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` 차가워진 니 표정이 말 대신 모든 걸 대변해 . )           
Chapter Ten





   The whole school was buzzing in anticipation, the talent show was the hottest topic right now. Every student was placing bets, gossiping, and the like. Some were earnestly rooting for the Westsiders, they wanted them to win. However, most of the stuck up snobs in school had their money on Suji and her band of .

   There were only two mysteries left at this point in the gossip mill according to YooSeul the school's #1 source of gossip. The first mystery was the display each party was going to show, the second mystery was who BTS was betting on/rooting for. Rumor had it that J-Hope, V, and surprisingly Suga had their money on the Westsiders while Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook had their money on Suji. Whether this was actually true no one could be sure but it was definitely a hot debate among their fan club.

   HaeRa was relishing in the attention. Not because she wanted to be an attention seeker but because the students in her classes were ACTUALLY being nice to her for once. They were asking her all sorts of questions about their display and actually engaging her in conversation. To HaeRa it was enough even though she couldn't give away a lot of information about their routine. 

   Jin was surprisingly talkative as well, trying to get as much as he could out of HaeRa. Of course HaeRa wasn't budging but she rather liked the pleasant tone he held with her. Unbeknownst to HaeRa, however, there was one boy who'd always been observing her, watching her closely and seeing her struggle. He longed to go over and introduce himself to her, but he was far to shy because he was a second year. He was incredibly gifted in math and was placed in higher level classes. So, even though he was in his second year he had some classes with the third years. 

   He hated how Jin treated her. BTS thinks that they're so great because their parents are the richest patrons in Eastern Seoul but Changjo thought they were all pieces of . He would never treat HaeRa that way or any of the Westsiders for that matter. You see Changjo was part of the other Kingka group, Teen Top, who were mortal enemies with BTS.

   Teen Top had been around first in the K-Pop Industry before BTS but because of who their parents are, they became really famous and gained over Teen Top ultimately knocking them down into second place. Everyone from Teen Top hated Bangtan and vice versa.

   Changjo watched HaeRa interact with other students and smiled with her. He knew they were only being nice to find out information, but seeing her smile made him smile. Even though Changjo had never talked to HaeRa before, he started to develop a little crush on her. He thought she was really cute and her mannerisms when she gets frustrated were just heat melting.

   Changjo looked on in longing. One day he would buck up the courage and talk to her. One day, he would be walking side by side with her instead of looking at the back of her. He would be damned if anyone tried to stop him, too. 

   V was quiet in his desk, staring out the window, thinking. Today was D-Day, the day where everyone would see the showdown of the year. V, however, was nervous. He really wanted to believe in SooRyun but as the time drew nearer his head became filled with more and more doubts. Even when V was near SooRyun, she'd get super red and stutter or shy behind one of the other girls. 

   How was she going to perform in front of the whole school? That was the question he didn't have an answer for that nagged his mind constantly like a wife nags her husband. Most of the school was for SuJi and that in and of itself was already a huge advantage. There were a few supporters of the West side girls, but they were few and far between. Rumor had it though that Teen Top, BTS's mortal enemy, was rooting 100% for the new girls.

   Not that V really cared about it but if they were betting in favor of the new girls wouldn't that mean they see something too? The girls were special. TaeHyung knew that the minute they walked through the door upon their arrival. It didn't mean he felt anything towards them or anything but they were interesting, especially that little mouse named SooRyun.

   "Would the students participating in the talent show please report to gym. Thank you." A voice over the PA system broke the silence of the classroom and students went abuzz with excitement. The time was drawing near and V couldn't contain himself. He hoped that SooRyun could pull through. Not because he cared, no, he just wanted to see the mouse finally open up so that he would have an easier time razzing her.


   That's what he told himself.


   The girls were grinning in anticipation, excited to finally showcase their hard work. Despite being challenged to perform a boy group's dance they all felt very confident in themselves. SooRyun had been such a help and they couldn't be more grateful to her. 

   Even MinHi, the normally snarky and cynical girl, could be seen smirking as she fiddled with one of the chains on her orange jump suit. The girls had decided to cover one of Teen Top's  comeback songs Miss Right and also wanted to look the part from head to toe. Each girl was dressing in either a red or orange jumpsuit worn in a different style and all of them had either dyed or styled their hair. The girls were acting as their bias so they felt giddy to be in their costumes. Even though they hadn't met Teen Top or seen them, even dressing like them made each girl feel closer to her bias.

   Yes, that's right everyone, MinHi has a bias and surprisingly her bias was L.Joe. Even though she had written off K-Pop at first she had come to like Teen Top. She still swears she hates pop music but at least she admitted she could tolerate Teen Top.


    {This is how they are dressed and what color their hair is dyed. Also who they are imitating from L to R: Changjo (HaeRa) | MiKyung (Ricky) | EunSeo (Chunji) | MinHi (L.Joe) | Hannah (Niel) | ByulHee (CAP)}

   "I cannot wait to dance! I'm so excited I even stayed up a little later then normal yesterday practicing Changjo's part. Sorry EunSeo-ah, I just couldn't sleep because of my excitement! We're going to kick those girls asses." HaeRa was completely energized at this point. She had worked really hard all week and she knew it would pay off. HaeRa wasn't the smartest but they didn't call her noah's snail for nothing. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her.

   Poor SooRyun though, HaeRa felt bad. She would normally be with the girls but she was grouped with the solo artists and therefore left to fend for herself. HaeRa was worried for her because of her shyness. If even they were nervous SooRyun must be a wreck since she's dancing all by herself. HaeRa could see that most of the acts were listening to music with their headphones in practicing, but SooRyun wasn't. She may have the guts to dance now but that didn't mean her old habits died. She wouldn't be SooRyun if she wasn't timid after all.

   HaeRa wanted to go over and talk to her but they were told specifically not to leave the line up and HaeRa was an obedient girl so she would do as she was told.

   "I heard Teen Top goes to this school! Can you believe it? How come we never saw them?" Hannah exclaimed excitedly jumping up and down. She would have the chance to meet Niel! She could just faint thinking about it.

   "Well think about it young one, we have only just discovered K-Pop and Teen Top. They've always been around we just had no idea who they were. Apparently they are the other Kingka's of the school." MinHi spoke logically. MinHi wasn't one for being girly but she would totally lay on the charm to get to know L.Joe personally.

   One of the producers of the talent show notified the girls that they were up next and ushered them up to the back stage. The nerves had really set in now. They were very excited of course but they were also nervous. It's like you can't wait to show them what you've got but at the same time you're terrified of screwing up. 

   In the crowd the seats were split into two halves with an aisle in the middle. On the right half sat BTS in the first row and followed behind were all their fans and on the left side was Teen Top who was also in the front row and was followed by their fans as well. BTS was anxious. They had no idea what those girls have up their sleeve. They'd hardly seen them since this whole show came about so they must have been practicing something big. 

   Most of the boys were there to see Suji and her gang. Suji was the Queenka and the prettiest girl in the school. She had all her fan boys eating out of the palm of her hand so it wasn't a surprise most of the boys were hollering for Suji. 

   The lights dimmed in the gym as a spotlight followed the MC out onto the stage. The loud conversations turned into stagnant silence as the MC tapped the microphone a couple times to test if it was on. "Welcome fellow students and faculty to the 3rd annual Bakada Academy's talent show! I'm your host Jung SooJung and I'm happy to introduce our first act! The lovely girls of SCS (y, Cute, and Single) will now take the stage. Hopefully the situation doesn't get to sticky!"

   SooJung walked off the stage and the curtain opened to reveal six scantily dressed girls in school uniforms. All of them were wearing extremely tight white school blouses with a loose black tie, and an extremely short plaid miniskirt with knee high stocking and heels. They looked like to the Westside girls but the boys loved it because they could not stop hooting and hollering.  

  MiKyung just knew they were going to revert to doing a y dance. y always wins. MiKyung felt cheated before she even started. They weren't even allowed to do any girl dances period. But on the other hand MiKyung felt satisfied, satisfied in the fact that boy group dances are much harder to learn and therefore require more skill level. Even if the girls lost today, they knew they were the true winners for choosing a difficult dance as they did.


   Before the Queenka group even started, the majority of Teen Top were disgusted. It was always a y girl group dance. Every girl was always trying to be y, to sell their bodies for popularity and fame. Teen Top really hated girls like that. Unlike the boys of BTS, Teen Top were like the fairytale princes every girl dreams of. They were nice, charming, and very respectful. It was what made them so popular in the first place.

   Then BTS came along with their whole bad boy image and I don't give a attitude. Suddenly being nice wasn't cool anymore. It was all about being bad. Teen Top was still immensely popular in the K-Pop industry, more so then BTS, but had unfortunately dwindled to second place in the world of high school. 

   Chunji looked through the crowd and couldn't believe all the thirsty males practically drooling at the sight of Suji's friends. Cat calls, wolf whistles, dirty words, all of them were being hurled towards the stage and regrettably being accepted. The girls on stage blew kisses to the crowd before bowing quickly and walking off the stage as the curtains closed quickly to set up for the next act. 

   "Hey Hyung aren't those new girls up next?" Niel questioned to L.Joe who was sitting right next to him. Niel had heard about the girls from Changjo who confessed that he wanted to get to know one of them more, a girl in his math class named HaeRa. He was a little bummed out though because the girls had no idea who Teen Top were and Changjo was pretty sure HaeRa didn't even know he existed. 

   "I believe so. I'm curious to see what they pull off. I hope to god it's not another generic girl dance." Niel nodded as once again the spot light shinned on the MC who stood in the center of the stage with her microphone. "Whew what a great performance by SCS! Wasn't that great?" Cheers immediately erupted from the crowd of Suji supporters, all of them confident Suji and SCS would sweep the competition.

   "Okay our next act will be performed by our new transfer students from the Westside! Please welcome the girls with long hair!" The tension in the crowd grew thick as the anticipation built up. You could cut it with a knife. When the curtains opened the stage was dark. The only thing that could be seen was the huge screen projector on the back wall of the stage.

   6 separate spotlights lit up the stage individually as they landed on each girl. The intro music played when the music video in the background started. Each time the music video froze on a member of Teen Top, the spotlight would light up the corresponding girl. When the lights fully, all of the girls were clad in jump suits and in position for the start of the song. When the girls started to dance Teen Top's jaws practically hit the floor, especially Changjo's. This was their song! And HaeRa was playing Changjo himself. It made him really happy. 


   The crowd on Teen Top's side roared with applause and excitement. The song wasn't even five minutes in and they were already killin it with their moves and charisma. BTS on the other hand were not as happy. Out of all the songs they could have learned, they picked the song of their mortal enemy? Were they trying to make life hell for themselves or what?

   By the end of the dance almost all of the Teen Top crowd and the neutral crowd were cheering loudly for the new girls. They had so much fun dancing, they were smiling non-stop and truly getting into character, enjoying their parts. When the song ended they immediately bowed with huge smiles on their faces and panting chests. They had done well and they felt great doing it. There was no thrill like going on stage and performing a dance you really enjoy. They could see now why SooRyun had danced all her life.

   Ricky was really impressed with their execution of the dance. It was one of their more difficult and taxing choreography's and yet the girls performed it very flawlessly. Teen Top was known for their knife like movements and in sync moves and the girls had really done well in capturing that considering they had no prior training at all.

  "That girl really had you figured out." Chunji said as he looked over towards Changjo whose cheeks were mildly red. She danced really well, Changjo realized that she had studied him. Seen him, acknowledged him, and looked at him. It made his heart swell. He would definitely buck up the courage to talk to her now. He would do it tomorrow.

  Meanwhile with BTS, all of them were practically speechless. Some were sulking and others were just shocked. Who would have thought even poor people could have talent? V was the only one grinning though. Why? Because he knew if SooRyun's performance was anything like the girls, then everyone who doubted him would eat their words.




AUTHOR'S NOTE :  Okay so I know last chapters note I said It would be different characters development arcs but it just so happened to work out opposite of how I originally planned. Next we will be wrapping up SooRyun and then focusing on HaeRa, Hannah, and MiKyung because it fits the time frame of the story better. Also the next chapter will be the final chapter of the talent show and we'll see SooRyun and SuJi's solo dances!! Oh I can't wait! And what is this? Teen Top is coming into the picture? Will there be a love triangle, I smell jealousy afoot! Anyway till next time!



credits to fallen angel




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Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

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