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Sea of Flames (Baekhyun x OC)

Baekhyun, a cursed immortal prince, learns from Seo Haewon that perhaps love is worth more than spending all eternity alone.

TVXQ 60 Minute Challenge

By janie6789 Updated
Characters Yunho, Changmin
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 41 subscribers, 1940 views, 21 comments

Fics here are written in 60 minutes as part of the TVXQ 60 Minute Challenge #동방신기_전력_60분 Every Saturday at 10:30 PM KST - 11:30 PM KST

Lost First Kiss

By Tika_choi Updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 1340 views, 37 comments

Pentingkah ciuman pertama? menurut Changmin sangat penting, bukan hanya first kiss tapi ciuman dibibir itu menurutnya hanya boleh dilakukan setelah menikah. So, Changmin amat sangat menjaga first kiss-nya untuk pasangannya kelak. Tapi seseorang telah mencurinya dengan seenak jidatnya, Changmin sangat membenci orang itu. Menyebalkan!!

The Black Crayon

By Gorgon088 Updated
Characters Yoochun Changmin Jaejoong Yunho and others
With 10 chapters, 16 subscribers, 1060 views, 33 comments

Yoochun wants the three of them to be a real family. But first, he needs to get Changmin to move in with them. He really wanted a happy family with Changmin and his dad. So, he have to do some missions to make it true.


By Cavely_Quinn Updated
Characters Jung Yunho & Shim Changmin TVXQ, other casts
With 1 chapters, 23 subscribers, 140 views, 4 comments
Status Completed, Friends Only

There's always a light after darkness.. You'll see it whenever opened your eyes..

Kyuline and Choi Siwon

By kyumbul78 Updated
Characters siwon kyuhyun changmin jonghyun minho yunho
With 12 chapters, 2 votes, 221 subscribers, 6940 views, 121 comments
Status Subscribers Only

kyuline adalah genk yang paling disegani di sekolah sm high school, kyuline memiliki anggota yang sangat tampan dan juga menawan, mereka berempat dari golongan orang kaya dan terpandang, bukan hanya wajah saja yang tampan tapi mereka juga pintar dan memiliki bakat. semua siswa takluk padanya, tak ada yang berani melawan mereka, karna mereka adalah penguasa. cho kyuhyun adalah ketua dari genk kyuline, sedangkan anggotanya terdiri dari shim changmin, choi minho dan lee jonghyu

Glasses Snowman

By Gorgon088 Updated
Characters yunho changmin homin
With 1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 240 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

Winter. Snowman. Glasses. Changmin. Yunho. Well, something must be happen, right?


By Tika_choi Updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 200 views, 4 comments

Fear is temporary. Regret is forever. Ketika cinta seseorang kita permainkan, maka bersiap-siaplah dengan penyesalan. because love not to be mocked Penyesalan itu selalu datang terakhir (kalau diawal mah pendaftaran) so, thinking before acting, Yunho-yah.


By AceQueen Updated
Characters Yunho, Changmin, Others
With 13 chapters, 140 subscribers, 3220 views, 91 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Just One-shot, Two-shots, or Three-shots about Homin Couple. READ AND ENJOY, PLEASE.

Found You.

By Gorgon088 Updated
Characters Changmin Yunho Siwon Donghae and others.
With 2 chapters, 14 subscribers, 350 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Changmin's been having the same dream over and over again. Dreams about something like a wolf and a man.  He would love to know what it means. 

aku hanya ingin bahagia

By kyumbul78 Updated
Characters siwon donghae kibum jaejong yunho
With 25 chapters, 2 votes, 337 subscribers, 11240 views, 131 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"Kita sudah menikah, kau istriku dan aku suami ًmu, jadi kau tidak boleh dekat dengan pria lain lagi selain aku, karna aku adalah suami mu" Gadis kecil itu Tersenyum dan mengangguk mendengar ucapan pria kecil dihadapannya.  

Give Me A Heart, Loneliness

By garnet87 Updated
With 3 chapters, 27 subscribers, 260 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Cerita aneh pertemuan dua orang asing di musim dingin di sebuah kota besar.  

My Love

By Gorgon088 Updated
Characters yunho changmin
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 9 subscribers, 560 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

Just a cute morning with Yunho and Changmin together.   


By Cavely_Quinn Updated
Characters Jung Yunho & Shim Changmin TVXQ
With 1 chapters, 31 subscribers, 230 views, 7 comments
Status Completed, Friends Only


Unspoken Love

By Gorgon088 Updated
Characters Yunho Changmin Yoochun Jaejoong Junsu
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 670 views, 16 comments
Status Completed

Changmin, a mute, married to Yunho and eventually adopts a child. Amidst misunderstandings, regrets, and hatred. He is desperate to convey his feelings to others.

Unspoken Thoughts

By MoonlightVampire Updated
Characters Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin
With 32 chapters, 4 votes, 177 subscribers, 6220 views, 37 comments

Jaejoong never showed his true feelings to anyone. He always kept them inside, not revealing even a single thing. His thoughts we're kept to himself only, not even his best friend knew. And it worked. People have always believed the mask he wore, until...  

Tales of Fire and Ice

By sentimen_chwang Updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 39 subscribers, 1550 views, 41 comments

In the future dystopian world where the people were separated as Red and Blue, Shim Changmin, a 19 years old teenager who is a Red people, will soon be entering the Wed Ceremony. However, Changmin just had to be matched right at the another fifty years mark of under-making peace between Red and Blue. This mean, there is a chance that Changmin will be matched to a people of Blue. Haunted by this thought every night, Changmin found himself actually matched with Jung Yunho, a people of Blue, who


By janie6789 Updated
Characters Yunho, Changmin
With 19 chapters, 3 votes, 38 subscribers, 2580 views, 73 comments

For years, Yunho chased a single dream -- to win Olympic Gold in swimming. To him, training and competing was everything; he was willing even to withstanding the abuse that came with being an elite athlete. It isn't until a certain Shim Changmin joins the National Team that Yunho begins to think about just how much he needs to tolerate to be a champion.


By janie6789 Updated
Characters Changmin, Yunho, Kyuhyun
With 7 chapters, 18 votes, 128 subscribers, 4200 views, 35 comments

Changmin is the Crown Prince and has everything he could possibly dream of except for one thing: being a normal college student. One day, he tries to make that dream a reality.

Consentido y Mimado

By ColorZPrincezZ Updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin
With 1 chapters, 100 views
Status Completed

Sí, consentido y mimado era, pero, ¿embarazado?


By PrinceSUJU Updated
Characters Yunho/Changmin
With 11 chapters, 4 votes, 68 subscribers, 3930 views, 48 comments

  “Ever since then Changmin has been absolutely terrified of storms" “Where is he now?”