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[CONTENTID2]Case File 001: Agent Tin Man Meets Agent Scarecrow[/CONTENTID2]


He slowly moved towards the basement with the light attached from his rifle guiding him. He seemed to be looking for something, or might it be someone, perhaps? Well, none of that mattered because all he could see as he wandered about this godforsaken place were parked cars, scattered here and there. No other living beings were present - at least none that he could sense. He moved a few feet more until the sound of gagging perked his attention accompanied by the sluggish dragging of squeaky feet against the waxed ground. He instinctively shifted his whole body towards the sound to see a man covered in blood, staggering and struggling for his life. On instinct, he rushed towards the man as the latter fell on the floor when both of his legs gave out.

Placing the man's head delicately on top of his crouched leg while his hand straddled his head, he looked down with his green eyes and met the man's grayish ones below him.

"Scarecrow, I'm the Tin man. Can you talk?" He paused for a moment to gaze upon the man in his arms. "I need to know the connection between the anti-government forces and the B.O.Ws"

Scarecrow could only gag in response, the light in his eyes diminishing by the second as he looked at the man above him.

"I guess scarecrows aren't exactly known for their arousing conversations."

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