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Let’s trade Korean Hip-Hop or R&B songs

By polskiemartinez posted
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By polskiemartinez posted
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My favorite Korean rap/trap/hip hop songs-music!

By KSndtrap posted
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Some Zico Song Recomendations

By sheeiinewrites posted
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Mongolian hiphop TATAR

By cutiekris posted
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Agust D : Min Yoongi's Mixtape

By paulamariehenslow posted
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let's listen some Mongolian hiphop

By cutiekris posted
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[OPEN AUDITIONS] Permenant Group Rhythm N8tion

By CuppieCakeFairie posted
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If you like K hip hop try listening to this. [recommendation]

By OlleriGolleri posted
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Show Me The Money Episode 2 Results

By LoVeFoReVer77 posted
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Unpretty Rapstar, Uninteresting Rant

By 98dreamer posted
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5Zic [M.I.B] - Chillin On My Bed (Feat. Roydo) [Digital Single - Chillin On My Bed]

By Shadow_Reiya posted
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Please Give Me Some Advice~~~~!!!!

By ishy-fishy posted
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[COVER] 2013 Appetizer- Jay Park

By sriverz posted
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[COVER] 전화 받지 마(Don't Pick Up the Phone)- 긱스 (Geeks)

By sriverz posted
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M.I.B Solo Concert

By JelaKhin posted
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Kemy dissing PArk BOM

By DarkSideOfMoon posted
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[ENG SUB] 140724 BTS AHL 01

By hiddenrose posted
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By hiddenrose posted
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