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[CONTENTID1]The Delinquent of Dark Horse[/CONTENTID1]

[CONTENTID2]A man leisurely walked towards the entrance of a public high school in Busan, riding the wave of students who were also going in the same direction. Despite having assigned uniforms, he wore all black even in the roaring heat of the summer with only his white accented sneakers coloring his outfit. With a cigarette in his mouth, both hands placed in his pockets, and his head held high, he confidently took each step without having a care for those around him.

A student stopped by the building’s entrance when he saw a familiar figure cross his line of vision. He then pointed to the man and whispered to his companion, “Hey, isn’t that Hoya?”

His companion looked to where he pointed with an arched brow, “From Dark Horse?”

“Yeah. No one dares to challenge him. I heard he hasn’t lost a fight.”

“Really?” He scoffed. “I bet I’m stronger than him.”

The leisurely-walking man stopped as he heard the comment and twitched. With a smirk, he took out his cigarette and threw it to the ground with a stomp, making sure to extinguish the once lit sparks and smoke coming off of it. It’s been a while since he heard such a remark and as a prideful man, he doesn’t back down from a challenge.

“You idiot! What if he hears you?!” The first student smacked the second’s head which made the latter merely laugh at his friend’s agitated expression. “Even if you are a new student, he doesn’t care and will beat up anyone! Heck, he even beat up–”

“Hey,” a deep and irritated-sounding voice interrupted them. Once the two students turned around, they were met with a smirking face.

“Hoya…” the first student’s eyes widened as he said his name in a barely audible whisper.

Sensing that his friend was just playing games to scare him on his first week of school, the other chuckled. “Dude, why are you so afraid of him?”

His friend quickly covered his mouth and after a split second, he let out a forced smile. “G-Good morning, Hoya. We’ll be going now.”

As soon as the student took a step and unwillingly dragged his new friend away from the scene, Hoya quickly blocked the door with an arm and leaned

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