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Leon S. Kennedy resident evil Division of Security Operations Raccoon City "Hey! It's up to us to take out Umbrella!"  

This layout was made for a giveaway winner that was hosted by Edelweiss (Dee is awesome, by the way).

 This was the sample  of the layout that they wanted me to code which made it quicker for them to claim receive their prize. That's because (1) I had an actual plan on what the layout looks like (which I never do whenever I personally code), and (2) it was just made of boxes which is fairly easy to code. Not saying that coding is easy for me but compared to the other stuff that I try to code, this request was easier.

Harvardville and WilPharma "Shoot 'em in the head."  

Not mobile-friendly because the sample had height restrictions (although I only estimated for the most part).

Credits to Leon's info for the dummy text  HERE .

The ones that have 'Raccoon City' are scrollable.

Free to tweak pictures and colors.

Do not take out the credits.

 Free codes! 

Eastern Slav Republic "Well then, I guess my only option is to lose my American citizenship for a while."  

In 2011, Leon was pulled out of his furlough to be sent on a mission to the Eastern Slav Republic. The rumor was that B.O.W.s were being used in the war and U.S. government agents had been sent in to investigate. However, no sooner than he had arrived, Hannigan informed him that the U.S. was required to pull out and abort all missions in the area. Leon was not willing to leave until he found confirmation and proof of the rumors and denounced his orders, proceeding on without U.S. government support. After his bold move, Leon continued on to th

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