About Me

About Me

Hello! ^^
I've always wanted to fill this space with something cool and that showed properly who I am, so I'm trying now. I'm Lully, 23, from Brazil, I'm 150cm short and you're allowed to make fun of me for that. I'm currently coursing my second college, I've finished Industrial Engineering and now I'm doing Logistics. That's the boring part, lolz. I like to make new friends and talke, so if you want, PM me and we'll talk forever!! I've always been a fangirl, since a little kid to be honest. It all started with the Backstreet Boys when I was about 8, I guess, and after that it was a snow ball, hahah. I was a fan of them, RBD (a mexican group), High School Musical, Jonas Brothers and so. Then I met Kpop :D It was back in 2010 (the golden years T-T), I watched a DJ Masa mix and it took me to the Wonderland, hahah. I've also always loved writing, it was my favorite subject at school. My first fanfictions were obviously about Bakcstreet Boys and Jonas, and they were lame, lolz. I was around 14. I stopped writing for a while for reasons I honestly don't know/remember, but I came back around 2011, and decided to focus on one-shots and drabbles, since I've never acoomplished a chaptered fanfic before, so they were easier for me. Now my projects include long, chaptered fics and even interactive ones, choose your path style. A while ago I also got interested in coding, and since I don't think I'm that bad at it, I opened a shop. You can find both my stories and layouts above. Enough of this, now I'll tell some of the things I like~


Ultimate Bias:
Kim Sunggyu

All Infinite, CNU, Youngjae, Chanyeol, Ailee, Hyuna, Taeyeon.

Boy Groups:
Infinite, BAP, B1A4, BTS, VIXX, BEAST, EXO, U-Kiss, Big Bang, Super Junior, Teen Top, MIB, Cross Gene, DBSK, JYJ, MYNAME, Nu'Est, Block-B, Boyfriend, BTOB, Dalmatian, LED Apple, MBLAQ, SHINee, SS501.

Girl Groups:
4Minute, Lovelyz, f(x), 2NE1, SNSD, After School, Girl's Day, Kara, missA, T-Ara.

Favorite genres:
Fantasy, AU!, Romance, Comedy, Fairytale, SciFi, Love&Hate, Risqué.