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The Celestials : The Fall

kai and Nara hated each other when they were young, and only to find out they were destined mates when they reunite. How will they react and love? The pack decided to come back together as most of their family got killed. How will they defend their kind?

Never Good Enough [Sequel to 'Sorry']

ByOhSoInglorious updated
With14 chapters, 10 votes, 109 subscribers, 2720 views, 35 comments

It's been a month since I met Ana and nothing's getting easier. Luhan and Minseok do more skinship than ever and both of them have been ignoring me for all this time. The others are really busy and they stopped asking me to eat. I have no one to talk to and if it wasn't for my new friend, Ana, I would be all alone.  Our comeback is coming up and I want nothing but to lose weight and Ana told me that if


Byilovepercy122 updated
CharactersKim Joonmyun, Huang Zi Tao
With1 chapters, 46 subscribers, 170 views
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

 Suho had always looked the chubbiest out of EXO. Warning: Anorexic!au. Don't read if this is potentially triggering!

Walk With Me

ByTheHidebehind updated
CharactersBaekHyun X SeHun
With8 chapters, 13 votes, 49 comments
Status[M], Members Only

BaekHyun is a lonely punk… SeHun is a new student…, Who doesn't know of the things BaekHyun does to himself…           WARNING!: Appropriate for audiences ages 17 and up  

Breathe Me

Byherdustisverypretty updated
Characterskey, jonghyun, taemin, minho, onew
With26 chapters, 17 votes, 171 subscribers, 4260 views, 47 comments

Be my friend; hold me, wrap me up; unfold me; I am small and needy; warm me up... and breathe me..

Just want to be beautiful for you

ByGeoChi19 updated
CharactersOnew, Minho, Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Onew's parents
With11 chapters, 8 votes, 37 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Onew was never comfortable with his figure, but never let it get to him....... until he overheard his parents talk about his how fat he looked. He starts wondering if his crush thinks the same thing too. So finding no other way out he begins to vomit and starve himself....  

Some Of Us Just Need a Little Help

Bykai-foxflight updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho, Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun
With51 chapters, 25 votes, 166 subscribers, 6450 views, 171 comments
Status[M], Completed

In SM Residential Therapy for Troubled Teens, there are three particular cases that almost everyone knows of. Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, and Kim Kibum. As for why they are known by most of the people, patients and doctors alike, is not because of why they are there, but what they manage to do in the center. Lee Taemin: 14 years old, "recovering" self-harmer and anorexic Choi Minho: 16 years old, selective mute for reasons still unknown to doctors (since he, you know, refuses to t


ByDenikam updated
With10 chapters, 11 votes, 174 subscribers, 1100 views, 10 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

what does your reflection reveal?

No More Please

ByShawol_Neeky updated
CharactersKey - Jonghyun - Onew - Taemin - Minho
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 163 subscribers, 1410 views, 12 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

It was just one comment. That’s all it took for Key’s life to be turned upside-down. Just a little less lunch, a little longer training, it should all be gone soon, right? It’s simple. But If only he had known, it wasn’t so simple to stop. The stress of keeping his eating disorder as well as his new feelings for his best friend hidden lead to more emotional pain and self-abuse. Will Jonghyun ever return his feelings, or would the members of SHINee even find out about his disor

flawless perfection

Bykpopqirl updated
CharactersKyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Key, Super Junior members, DBSK members, SHINee members, tba
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 13 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Kyuhyun just wants to be skinny.

My list of imperfections

Bykpopoppa updated
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 53 subscribers, 490 views, 17 comments

A few cruel words can change a person. Sandeul's made a list of what he hates about himself. The list is far too long.

Not good enough

ByDadaMatoki updated
CharactersLay, other EXO members
With3 chapters, 11 votes, 193 subscribers, 18 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Lay is insecure. Of course he is always the funny unicorn. but why can't he be more? A story about a idol which doesn't thinks he is one and which wants to fulfill everoney expectations.

My Life As A 15 Year Old Anorexic

Byhavesomekpop updated
With3 subscribers, 20 views
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

     And all I heard, as I paraded my stupidity and hideous body around that brightly lit, pale white backdrop, was the scattered whispers and hushed laughter of the staff.      I think it's disgusting. She looks like a cow, in my opinion.      

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..

ByUlzang updated
CharactersChanyeol, Kris, Lay, Luhan, Chen, Suho, D.O., Sehun, Kai, Xiumin, Tao,
With2 chapters, 5 votes, 67 subscribers, 1260 views, 5 comments
Status[M], Completed, Members Only

who is the fairest of them all? Everytime Chanyeol stands on that scale he feels his heart sink a little deeper and adding more weight to it. He wants to chop it off. He wants to get rid of all of it, and he doesn't hestiate to use any method he knows to achieve his goal. Everytime Chanyeol stands in front of his mirror he can see the disgusting dirty fat

Hyung, Am I Not Enough?

ByAwesomePicEditor67 updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, Xiumin, EXO
With1 chapters, 6 votes, 52 subscribers, 310 views, 4 comments

Luhan hyung, am I not enough? Is that why you choose Xiumin hyung over me? Hyung, can you please tell me what I did wrong so I can change it?  Hyung, is it because I am too ugly? Or maybe too fat? I'll become more pretty and handsome and good-looking for you, hyung, I promise. 

To fit in

Bykpopoppa updated
With2 chapters, 8 votes, 17 subscribers, 1460 views, 6 comments
Status[M], Completed

Kris never really felt he fit in. Being 'fat' and all

Crimson red

Bykpopoppa updated
CharactersSeungho, G.O, Mir, Lee Joon, Thunder, MBLAQ
With1 chapters, 9 votes, 790 views, 4 comments
Status[M], Completed

The pressure to be perfect gets too much for Seungho. Living with perfect males makes it so much harder  

The Verge of Destruction

ByNinjaPlushie updated
CharactersExo-M: Kim Minseok, Lu Han, Huang Zitao, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae, Wu Yifan. Exo-K: Byun Baekhyun, Oh Sehun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Junmyeon.
With6 chapters, 21 votes, 207 subscribers, 2370 views, 42 comments

It wasn’t that he didn’t know all of these things already. Some things are hard to miss and his flaws were constantly being thrown into his face. He knew his singing wasn’t amazing like Chen’s or Luhan’s He knew his dancing wasn’t as good as Lay’s. His personality wasn’t interesting like Kris’ or Tao’s. The worst part was the fact that his visuals were horrible. From his short height to his heavy weight he was just disgusting. Every day he could feel himself dr

Beautiful Monster.

ByWhisperLucifer_ updated
CharactersJonghyun, Taemin, Key, Minho, Onew
With16 chapters, 21 votes, 361 subscribers, 9500 views, 274 comments

‘Lee Taemin’s story continues as he battles the monster inside his head that they call anorexia. Forced to move into an Eating Disorder Residential Unit that takes him away from Jonghyun, he finds himself separated him from the one constant in his life that keeps him sane. Having a family that won’t accept or support him, being kept away from his friends and his boyfriend, now Taemin must go right back to the very beginning, must learn to love him

Kyumin : The lost get found

ByEunniexKitsune updated
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 1 comments

Sungmin Lee; an average guy or so you would think when you saw him. He had pretty much everything going for him. He was an idol he had great friends, played guitar, had his whole life planned and ready. What his fans.. friends and family didn't know he had a secret a secret that would change his life forever. Story of a boy who lost his world, so he could be beautiful Kyuhyun Cho; He was one of the coolest people you could meet. He played video games, joked around a bit too mu

KyuMin; The Lost Get Found~

ByKylerChaos updated
With6 chapters, 29 comments

Sungmin Lee; an average guy or so you would think when you saw him. He had pretty much everything going for him. He was an idol he had great friends, played guitar, had his whole life 'set' what his fans.. friends and family didn't know he had a secret a secret that would change his life forever. Story of a boy who lost his world, so he could be beautiful Kyuhyun Cho; He was one of the coolest people you could meet. He played video games, joked around a bit too much. H


Byrikkuson updated
With23 chapters, 8 votes, 66 subscribers, 2750 views, 106 comments

A/N: Wanted to start a new fic! Now its about poor poor Taemin, dealing with anorexia, suicidal thoughts, maybe bulimia? Battling with his inner self I guess. Inspired by a few fics from asianfanfics, especially one named "Skin and bones", I think? That fic's really awesome to me and it just describes how Taemin was struggling and nobody understood him. -CRY- ~CHARACTERS~ Bella- Taemin's anorexic and bulimic voice, considered his "best friend" in the whole world. Jonghyun- Taemin's bandmate


Bybabyjmj updated
Charactersbangyongguk zelo b.a.p members
With2 chapters, 4 votes, 6 comments

Zelo is a 16 year old boy who loses his ity to a stranger at a party one night. As time goes on he discovers who that stranger really is and when something comes in between the two and its time for Zelo to move on,its too late because he's already madly in love with the stranger who took his ity.

Never good enough.

Bymystiquee updated
CharactersSuho, you & others.
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 104 subscribers, 450 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

When life gives up on you and you find no more point in living. You loved him, too much.. But they.. They were the cause of all this.

I don't want to be the fat one anymore

Bykpopoppa updated
CharactersShindong, Heechul, super junior
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 12 subscribers, 220 views, 2 comments
Status[M], Completed

Shindong was sick and tired of being the fat one. So he decides to change that.

Just Skin & Bones

ByZeniyda updated
CharactersSHINee, Lee Taemin, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum (key), Choi Minho, Lee Jinki (Onew), Niel from teen top
With22 chapters, 14 votes, 7160 views, 148 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Fat Just a fat, ugly, boy Those two oh-so familiar bony fingers reached down into his throat for what seemed to be the 20th time that day. He wasn't sure when it got out of control, hell; he wasn't sure when he could call this a problem. Each time he gagged, he felt more alive, he felt more