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IPv8 - Simple Yet Classic (April 15, 2017)

Updated: January 18, 2018



I made a new layout for the last batch (IPv8.1) so I'm selling this layout (IPv8 featuring RA.D) for 200kps. If you want another page, that would be an additional 100kps. It's a full-screen layout that covers everything (mostly) but it's a bit hard to code. You'll have to do a bunch of trial and error tests so intermediate to advanced knowledge of HTML coding is required.

P.S. This is also mobile friendly.

The images below are screenshot previews of the various pages: Home, Staff List, Request List, FAQ, and Pick Up. You can customize them however you want but make sure that your background is the same as your dominant layout background.


Tips for editing this layout:

> save the codes elsewhere because everytime you open the editor, the codes break
> the line with the background-image code is what you need to look after. You can actually just save that line of code then find that broken code again to replace when you edit the chapter. I believe there won't be any problems otherwise.
> set your dominant background as a pattern, the same patte

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