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[CONTENTID3]My bedside alarm chimed at the usual hour in the same monotonous three second interval beeps. You might think that I’d get used to this wake-up call as I’ve been a student for the past 18 years but I’ve always had the same thought each waking day that can be summed up by one word:


I groggily hit the snooze button and slowly began to get back to reality. I noticed the whole room was covered with the sun's bright light, shining from the uncurtained window across my bedroom. I stared at my homework and neatly stacked books on top of my table just as where I had left them late last night.

"Ah, time to go to school," I yawned and stretched before I got out of the bed.

As if my body had a mind of its own, I unconsciously made my way into the bathroom, took a shower, and put on my uniform. Feeling more refreshed and awake, I hummed a tune while I tied my hair into a simple ponytail and moved on to stuff the necessary things into my book bag before heading downstairs for breakfast.


"Good morning, Haneul~" I heard my brother’s singsong voice from the kitchen.

"Good morning, Sungyeol oppa," I replied, unfazed. I’m used to his ‘out of nowhere’ antics.

"It's the first day of your third year in high school. Are you ready?" Sungyeol asked as he also prepared to head out, packing his belongings.

"Sort of. I just hope that this year would end quickly so I can be a senior and finally finish high school." I grabbed a piece of toast from the table and zoomed past him. "I'll go ahead. See you later!" I rushed out of the house and headed to school – a mere five blocks down the road.

By the way if you were wondering, I have been living with my brother since our parents are currently traveling for their business. They didn’t tell us when they will come back though and that was around two years ago. Sungyeol and I are managing with our current lives with the monthly allowances our parents send us and the fact that Sungyeol works part time after school. Both of us also go to the same school. He's now a senior while I'm still a junior at Woollim High.

"Haneul! Good morning!" Someone called from behind as I turned to a corner.

"Oh! Good morning, Sunhye! It's good to see you again. I missed you over the break!"

"Wah, same here! We have to share our stories during lunch, okay?" She smiled.


As I was a bit distracted with our conversation, I suddenly bumped into someone, lost my balance as I probably hooked my foot onto that said person, and fell to the ground.

“Ouch…” I winced at the slight tingling on my left wrist. I twisted my body so that I was now sitting on the ground while flexing my wrist to see if I can still move it.

"I'm so sorry! Here, take my hand." A male voice apologized

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