CloseUp! =D

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CloseUp =D
CloseUp =D
CloseUp =D
you mean like... the toothpaste? - yes, i mean like the toothpaste

It's two in the frigging morning when Kang Hana decides to do the groceries.
Among the items she needs, there's a RED CLOSEUP TOOTHPASTE BOX.
This is just her usual routine, until Kim Sunggyu shows up.
Right there.
Right then.
But that's ok, cause he's just product of her imagination, right?
Right? o_ó

Hello! ^^ Here are some info about this story:
This is a crack fic, get ready to laugh and find no sense at all >D< There are emojis, a lot of them (character ones, like this :) and not yellow smileys) cause I think it's hella funny. Due being a crack fic, you won't find the perfect writing structure and serious stuff, this is for fun :B But I promise it's well written ^^ I originally wrote that in my native language (Portuguese), with another band, they were originally brothers and the girls were me and my two friends, hahah, so I put three OCs but you can imagine whoever you want ^^ Really hope you like it~ Don't forget to subscribe, upvote and leave me comments, I love them (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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