't get how it's such an easy subject for you."

"Do you want me to help you again?" He nonchalantly offered.

"Myungsoo..." I relaxed as he then gave my head a light pat.

"Don't worry. I'll help you pass just like the old times," he winked. "I'm sure you'll pass with my help." He began to walk towards the door but before he left, he ce more and smiled. "Haneul. It's time to head to our next class. Don't just stand there."

I hope this is the only class that we will have together. I can't seem to concentrate as much as I used to with him by my side. I let my thoughts slide as I darted out of the room, heading towards my next class.




With my luck, judging from the whole day's schedule, Math was the only class that I shared with him... but I was wrong. It was time for the very last class of the day: Music. As I was about to enter, someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"Hey." I turned around to face Myungsoo, surprised. "I guess we're in the same class again." He opened the door for me, like the gentleman that he was.

"Thanks," I said as I entered the room first. We sat next to each other this time and waited for the class to start. We weren’t able to talk much because a few minutes later, the teacher appeared.

"Welcome back to school, class. Since this is our first meeting, I'm going to ask you to show me what you have so far." Mrs. Han began. "You can either dance or sing in front of the class." She gave us a paper containing our assignment and set aside thirty minutes to prepare.

Hmm... what should I do? I'll just sing, I thought. I was never a great dancer.

After thirty minutes, Mrs. Han called out our names one by one. "Time's up. Let's start with Lee Haneul."

As I went to the front of the class, the other students encouraged me by clapping their hands.

"Hello. My name is Lee Haneul. I'll be singing IU's 'Someday'." I

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