Not Enough

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The start is the end.





This school is supposed to help me focus.  Not gawk at the brown haired girl sitting with her companions in the wide cafeteria.  




She noticed me.  My breathe shortened, my involuntary muscles in my legs are starting to act up.  She squinted her eyes, I suppose she is dubbing me as a psycho.  Judging by the looks of it, I say yes. 


I stood up.  Yep, I chose to be a coward.


and for a reason, I regreted it.  


Maybe because, will I have a chance to see her again?


Probably not.

If There are questions please do ask me via PM or in the comments and ai will gladly reply, my parents and I are enjoying our vacation. Went skiing yesterday and I had my cold today. Yay! But nevertheless I hope you have a wonderful day.


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fumtuboo #1
Chapter 27: i love it so much. although confusing, it seems to be articulated w love and care. honestly i always look for stories w a great use of vocabulary and this story exceeds my expectations by a landslide.
88 streak #2
Chapter 27: Releído
Jojodada #3
Yeahh congrats for the feature authornim!
Chapter 27: This is amazing author how you make the plot for this story is beyond my imagination..
hope you will create yulsic stories like this again
14 streak #5
Chapter 26: Aww this is cute. The ending. They were reborn. Sweet. Heartuu
Im so excited to start this story!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 27: Wow... Wow... WOW!!! >_< This is so... so... Oh my! I cannot even write a suitable word for this! This is truly beyond AMAZING! D'x God bless u for this, author-ssi!! I am so sorry if I couldn't describe/comment properly! I am so sorryyyyy!!!! *crying shamelessly* [pls ignore] I'll be looking forward for more of your stories after this, author-nim. :') HWAITING!!!!!!!!
Chapter 21: I will admit, I am a teeny bit confused lol
bubulun #9