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Chapter Six





  The boys looked incredulously at their parents as they gathered in the conference room, not believing the words they had just heard. Because of the boys hectic schedule promoting their newest comeback they hadn't seen or heard much from the girls in about two weeks, which didn't bother them in the least. But apparently that wasn't good enough for their parents. There was plenty to keep the girls occupied so why did they have to be the ones to show them around town?

   "Umma you can't be serious!" YoonGi pleaded dreading the thought of even being within three feet of that manly MinHi. And having to spend the whole day with her? Well that was pure torture. 

   "It will be nice for the girls to get out. They haven't really had a chance to explore yet and you boys have two weeks off so it will be the perfect time to do so! Why don't you take them to the Zoo or something?" J-Hope wrinkled his nose at the thought. He didn't particularly like the Zoo, it smelled and there were a bunch of children. It wasn't that he disliked children, he just didn't like being by the animals because it made his eyes itch like crazy and he never seemed to stop sneezing. 

  NamJoon furrowed his eye brows at the idea. Not because he was particularly against going to the Zoo, but because he wondered if MiKyung would be able to handle it. The last thing he wanted to do was babysit her and cover her all day. Why did he even care in the first place? It was her own fault if she couldn't keep up. He shook his head of such thoughts. 

  "I suggest you boys get ready because the girls will be meeting you in the foyer in about an hour. It's our jobs as hosts to be hospitable, even if they are lowly commoners from the Westside. We invited them as guests and they are to be treated as such, understood Jimin?" Mr. Park looked especially at Jimin, for even he was not blind to the flirtatious ways of his son.

  Jimin nodded not wanting to upset his father. The only man Jimin was intimidated by was him, and for good reason. That man was downright scary when he wanted to be. Especially when one time that crazy fangirl he may have slept with because he was drunk showed up at their house claiming she was carrying Jimin's baby. He had never seen his father so red in the face before and he'd never heard him shout like that. Even though it was later proven she was not pregnant, it still resulted in quite the verbal lashing.

  "Oh, and also dears, make sure that you buy the girls whatever they want if they so want it. Just for today, okay?" Mrs. Jung said kindly with a smile on her face. Out of all the boys parents, the Jung's were most definitely the nicest and most understanding. It was TaeHyung's mother who was the worst of them all, though.

  The boys nodded once again before bowing and making their way out of the conference room. Once they were out of earshot, Jungkook kicked the wall in frustration. He had plans today and the last thing he wanted to do was babysit the girls. Show them around? More like herd them together so they don't cause trouble and embarrass themselves.

  "Ugh. I can already feel my allergies acting up." J-Hope said as he rubbed his nose to try and thwart the impending sneeze that was  building up in his sinuses. The Zoo always made him miserable. He'd have to try his best to deal with it though, as long as he didn't get to close to the animals, he hoped that he'd be able to manage. 

  "I'd rather have allergies then be in the same vicinity as that manly MinHi! I really hate her." V laughed at YoonGi's nickname for her. Speaking of certain girls, he wondered if he'd be able to crack SooRyun today. He had all sorts of plans up his sleeve. She was so fun to tease and her mannerisms were fun to watch. He was determined to turn her into a constant tomato today, if only for his own amusement. He loved that he could make her react that way. He liked that he was the one who caused her blush.

  When the boys had arrived to pick up the girls, they were a little taken aback by the scene on hand. ByulHee and Hannah were standing on top of the staircase with a huge mattress ready to slide down while MiKyung was resting on top of the railing at the base of the stairs, one leg lazily slung over the edge. Her balance must have been really good to lean back on it like that. SooRyun was furiously writing in her journal on one of the chairs in the main living room connecting to the foyer while EunSeo was braiding HaeRa's hair into a beautiful french braid on the carpeted floor nearby. MinHi was the first one to notice the new arrivals and scowled in annoyance.

  "Oh, hello boys!" HaeRa said cutely, making sure to smile and be nice. She always tried to be nice to everyone, even though she was simple minded, she wasn't mean. EunSeo immediately looked up, searching for Hoseok. When her eyes had spotted the quiet boy near the back of the group she unconciously smiled. That boy had been invading her thoughts day and night because he was such a mystery to her. She couldn't help her thoughts and it wasn't like she made any effort to stop it. EunSeo wasn't stupid. She knew attraction when she saw it, unlike some of the others (coughMinHicough).

  V smiled as he looked upon SooRyun, so obviously keeping to herself. He wondered what she was writing so furiously in her journal. Actually, he wondered what was in her journal, period. She was definitely secretive and protective of it, so it must hold some irreplaceable value to it and TaeHyung was just dying to find out what that was. 

  "What are you all doing here?" EunSeo asked just finishing up tying the end of HaeRa's hair before standing up and walking over to them trying to get a better angle of Hoseok. Jimin smirked and shot EunSeo a smoldering look. He sauntered over towards her and leaned up against the wall.

  "We're here to take a y lady such as yourself for a day out on the town. Anywhere you want to go princess and I'll make it happen." EunSeo laughed and walked up to Jimin, towering over him in her heels and held up her hand to the top of her head.

  "See this? You're still not tall enough. Just quit while you're ahead." J-Hope cracked the slightest of smiles as he watched Jimin's sour expression. Seems that not all girls go weak in the knee's for him. Rap Monster meanwhile looked accross the room, unconciously scanning for MiKyung but actually looking for MinHi. Or that's what he told himself, anyway. He wanted to use this outing to his advantage and it would be the perfect time to learn more about MinHi. He bet she had a wild side that was just itching to come out and play. And he really wanted to see her come out and play.

 Jin wanting to get everything over with as soon as possible started to head towards the door and into the limo that was waiting to take all fourteen of them around town. He merely motioned with his hand towards the door, and surprisingly enough HaeRa followed out after him which shocked him because he figured she'd be to stupid to realize they were all leaving. Come on Jin, you have to give her a little more credit than that!
  The car ride was quiet surprisingly, everyone deep in their own thoughts. Interrestingly enough, Rap Monster couldn't help but to discreetly keep his eye on MiKyung making sure her complexion still looked normal and that she didn't look like she would faint anytime soon. He was getting frustrated at himself because he wanted to use this day to talk to MinHi more but MiKyung seemed to be violating his thoughts against his will and he felt absolutely powerless to stop it. He didn't even care in the first place.

  MiKyung immediately noticed a set of eyes on her. She looked discreetly accross from her and saw the chocolate brown eyes of NamJoon. She quickly reverted her eyes back to the window, suddenly finding the scenery very interresting. Why was he staring at her so intently? Better yet, why would he even be looking at all? MiKyung was pretty sure she had royally pissed off NamJoon in the nurses office awhile back and he certainly wasn't glaring at her. She wondered if she would be able to talk to him today, to make sure he kept her secret. She really couldn't afford anyone knowing.

   ByulHee broke the silence by knocking over one of the magazines that were sitting on a little shelf above her head. She had accidentally knocked them over when trying to pull one down from the shelf. She grinned sheepishly as thirteen other heads looked at her and then HaeRa busted out laughing making the others laugh with her. Even J-Hope had let out the tiniest of chuckles. We'll consider the ice broken.

   "Oops, sorry!" Jungkook couldn't help but to make fun of poor ByulHee by laughing even harder. How clutsy was this girl, seriously? Even sitting in a car she managed to knock something over. What couldn't this girl do?

   "Wahhh! You're really amazing ByulHee." Jungkook gave her a thumbs up, though it wasn't a friendly one. ByulHee felt her face pink and she huffed. It wasn't her fault she was so clumsy! It just, it just happened even when she wasn't trying to be clumsy.

   "It's okay Byul, I thought it was cute." Hannah said offering a smile and a pat on the back since she was sitting right next to ByulHee. ByulHee felt a little better and silence once again settled in the limo. V looked over at SooRyun to see her once again heavily writing in her journal. Smirking because he knew SooRyun wouldn't have anywhere to escape him he tapped her shin with his foot getting her attention since she was sitting right accross from him. 

  "What are you writing about?" SooRyun blushed heavily and ducked her head back towards  her journal. She didn't want to speak to him. She was still shaken up from the other day and would rather be left alone. Plus she didn't want people to know what was in her journal. It was personal. Her last shred of dancing.

   "I-it's n-n-nothing important. J-Just stuff." V didn't like her answer. Why was she so freaking shy? Couldn't she just answer like a normal human being? And stuttering, is that natural or what? Pressing the matter further, knowing everyones attention was now on SooRyun, she had to answer properly.

   "Can I see it?" SooRyun shut her book so fast you'd have missed if you blink. She protectively held it to her chest.

   "N-no. Leave me a-a-alone T-TaeHyung-shii." Her soft voice was barely audible but MinHi had heard it. She told V to knock it off and once again silence resumed in the limo. However, V was puzzled. The way she had said his name, his real name so softly, it sent his heart into a frenzy. He wondered what the rapid beating was and why he suddenly felt warm. It wasn't because of her was it? It couldn't have been. It was just because the limo was so stuffy, yeah that was it. It was raising his temperature and causing his heart to race. 

  The limo finally pulled to a stop in front of the tallest tower on the East Side of Seoul. All fourteen teens filed out of the limo and the girls were taken aback by the sheer magnitude, size, and architecture of this side of Seoul. They didn't even know buildings could be so tall! Everything looked  futuristic and every building seemed to be made of glass (even though that wasn't nescessarily true).

  "Sheesh you act like you've never seen a building like this before." Suga said hotly as even he noticed the normally tough MinHi in awe.

  "Well I've never seen a building this big before. You've obviously never been to the West side." EunSeo said as she fixed the strap on one of her wedges. She knew wearing wedges would probably kill her feet by the end of the day, but she wanted to look really cute to try and impress Hoseok. She was willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

  "Well guys, it's been fun but I'm going to find the nearest bar." Rap Monster said in an attempt to catch MinHi's attention and possibly get her alone one on one. MinHi definitely perked up at the mention of alcohol but with all the girls looking at her, she knew she wouldn't be able to do anything. Not that she cared, but some small tiny part of her couldn't abandon her only "kin" so to speak. 

  "No you're not. We're going to do what the girls want to do. My Umma will have my if we don't." TaeHyung said and internally shivered at the mention of his mother. That woman was downright SCARY. Jin nodded in agreement and HaeRa smiled as she pointed towards one of the PC Rooms.

  "Let's go play video games!" Jimin, V, and Suga looked at HaeRa, taken aback that she'd want to go to a PC Room. EunSeo and ByulHee grimmiced at the idea. They weren't really good at video games and they'd rather do something outside. Like walking through the park or going to an amusement park.

  "Why don't we all just go to the Zoo like planned? That way everyone can see what they want." J-Hope said being sensible. Sticking to the plan would just make everything a lot less troublesome. The less work he himself had to put into the girls the better.

  Everyone seemed to be in agreement with the idea so the large group started to walk along the street. SooRyun noticed that all the boys were wearing sunglasses and face masks. She wondered if it was because they were famous and didn't want to draw attention to themselves. SooRyun found that it was much easier to look at the handsome boys when a majority of their face was covered up. She also couldn't help but notice how intense V's eyes were. She also noticed that they've practically been glued to her the entire time. She wasn't anything interresting so why was he staring? It made her very uncomfortable and self concious.

  "Why do you walk like a little child?" Jin asked HaeRa who was practically skipping and humming happily along the street. HaeRa momentarily stopped her humming and turned to look towards Jin. He was walking calmy, hands neatly pressed into his pockets, face solemn. She glared at him.

   "I do not walk like a little child! There's nothing wrong with humming!"

  "Only simple minded people would walk like that." HaeRa glared and walked in silence after that. She definitely wouldn't give Jin the satisfaction of making fun of her. She wasn't going to be an easy target just becuse she wasn't as smart as he was.

  After what seemed like an eternity, the group had finally reached the Zoo. It was massive and seemed to stretch on for miles. Even the front gate was fancy and ornate. EunSeo couldn't believe she was actually witnessing such an amazing place first hand.

  "Oh! Look Byul they have Lions!" Hannah said as she grabbed ByulHee's hand and took off running. Jungkook and Jimin quickly followed after them begrudgingly. Jungkook knew he'd never hear the end of it if he lost any of the girls. Jimin just wanted another chance to tease Hannah.

  "Leave it to the Makne's to just run off." MinHi said as she flicked a stone on the pavement with her foot. Personally, she never wanted to even be here in the first place. She just wanted to find a nice bar to get a drink at.

  "Cotton Candy!" HaeRa shouts as well and runs off. Jin looked towards his friends and they all looked the other way. Why did it seem like HaeRa was Jin's responsibility.

  "Aish! Such a child. She should be the Makne." Jin quickly caught up to HaeRa who happily shoved the fluffy goodness into while Jin paid for it. How could someone be so childish?

  "Well looks like it's just SooRyun, you, and me now." MiKyung chuckled and felt content with just walking and enjoying the scenery. Long ago she had learned to appreciate everything in life and to notice even the little things. Afterall, sometimes its the little things in life that make us happy. SooRyun decided to follow behind MinHi, oddly enough, she felt like V wouldn't go anywhere near MinHi, so if SooRyun stayed close, then she wouldn't have to deal with the overwhelming beating of her heart when he's near.

   "So what do you ladies want to see?" Rap Monster asked, specifically directing his attention to MinHi. He wanted to get to know this wild girl. He wanted to find out how she really acted when the sun went down. He would take every opporunity he could to learn more about her. It wasn't often that Rap Monster ran into a girl who could play in his league.

   "I really don't even want to be here. MiKyung why don't you pick?" MiKyung smiled at MinHi and thought to herself for a moment. What has she always wanted to see but couldn't? She smiled when she thought of the perfect exhibit!

   "Of course you wouldn't want to be here. I bet you'd rather be out vandalizing a car." MinHi shot princess Yoongi a look.

   "Watch it Princess!" Suga smirked and flipped her the bird when she wasn't looking. 

   "I want to go see the Polar Bears!" MiKyung broke the tension between the two brooding teens and slung her arm through SooRyun's. The poor girl had been practically silent the entire time. It must be hard to be with a group of people and to be shy.

   SooRyun smiled at MiKyung. She didn't have any friends back home, she was always to shy to make them, and quite frankly no one wanted to be friends with a quiet and boring girl such as SooRyun. For the first time in awhile SooRyun let a true smile adorn her face.

  "Come on SooRyun, I'll race ya!" SooRyun broke out into a sprint after MiKyung who was closely followed by the others. What was it with everyone racing off and running everywhere? Hadn't anyone ever heard of walking?

   Jungkook smirked as he watched ByulHee accidentally trip walking up the steps towards the lion's den. This was probably the eighth time that she had tripped, fallen, or knocked something over. It truly boggled his mind how someone was just so in tune with the ground. Jungkook watched the pure joy that crossed ByulHee's face when they had finally reached the exibit. It was like she was a kid in a candy store eating a lollipop for the first time. It was just a lion, what was so special about it?

  "Hannah! Look it's like The Lion King! There's Mufasa and Sarabi, and then there's Simba and Nala my favorite!" ByulHee pointed to each lion as she rattled off the names, so elated to be able to think of one of her favorite movies. It was cool to imagine that Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, and Nala could actually exist in a true form. They didn't have Zoo's like this on the West side. It was like she was truly seeing a lion for the first time. 

 "Wahhh! Jimin isn't it cool?" Hannah tugged on Jimin's sleeve like a child. Jimin tilted his head down to stare at her as she was a tad shorter than he was. He sent her his famous smirk and s his arm around her shoulder.

 "Just dandy little Tokki." Hannah twisted her face in confusion.

 "Bunny?" Jimin nodded and pulled her closer to him. "Yeah, you're cute and innocent like a bunny, so from now on I'm going to call you little Tokki." Hannah blushed at the close contact, having no idea how to react. Being this close to a boy was making her heart do weird flips.

 "Hey get your hands off of her! Unnie told me all about you." ByulHee pulled Hannah from Jimin's grip and gave him a cold glare. She may have been the youngest, and a HUGE clutz, but Hannah was like her sister because they were so close in age and after EunSeo's warning she was extremely on edge.

 "Relax little pidgeon. I won't hurt her." Not yet, anyway. Not until I get what I want. It's been a long time since I've been with a . Jimin had to hold himself back from his lips in anticipation. Jungkook knew that look from Jimin all too well. Jungkook knew Jimin was planning something, but what? 

 Jungkook continued to observe ByulHee. She garnered constant attention. If you took her eyes off of her for one second she was bound to get into mischief or an unsavory situation. When he noticed her bumping into the crowd as she walked he sighed. He'd had enough entertainment for one day. Lengthening his strides and picking up his pace, he gently gripped her wrist and practically dragged her along to the next exibit, dodging all the bystanders. ByulHee's face was practically a tomato with how red it looked. She couldn't believe she was being dragged through the Zoo by Jeon Jungkook of all people.

  MiKyung smiled as she watched the baby polar bears play to their hearts contents with no worries. She wished she could be as carefree as they were. She wished she was able to swim whenever she wanted like them. Even they were normal and healthy. Why couldn't she have that? She watched the baby polar bears run around their mother. It made her miss her own mother and family. How were they doing? Were they having an easier life without her?

  "You don't look so good J-Hope." EunSeo commented as she gazed at his irritated eyes and beat red nose. He quickly put his mask back up on his face.

  "I'm fine, EunSeo." EunSeo didn't really buy that he was okay but at this point didn't push it further. She wasn't sure how to act around Hoseok, but she knew that she couldn't be loud and pushy. She had observed that he tended to shy away from anyone who was loud and obnoxious. She didn't want to be someone like that. She wanted to get to know Hoseok in her own way.

  "Whoa you can ride on the animals?" MiKyung asked as she pointed to elephant rides across from the Polar Bear exhibit. She suddenly had the strongest urge to ride one. She had never ridden on an animal before and it was one more thing she'd have accomplished before she passed on right?

  "Yuck. Why would you want to ride one of those?" TaeHyung asked. Elephants smelled really bad and they didn't even look remotely pleasing. The others nodded in agreement. They'd pass on the elephant ride.

  "I just thought it would be fun." MiKyung shrugged and started to walk towards the next exhibit but Rap Monster caught the way MiKyung longingly gazed at the elephant. If he didn't know of her secret he wouldn't of cared (he still didn't care) but he also knew he was supposed to follow along with anything the girls wanted. Parents orders.

  "Only you would get into something like this." Jin scoffed as he watched the face painter paint a picture of a cute cupcake and a rainbow on her left cheek. HaeRa stuck her tongue out at the boy. He was such a stick in the mud. He didn't even know how to have fun. And who said face paint was only for children? It was only her cheek, not like it was her whole face. 

 "Only you wouldn't know how to have fun." 

 "I don't need to be a child to have fun."

 "Well reading books all day isn't fun. Neither is studying." 

 "You only hate it because you're stupid." 

  HaeRa didn't reply after that. Her face turning slightly sour. She knew she had a disability but she couldn't stand being called stupid to her face. Especially by someone who doesn't even understand the meaning of struggle and hard work. Nor someone who knew her very well.

  "It's all finished miss. Have a look." The face painter held up a mirror to HaeRa's face and she smiled at the finished product. First she was able to eat delicious cotton candy and now she was able to get her face painted! She wanted to go to the Aquatics next.

  "I love it! Thank you so much." The face painter turned to Jin.

  "That'll be 10000 won." Jin handed the lady the money and quickly walked away. The longer he stood by all these little kiddie attractions the angrier he became. HaeRa quickly caught up to Jin and practically dragged his arm over to the tram that takes you towards the Aquatics because its so uphill.

  "Let's go to the sharks! The sharks!" Jin growled.

  "You definitely are a pabo needing to be babysat. Do you even know what Aquatics are?" HaeRa stuck her nose up in the air and crossed her arms.

  "I do. They're sea animals like sharks, fish, octopus', squids and the like." 

 Many hours had past and the group had finally managed to meet back up again just in time to go home. As all the girls were exchanging stories about their day, MiKyung was quiet. Sure she enjoyed all the exhibits and was very thankful for the experience but she felt sad. She really wanted to ride the elephant. It looked like a lot of fun and it was pretty close to the entrance of the Zoo. Maybe if she just snuck away, no one would care or notice. With all the commotion she casually started to walk backwards until she was far away enough to where she could turn to run (well as best as she could considering her illness) and headed for that elephant ride. She had to do this before she left.

  She was determined to have no regrets in life. She refused to die with regrets. It was one of the thing she wouldn't let consume her life. Getting in line for the ride there were only 3 people in front of her. As she gazed around the ring, she noticed that there was a sign that said 20000 won. She didn't have any money on her. She hung her head and sighed, ready to turn away when she bumped into a firm warm chest.

 Curious, she looked up into the eye of NamJoon who looked extremely adjetated. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around.

 "Didn't you say you wanted to ride the elephant? I'll go with you just this once. But don't expect me to always save you just because you're sick." MiKyung huffed.

 "I never asked you to." Rap Monster didn't reply as he paid the worker and MiKyung stepped up onto the loading block so she could climb up the elephant and onto its back. When MiKyung got onto the elephant it moved a little and that almost threw MiKyung off balance so she was a little startled. NamJoon noticed this and got onto the elephant as well behind MiKyung so as to steady her. He pulled her back into his chest.

  "Just lean on me for support." MiKyung blushed as she felt the warmth emanating from Rap Monster. His chest was so muscular she could practically feel his muscles ripple beneath his shirt as the elephant moved around the ring. She let a true smile adorn her face for the first time since arriving to the Zoo.

 Late on when the ride was over, NamJoon would chalk up his beating heart and warm cheeks to being so high up on the elephant. Because it definitely wasn't because of MiKyung.

 Definitely not.  




AUTHOR'S NOTE :  Man did I have the biggest writers block for this chapter!! I am so sorry for such a long wait! I promise you I'm not going to abandon this story so please please continue to read it! I have 15 credit hours this semester plus a full time job. Also don't forget to comment every 2-3 chapters or I will have to replace your character!! I need to know if you still read this story, right? Also I realized that I haven't really given MiKyung a fair share of good moments since she arrived, making her sick and all, so I decided to load this chapter with extra Rap MonxMiKyung because even sick girls need some relief and her plotline is naturally more angsty so I'm going to try to give her as many happy moments as I can without ruining my plot or being to OOC xD So please do not be mad that this chapter has a more MiKyungxRap Monster focus. I tried to give as much leeway with the couples as I could but like I said each couple will have their time to truly shine/focus as the story progresses. So don't fret if your character isn't really in the picture yet. Especially SooRyun, I have HUGE plans for her but it won't be for just a bit yet so please please be patient! Remember if any of you feel left out or unsatisfied with your screen time please let me know! After awhile it is SO DIFFICULT to keep track of who is in the chapter and who isn't or which couple's I wrote about and which one's I haven't in awhile. Anyway please continue to read this story! Annyeong!  



credits to fallen angel



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you gave this story a lot of effort and wrote way more than most applyfic authors can ever
so major props to you!
i'll try to comment as soon as you upload a chapter the next time :)

and if you really really feel that frustrated by the chosen applicants not commenting for so long
you can give them a warning, saying you'll swap out charas or something idk
Chapter 25: ok so i actually read the chapter like a few days ago
but i didn't know hot to comment
cause everything was so sad
and just...
i knew west side was bad
i didn't think it was going to be that bad

i feel so bad for mikyung
how she's giving up on treatment cause she thinks she's being a burden
i'd feel the same as her but rapmon has a point when he says no parent feels their child is a burden
if only that was the cold hard truth tho
there was a man who has been on life support his whole life
and he heard his mom telling him to just go die because she was tired of taking care of him..
real life story. smfh
but he made it out alive and it living like a normal person now tho

(pretty sure he's gunna)
just curious on how he's going to do that?
rapmon is actually such a good natured guy
despite his initial attitude towards the west siders

besides the lego thing of course
ahh i love it so much

i love this story so much
i love the progress so far
and just, ugh
lemme love you for being so awesome <3
Chapter 25: That feeling of knowing that you can't afford something but is stuck there due to circumstances is something I'm familiar with.
Mikyung's mentality, while I can see where she's coming from, is heartbreaking. Sure, having people know and pitying her would probably not be something she would be ecstatic over, but it's. something kind of inevitable now? Like when they all do eventually find out it's going to happen. I almost think it'd be more of a blessing to allow the ones around you time to steel themselves for what's to come, though to be fair the groups are all still growing close to each other so I guess it can't be helped for now. It's ultimately up to her in the end.

Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

Even if it took something like this, it is good to see the groups coming together now. And on an off note, I love how this mutual understanding/relationship with SeoHope was spawned from a Lego set. LOL.
This was a really fast update! Thank you for spoiling us with it, and I'll be eagerly waiting to see how more of Mikyung, Haera, and Hannah's respective arcs unfold. c:
Chapter 24: I had just glanced at/ reread this about a week ago, so it's a great surprise to see you've updated it as well!
I have faith in your plans for this story, & think your decision to break the story into individual character driven arcs is a smart choice rather than attempting to mash everyones' shining moments and developments together at once.

I will admit from a purely kpop music bias standpoint I was conflicted on the two performances because I lOVE Gain's Paradise Lost (Which was a great choice for classically trained Sooryun btw) but at the same time, Crazy was my JAM for months. Regardless of Sooryun not winning, I think this was a defining moment for her, & I'm sitting here grinning on her behalf because she's finally retaken the stage after her past injury.
V's reaction though like- PLEASE. Falling out of his chair and your little "...all the blood rushed to his head (if you know what I mean)"
I literally snorted while I was eating my dinner and reading this.

Suji is still so salty after the results are announced omfg. Like girl obtain some chill please.
All this hype is going to be probably following the new girls around now, so Suji and posse better start getting used to it.
Hannah and Byulhee though- girls get it! Minhi be rubbing off on the young ones. LOL.

Oh gosh I've seen the hints leading up to this point with her weakening and constantly pushing herself for the competition, but now that she's actually collapsed in front of the other girls, I guess it's time the rest of the girls find out... and why do I feel like the boys are going to be getting home shortly to witness this all as well? OTL;; I'm super excited to see how Mikyung's arc is going to unfold tbh and am anticipating getting to see more of her interactions with Namjoon.

Thanks for the update, and like I said earlier, I have faith in your plans for this story!
props too for regularly updating this and To Catch a Demon too. Like dang man.
Chapter 24: I trust you and your plans for all of the girls tbh
the story has been awesome so far
and mad props to you for being able to update so many chapters
like thats fricking amazing

its kinda like a lil plot twist
and her covering paradise lost was just fricking amazing LMAO
she got mad balls even tho she's usually so shy and stuff
his reaction is ing priceless, he fell out of his seat LMAO i dead
surprised suga was rooting for sooryun tbh

BRUH You seriously know how to set up the stories
esp how the girls will react to finding out bout the cancer
and how rapmon gunna get more involved with mikyung
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Chapter 23: Continua con la historia, esta interesante.!! *0*