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about ___
the show

This box is scrollable.

I have randomly decided to make a Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders layout featuring Daniel Henney as Matthew "Matt" Simmons.

The layout is based on the opening credits with all the red thin lines as well as the color scheme.

  about ___
the layout

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My, this layout was fun to code mobile-friendly... not. I had trouble with the boxes overall. I have no idea how vee could code her version of this layout in like 2 minutes while I spend hours to code this, the original version.

Oh, and the main box in the middle is scrollable as well. Scroll it to find a hidden message. Actually, only the box that says 'Daniel Henney' is not scrollable.

  free ___

I've been staring at the marketplace version for this layout (the non-mobile-friendly version) and omg, what was I thinking having 25 CONTENTID tags? TWENTY-FIVE.

So with that in mind, I will give out the codes for this layout hoping that it will be easier to edit.

  daniel ___
henney   behind ___
the scenes

criminal minds ___
international response team

secret mission

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