Venesi [One~Shot]

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          Venesi is the daughter of Medusa and Bay, a merman. She had never had any contact with other humans before...







• This is about Infinite's Myungsoo and an OC named Venesi;
• This is in a mythology and fantasy universe;
• As stated with the title, it's an One~Shot~



Hiiii ^^  This is my first time writing something based on greek mythology. And also my first time writing something specifically for a contest, I'm kind of scared T-T I usually create the story page only after it's finished and the cover is done, but this time I needed to make it before so I could fill the entry form. So, please, forvige this lame description, this is only temporary and I'll change it later as well as the name (maybe). The prompt is Shinhwa's song, Venus. Love this long with my heart, but the lyrics are honestly hard to work with without getting caught in the same cliche thing as usual, so I'm trying my best to come up with something different :3 Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it!
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