Room What?! [Hiatus]

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Luhan is finally moving to Seoul in order to pursue his lifelong dream career.

In the process of moving he's introduced to an apartment that is close to his workplace. 

And along with its cheap rent, Luhan is determined to move in at all costs.

But on one condition.

He has to have a roommate. 

"The name is—"

"We can save the introduction for later. Now, listen carefully because I hate having to repeat myself. This side of the house is mine. So unless I grant you permission, you are forbidden to cross it at all times."



Trailer by my sister, 2kinalo~

| Story Status: June 21, 2015 - Ongoing |


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Chapter 14: great :]
Chapter 11: YEEEY you finally updated ^^
Chapter 10: Okay...So Hani is Sehun's sister who is going to be paired with Minseok in the future and OMG! Jongdae's a doctor!?? And Dongwoo's Sehun's partner! So what if Jongdae operated on a criminal? He was doing his job...anyway...finally read it! It was surprising as usual!
Chapter 10: XiuHani ahhhh~

EXID's 'Ah Yeah' started playing, haha...

anyway, I just want to say a few words regarding what Hani said about animation. Now, siddown, and grab a pillow and a blanket, this is gonna be long (ish).

See, I'm an incoming college sophomore, enrolled under the Fine Arts department of my university, Advertising Arts major. And, sadly, this is the closest I could get to animation. I found other universities with Animation majors, but either they are too expensive, or are too far from home. So I took the one in the university I was born in. I wanted to go into drawing and animation when I first watched anime. I wanted to draw what I saw on t.v. I practiced drawing, and as a kid. Everyday, I drew in the back of my notebooks. Now, I'm in college, and until now, I still draw for fun. It's my hobby, my talent, and most probably my life. Art is basically my everything. After just one year in college, my mind was opened to more ideas, and I started viewing the world differently now. Anyway, one professor said being an 'artist' means you draw for yourself. A 'designer' is someone who draws for someone else. So while we're still artists, we might as well enjoy, and give it our all. So basically, animation gives you freedom. No, really, if you know how to work those programs, you can make your own HunHan o, or whatever. Hey, I'm being realistic here! Imagination is key ,okay?

//lame, but if you want to hear about the full story of my cute dream of becoming an animator for Dreamworks, please don't hesitate to message me!!
Chapter 9: What the hell is going on between Jongdae and Dongwoo!!! Just spill it!!! *sigh* Oh well, Hunhan was cute though. Good job man! Keep updating! >_<
Chapter 9: Hey sehun i didn't know you love watching someone eat in front of you
Chapter 8: great twist :] anticipating next chap
noddy1 #8
Chapter 8: Omg sehun is an officer?
MERooo #9
Chapter 8: Ohhhhhhh I did not see that coming
Chapter 8: What the hell....-_- "Your looks itself is a crime" ....Okay, Sehun! Just calm it! You two Luhan! And Dongwoo! Stop making Minseok and Jongdae's lives miserable! And I was right! They are policemen! Yay!! I bet Dongwoo was a culprit and he's holding a grudge against Jongdae? I wanna know what's going on between them though. But why is Minseok always in distress??? Poor Baozi! =( Cool, man! Update soon! This is really chaotic!