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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

How to Tame a Rebel

"I wouldn't mind giving you this gorgeous body as long as you are mine."   Two people born with golden spoons in their mouths. Both with different personalities and views in life. The first one's

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Winning Her Heart Back

A bet ruined our relationship... So i'll make her mine again.

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My secret little sister

As you are Ukiss Eli's little sister and Ukiss is the Kingkas at school,you hate to become the center of attention. So you and Eli promised not to tell anybody about your bloodlines. Not even the members,or your 2 best friends,Xander and Kibum.. But what happens when somebody knows your secret? And a member starts to have feelings for you....?

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I'm his secret little sister [Sequel to My secret little sister]

The title says it all~ :P Don't read this if you haven't read this My secret little sister Now,Enjoy...

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Clueless Hubby Kevin

  You had left your daughter at preschool knowing you had time to present your web design plan at the NH headquarters. You worked so hard to get it perfect so that the fans and the U-KISS members would be eternally pleased. 

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Dear Diary

When one breakup makes him lose his trust in all girls, who will be the one to bring him back again? The one to make him smile again, to show him that anything is possible?   Dear Diary, I don't know... I think I like him...

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What can happen if the exchange student falls for you,but he never show it to you? Living in the same house what can happen? Althought your parents and older brother lives with

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The place where I belong

  Kim Hyunae is a 20 year old girl who spend most of her childhood in America. After her parents died, her mom’s brother, who lives in America, took her in. 15 years later, Hyunae decides to move back to Korea and build up her happiness. She’s a  positive thinking and cheerful girl. What will become of her?

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Should've Treated You Better

Kevin and ____ dated for three years. The first year of their relationship, it was going great, but as time passed by, Kevin started becoming over protective, getting jealous at every guy she talks to or is friends with. He was being clingy and controlling to the point where she was not allowed to have any friends, not even spend time with her family. With Kevin, it was all about him and only him. _____ just couldn't take

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Please Be Mine!

  Please Be Mine!     Kim Myungsoo is a well known in the Korean High School. He is always being friendly to everyone until his girlfriend, Suzy, died in an accident. Since then, he becomes the cold,unfriendly person. When someone greets him, he will just walk away and ignore them.His bestfriend,Sungyeol tries to comfort him in many ways. Unfortunately Myungsoo just keep

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She's Mine

You and Kevin have been friends since back when he lived in America. You moved to Korea when you were only 10 years old. Five years later, Kevin get's casted on the streets when he's on vacation with his family. He moves to Korea to pursue his dream of being a singer.  You two are soon reunited when Kevin gets lost, taki

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Club Neverland

  In an empty locked room of the club, there was a table in the middle of it with only one light above.

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Be My Bride?

Kris is the reigning Crown Prince of Wu Empire and he has a duty to lead the kingdom. One of his duties is to find a bride who will rule the kingdom with him when he becomes the emperor. Little did he know that his parents had already set up a bride-to-be for him before he was even born? Who could this mysterious bride be? But will he unveil this bride of him or will he fall for th

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Singularity: REvising

(RATED T FOR VIOLENCE, BLOOD, AND LANGUAGE. not to the extent but just to play it safe.) Lee Eun Byul is not the cliche damsel. Born in Korea and travelled to the USA, she was trained by her parents. With a Special Ops Soldier for a father and an elite member of the CIA for a mother, she hardly lived what people considered a normal life for a girl. Taught in various combative arts and strengthened psychologically, due

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Kevin's Childhood Friend, AJ's Classmate, and Eli's Adoptive Sister Say What?!

You and Kevin have been childhood friends since forever. His family always welcomed you with open arms. You were like a daughter to them and they loved you very much. Even though you knew Kevin's family so well, they didn't know your family at all. Never met your parents, Kevin never came over your house, nothing. Everytime they asked, you would always say, "Their on a business trip." Truth is, even you didn't know where they were. You hardly saw your parents, and whenever you did, it wasn'

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Dazzling Wish

My name is ______ Kim. I'm 17, studying hard. I wouldn't really call myself a goodie-two shoes.. well, that's what my friends always call me. This is my last year in highschool and I'm the kind of girl that is surrounded by friends who all the boys fall in love with. I'm surrounded by friends who has boyfriends and I guess I'm th

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One day after practice, U-KISS' manager pulls Kevin aside and tells him he needs to loose some weight. He soon after develops an eating disorder, Will the other members of U-KISS be able to help Kevin in time before he deals some major damage to himself? Vinseop and Soohoon included ;P This is my first story!! So wish me luck and don't be too harsh with critisism ^^"

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U-Kiss Quizzes

Quiz 1 (chapter 7): Who will you marry in U-Kiss? Quiz 2 (

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Love Is Blind

  “If God gives me the ability to see, even for a short while, I want to see you, oppa…” ~You   Plot: Who would expect a director of a company fell for a blind girl who only works as an admin assistant? You never fell in love before as guys don’t even

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I’m dead. That’s all I know.   This bed is like a cloud. I feel like I’m on nothing. The walls around me are all black, and the floor too. Black marble. I didn’t know where I was.   Maybe this was the Underworld. Maybe Hell. But my assumptions changed when I heard his voice. “Hello there.” Like an angel playing a harp. It rang through my ears like a melody. I opened my eyes and saw the boy standing and staring

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Kiss Me

Eli and Kevin are roomates and great friends. Everything was fun and games until someone crosses the line... 

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Welcome to Neverland

RiRi lives in a small house with her abusive Step-Father. She wants to leave even though she fights back for the fun. She wants to stop the fighting, Stop the thug style, meet new people, and get on with her life. She hangs out with the crew called Block B who are a group set of vampires tha

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Kevin Woo, I Object Your Love { hiatus }

    Working as lawyer is tiring They have endless cases

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I share a dorm with U Kiss?!

*****SEQUEL NOW OUT*****Considering that you'd just moved to Korea, you knew absolutely no Korean at all and on top of all that, you had to enrole in a private boarding school there, things were becoming pretty chaotic...then your parents dropped another bombshell, you had to share a dorm with U kiss, the other new pupils at the school.

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