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In celebration of another Visual Illusions milestone (300 subscribers!) I'm doing a series of giveaways. The first giveaway has been added which is the second font freebie pack which was requested by someone.

This chapter features the giveaway for the layout portion. Since I've been addicted to this song called 'Joker Trap' from UtaPri, I decided to feature these guys. I'm a fan of the seiyuus too! Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Suwabe Junichi, and Maeno Tomoaki! Anyways, I don't even watch UtaPri but I found this song performed live one day and I just got hyped for some reason. Since then, it's been on repeat.

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As usual, this is mobile friendly. There are no height restrictions for text boxes (those under the headings). It's better to edit in the Source code since the layout looks wacky when viewed in normal mode.

 Do not take out the credits. Comment when using/taking the codes. PLEASE.

Keep the title above ("Joker Trap" in this example) short, like really, really short. By that I mean around just 9 letters with the space. Why? Because when it's viewed on mobile vertically, the margins mess up. I have no idea how to fix it to the point that it's okay for everyone. The same goes

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