Another Cinderella Story (Finished Editing)


Baekhyun: Prince Charming

large.pngChanyeol and D.O: they are your best friends, they are brothers

a10e2cf74070b06b74dfd19bde762340.jpgChen and Tao: Baekhyun's best friends

201411171619391117_2_99_20141117162004.jVictoria and Luna: your evil step sisters

F37XzpZ.jpgTaeyeon: evil step mother

-Onew-lee-jinki-onew-28752743-500-750.pnOnew: your appa

21a35ae45987b179248602799a24392f.jpgLee Hana(you): you have a crush on baekhyun

Krystal_fx.pngKrystal: Baekhyun's girlfriend

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