Parallel of Actions

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parallel of actions
parallel of actions
Jongin loves Yesul.
He loves her with all his heart, all his life, all his being.
But she's suddenly taken from him, and he simply doesn't know how to live anymore.
Jongin sees a chance.
A chance to have Yesul again.
And that's what he will do.
He's going to take her back.
hello! first of all: chapters are mobile friendly, yaaaaay~ so, this is my first chaptered story here on asian fanfics. i've written plenty of one shots, and i'm a huge fan of fanfic contests, however, this one is not for a contest. at least not directly. i've stumbled across a fanfic trailer that was meant to be a prompt, and with the help of my sister wintermadness, we came up with this plot. most part is her idea, but since i'm the one who writes, we both take the credits for that. i'll give the trailer i use for inspiration when i finish the story, cause it contains spoilers, lol. it's actually very different from all stories i've written so far, so this is all new territory for me, i'd be really glad to receive some comments about what you guys are thinking of it. i thank you in advance, and i hope you enjoy this story~
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