Stories Featuring Hip-Hop/R&B Artists

Maybe it's my lack of proper browsing skills, but I can never seem to find a good story with any hip-hop/R&B celebs. Don't get me wrong, I have read a few Jay Park, Simon Dominic, and Dean stories, but only one story has remained in my memory, and that's because the author did a really good job.

I know that when it comes to writing fanfiction, you basically write about what you're interested in, but is it safe to say that the small number of hip-hop/R&B centred stories are due to some authors' disinterest with this type of music?

I have written/in the process of writing three separate stories that feature Simon Dominic, Dean and Sik-k as the main characters, and I was only prompted to do so because of how much I love listening to their music. 

Do you guys know of any well-written stories on AFF (or elsewhere) featuring hip-hop/R&B artists? 


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