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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms

Eli is good-looking if he wants he can have every girl or boy in his school. He is nice to everybody if he could use them for his own good. But if he has no use for them he treats them like . What nobody knows is that the one thing that he hates the most is love. Spring is his most hated season of the year and he wants to burn every cherry blossom in his view. So he tends to say "No spring, love or cherry blossom.

ByTinchen published
CharactersKevin, Eli, Kiseop,...
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The Wolf Pack

She knew what she was. She kept it a secert because she had to. Her first meeting with them would change her world. She would show them who she really was the same for them.

Byheatherhiott published
CharactersSehun, Kris, Luhan, Exo, Eli ,Kevin, Ukiss
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He was the dorky basketball captain with agile feet and a heart-endearing smile. She was the girl of every guy's dreams; the envy of every girl-rich, beautiful, intelligent and mysterious. However, all that didn't matter to her without him. Could she be content just being his friend? 

BykissmeGG published
CharactersKevin Woo, Jessica Jung, Lee Donghae
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Story Behind U-Kiss And How They Met

So around 10 years ago, something amazing happened...   Years later U-KISS became famous and loved by millions of fans globally. But how did it really start?  

Byexplosivetaco published
CharactersJaeseop (AJ), Eli, Hoon, Kevin, DongHo, Kibum, Xander, Soohyun, Kiseop,
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The Way

When Kevin confessed his feelings he's been hiding for almost 4 years...

Byzea9muses published
CharactersMoon Hyuna, Kevin
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Being In Love With Kevin Woo

The perks of being in love with Kevin Woo...     

Byleogirl3 published
CharactersOC, KEVIN, UKISS.
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i'll show you, mom and dad!

how hanbyul got a spot on afterschool club

Bylmtomato published
CharactersHanbyul, Eric Nam, Kevin
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Cheesecake and Milkshakes

It all begins with strong protective instincts in a brother/sister relationship but soon enough becomes sweet and fluffy between two denial teens in deep love.  

Byaikuyuri published
CharactersLee Chanhee, Lee Jinah, Lee Byunghun, Kim Myungsoo,Teen Top
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♠ Q U I T P L A Y I N G ♣ ` ♡

ByZENA98 published
CharactersKevin Woo, ( YOU ) Yoon Aeyung, Byun Jiyoung, Kim Woobin
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Eli's given up on love. Stacia's afraid of love. It's too painful for both of them, so rather than be hurt they avoid it at all costs. But what happens when fate makes their paths cross?

Byellisana published
CharactersEli; Stacia; Kiseop
With2 chapters, 3 subscribers, 40 views
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Can't Wait Til Sunrise

Time and separation can't destroy a love that's true. Kevin and Kibum no longer see each other as often as they'd like, but it hasn't changed the way they feel.

ByWildEyedB2TY published
CharactersKevin & Kibum
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I was so stupid

I suffered a sad, sorry and pittyful life. The reason I could still go on with a smile was because of them, but now I have ruined it all. I have nothing anymore. 

ByGyuziz published
CharactersKevin Woo, Kim Sunggyu
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♀She or ♂He ?

Woo Sung Hyun or known as Kevin . He fell in love with a girl named Jung Eun Mi . It started when he was bumped into that girl at the town which means first sight love . He tried to approach her but she studied at a boarding girls school so it's hard to meet her . Then , he decided to disguise himself as a girl and enter that school to approach

ByHongBin_Lover published
CharactersJung Eun Mi (You) │ Kevin │ Ken │ Vixx │ Kiseop │ Kang Haneul
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Because of You (당신 때문에)

Song Hye Eun is a 19 year old student in one of South Korea’s top university. She is known as the best student. She is ranked 1st in the university, beauty that made every girl envied her and not only that but, she also has a kind heart that made everyone loved her. It may sounded like she lived the perfect life, right? Little did everyone know, she is keeping a little secret. She had a terrible and dark past. Back then, she is not the person that she is now. Because, of that

ByKalylaNoval published
CharactersSong Hye Eun (OC) and Super Junior
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Last Stop

the Bus. a public place where different people carry on with their lives. you never know what that place hide for you.or what the next-sit person can be for you. have you ever looked to that person and wondered what makes him smile so dearly in the very early morning?  what makes him frown  sadly and sobs quietly  while looking at his phone? what makes him dreamy, l

Bykindal published
CharactersKevin (ze:a) Jessica (SNSD)
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Te Amo until Heaven!

            “I love you until the sky and back” she told him, and yet he loves her until the sky, but her friend will never love her back because now, for him the word” Back” had another meaning:

ByLiana_Iana published
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7 days with Oh Sehun

  Oh sehun, we are best friend since we were young You see me as your best friend, your couple fan But I see you as my love

Byjustamad published
CharactersSehun, Sunhwa (OC), Luhan, Kevin woo
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If everyone was as they seemed, life wouldn't be interesting, would it?

ByTaramarada published
With6 chapters, 4 subscribers, 160 views, 5 comments

In My Head - Kevin

When Kevin sees you in a club and knows there is something more than meets the eye

ByLovrodney published
CharactersReader & Kevin
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The Insecure, The Confused, The Oblivious

The Insecure, The Confused, The Oblivious

ByKwon_Minyoung published
CharactersThe Insecure: Park Jinri Areum, The Confused: Kevin Woo, & The Oblivious: Byun Baekhyun
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 100 views, 1 comments

If He Date Again

He can't forget her and he don't want to forget her. Hello! I'm new here.. Please treat me nicely and don't be mean.. 

Bybutterflyleaf published
CharactersYou, Kevin, U-KISS, Others
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 140 views

~Cupid Time~

Kevin and Eric, they can't stand Jin Hee (you) and Lu Han not being together. ~Kevin~   ~Eric~     ~Lu Han~

ByLRNLCH published
CharactersLu Han, You (Jin Hee), Eric, Kevin
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Because of a Promise

Promises They were never ment to be kept.

ByAwesomeL89 published
CharactersKevin, Eli and Hana
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