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Yatogami ♕


your wish has been heard loud and clear! twitter seiyuu me! free codes!


Mobile-friendly. Try to keep the ones with the gray backgrounds (on the left) short one-liners. The sentence above the gray boxes can be any length.

This right side has no height restrictions.

I wanted to make a profile layout for some reason. Maybe it's because I've been seeing people's profiles and I wanted to make my own version too (hopefully someone would want to use it). Well, I guess this could work for shops and roleplays too.

As usual, comment down below if you're using this layout. DO NOT TAKE OUT THE CREDITS, REDISTRIBUTE THE CODES, OR PUT THE LAYOUT IN THE MARKETPLACE.


I really love Noragami! I remember watching the anime during late nights as well as keeping up with the manga around 2014. Then in 2015, I found out about the second season so I began to watch that too. But then it was still ongoing that time so I made myself wait until all the episodes came out. However, I somehow ended up forgetting about the series and stopped reading the manga too.


I got reminded of the series just this week so I revisited the anime again from scratch - one day for season 1 and another day for season 2! My, that was a good time to procrastinate,

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