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They can't differentiate the lust and love. They want to be loved, but they can't.

They want to feel it, but they can't. They want to die, but they can't.

They are born to be human, but they are not.

They can have , but they can't pregnant, 

Until they.......


Cause they are cursed to be live. 




Author Note

Ahh...........! My inner-self is screaming. Finally, I have decided to write this story, cause I'm not good with my English.  Despite this, I still want to write it. TopBom and DaraGon are my first OTP  ships that had I ever shipped. >.<" So, please just ignore the grammar mistakes. If anyone wants to auto-correct me, so most welcome.^.^ The story and the idea are entirely mines, and it's inspired by the movie RISE: Blood Hunter and with the VAMPIRES. But I'm must be saying you will never find the resemblance between the INSPIRATION and the STORY  instead of some elements. ^v^ I haven't decided yet to put the story as Mature content. So, let's see what happened.  More tags and Characters will be added when they come up.  I can't guarantee the updates. You can call me MoOn ~<3  Please support me with your comments and subscribe to the story.

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Published: 08-02-2017                      Ended Date: 11-09-2019

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641 streak #1
Chapter 25: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

This Hidden Story chapter was actually good. It gave more insight into the things that have happened in their life and there were new characters that really added the spice to the whole 'curse' thing. Jiyoung and Dara are adorable with their son. 👌😍🥰💗

Kai. Kris. Leeteuk. Those faces are fresh and bring their own story. 👍👌✔✨ Leeteuk's character is interesting and impressive, he gave off a mysterious vibe and I loved it.

Then we have Kai. I like his appearance and attitude, but what part I like the most was when he talked with his father and how his father told him the truth regarding everything. The truth can set a person free and at times we might wonder why someone hides things, but sometimes we need to find the right time to say certain secrets and now, it now it was the perfect timing. 👌👍✔✨

And then we have Kris. He gave off a scary vibe in this part and I was right because of the final scene. The ending was not so happy indeed, but yes, their world is cursed, unfortunately. *sighs*

As for the A/N, I agree is never okay and it should never happen to any woman. Regarding her writing, I still think it's good and I can see the effort that you put into this story.

I enjoyed reading it and I can't wait for another story of yours! 😍🥰💗👌✨✔👍🌹

641 streak #2
Chapter 24: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

I'm looking forward to the hidden story 👍👌😏😉

641 streak #3
Chapter 23: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

*claps and bows*

It was a journey alright. So many things happened to the characters in this story, but I will admit and say that I enjoyed it. Each character had a story to tell and I like the plot and point of it. I liked how the curse was described and what had to be done in order to get rid of it. I like the romance aspects of the story too, and I will admit that it had its ups and downs, but either way, the story kept my attention. At times it made me sad, at times it made me worried and at times it made me happy.

This chapter was a mix of everything. It was intense. It was scary. Emotional. But all in all, it was great... but the last scene... broke my heart. I know what he had to do, and I know that it was the only way to get rid of the curse... but still... he had to do it... to his own son. 😭😭

Thank you so much for this great story! I know there is one more part left for me to read and I am looking forward to it!

641 streak #4
Chapter 22: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

Omo! This chapter started off in a cute way! 🥰 Their reactions were cute, despite Bom being the way she was. I loved their reactions to the changes they saw and Seungri was hilarious, especially the picture you added! I love it! 👍✨👌✔ Then there is Jiyong who is embarrassed by what happened, but he was so adorable. 🥰😉😍

Ah, let's face it, none of us like it when we are lied to, especially by the people we care about it, so I can understand her. it hurts and she has every right to be angry. But she is also very smart and I love TOP's reaction. 😉👍 So the thing is simple, Jiyoung needs a baby, drink the blood and he is free. Hmm. It's very interesting and Dara would be the girl. Hmm.

OMG! Finally, Jiyong and Dara talked about the kiss. Dara is so cute with her 'I want my kiss back!' 😂😅 And his reaction is priceless. 😅😂👍

I loved this chapter! Can't wait for more!

Thank you! 🌹💗🌺

641 streak #5
Chapter 21: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

There is a lot of action in this chapter as well and it literally kept me on the edge of my chair, because of the last chapter and the ending of it. The chants they use are still amazing and to be honest, that's one scary dream she had, although, he woke up tied to the bed. But dang, it gave me the shivers. He is quite scary and the whole situation is just mind-blowing!

Omo! I can't wait to see what happens next! He put her trust in her.

Thank you!

641 streak #6
Chapter 20: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

I am glad that the girls talked out their differences and the atmosphere was much lighter. I found it cute when she showed her the dress. *giggles*

The whole concept of Shadow Grave was interesting and I liked it. I found it mysterious and dark at the same time. *winks* OMG! But the fact that she was taken away was surprising! Poor Gummy... I can imagine the anger in her. *sighs*

OMG! Then she is shown and she is learning more about SARCITY, and things seem to be normal, but suddenly it all changes in a blink of an eye. She sees him, and the pendant, it all makes perfect sense!

No! No! No! This can't be! She can't be dead!

Thank you!

641 streak #7
Chapter 19: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

It was a much calmer chapter for sure, and it was good to see that many of them were smiling and were just happy. They deserve to be happy no matter what.

Bom is adorable when angry! *chuckles*

Thank you!

641 streak #8
Chapter 18: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

Another exciting chapter! I like how the story is developing, that's for sure.
But what really stuck out for me, was the part when Jiyong found himself in a grass field and how things came back to him before he went back to reality! Very well described! I loved it.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you!

641 streak #9
Chapter 17: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

This chapter was interesting and cute at the same time! The interesting part was the first part, where he heard the words 'I love you', but when he woke up he was alone in the room, so it makes me wonder if that was really a dream or not, I think not, but we'll see! *winks and smirks* On the other hand what happened later, when they turned in the TV... well it was kind of something was obvious. I wasn't surprised by it, after all, he is famous, so that is something that follows... and sadly CL knew what to do. *sighs*

As for the cute part, finally TOP went out with her! And yes, she is very beautiful. Hehe, no wonder he loved everything about her!

Thank you! 🌹💗

641 streak #10
Chapter 16: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

Another great chapter! As always I love the picture that you place together with the story. It gives a good description and it's easy to imagine. As for the story of the chapter, it was really good! There was action! Dara is worried about him and it's obvious that she cares, especially when he is reckless. Jiyoung is going through some tough times but drinking doesn't really help, especially the side effects that follow. When he went to the club and continued to drink and smoke, I was like 'No, no, no.' I was worried that something bad would happen and then CL approached him, but in the middle of it all, he pulled away and escapes. Of course, Dara comes to take him home. *smiles*

Thank you! 💗🌹Can't wait to see what happens next! 💗🌹