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Entered in Shoes of A Unicorn (Round 11, Monsta X - Hero [Halloween Version])
Entered in Stepping Into Another World (prompts 35. If I can't remember you with your all, then leave me a piece of you that I can't forget. - IKon, Don't Forget; 37. I'm doubting this moment between dreams and reality. - NCT U, The 7th Sense)

[MX Castle] Tell me in the comments which MX member/s routes you've finished and/or liked the best! ^^


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Chapter 2: This is so much fun, thank you for making this. It probably took a lot of effort and hard work to make it.
562 streak #3
Congrats for the feature!! :D
Chapter 25: ahhh i love this shownu ending! they are so flirtatious towards each other i'm feeling fuzzy inside bye—
this kind of fiction needs to be a trend again. it's so rare these days :(
GoldenMultistan #5
Chapter 29: This was amazing! I got Jooheon and I ended up being friends with him.
I have never done anything like this and I didn't know ppl could do stuff like this on this site. Plus, I don't even Stan Monsta X (Just know a few of their songs, I think all of the members names and haved only watched their Mafia game with hello82) but it looked really interesting so I decided to read it and I'm definitely sure that I'll remember this. Amazing work Authornim!
Chapter 29: Kihyun! Done!
Chapter 26: Minhyuk
Chapter 28: Changkyun, Wonho, Shownu, Jooheon, Hyungwoon
Chapter 25: Omg !! Shownu!! Why are you so cuteee
Chapter 20: Awww! Shownu