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Chapter Eight





    JungKook grinned as he watched the klutzy ByulHee trip over her feet for the thousandth time in gym. They were playing soccer today and ByulHee had wiped out more times then Jungkook could keep track of. She was such a great source of amusement, he couldn't help but to keep his eyes on her. He even purposely passed the ball to her on the field today when she was barely prepared just so she'd face plant into the grass again. 

   Mean? Yes. Worth the amusement? Definitely.

   ByulHee was miffed. She had grass all twisted into her hair from falling so many times, dirty scraped knees, and she hadn't even scored one goal. She cursed her parents, wondering why they decided to give her the curse of clumsiness. Why couldn't she be cool and athletic like some of the other girls? Even Hannah had managed to score a goal. It wasn't fair that she had two left feet. 

   After seeing ByulHee take a tumble again, JungKook had had enough entertainment and had decided to take pity on the girl. He jogged up to her from behind and grabbed onto her shoulders once she had stood back up. He put his head beside hers as he was significantly taller then her. "Here, try like this." His voice was low and husky and ByulHee could feel his breath on her cheek. He watched her eyes widened as Jungkook moved her body with his, kicking the ball as he did so straight to the goal post where it actually went in.

   Hannah couldn't believe her eyes when she saw JungKook jog up to Byul. She didn't know much about the boys, but she did know that they would never just walk up to a girl, let alone touch her. She saw the glares from all the other girls in their gym class and grew worried. If looks could kill, ByulHee would have been dead ages ago. Also, Hannah couldn't help but be a little jealous. She wished Jimin would do something like that. Unfortunately Jimin was not a first year and it was very difficult to ever catch sight of him during class time.

   ByulHee was absolutely speechless. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest from JungKook's muscular body pressed up against her own and his big hands on her shoulders. His deep voice was making her weak. "Thanks Oppa." JungKook looked taken aback for a second. Not even the girls in his own year called him Oppa. He was 'hot kookie' as they liked to affectionately call him. He couldn't deny the slight jump his heart made at the word. 

   Word had traveled around fast about the girls little outing with BTS and JungKook's little stunt in gym this morning. As if the Youtube videos didn't give them away already. Many girls had become jealous, feeling that the Westside girls weren't good enough to even be in the presence of their princes. Which brings us to their current predicament.

   EunSeo and MiKyung were relentlessly being glared at by the second year girls as they sat at their desk trying to work on the assignment the teacher had given the class before leaving the room. MiKyung didn't even dare to look at Suga, for fear of what the girls might do. She had no idea why she was being stared at, but she had a pretty good guess after their little outing with the boys. They were famous after all.

  "EunSeo-ah, did we do something wrong?" MiKyung quietly asked keeping her eyes trained on the doodle she was drawing in her notebook. EunSeo's mouth formed a thin line.

   "The only thing we did was spend time with BTS."

   J-Hope noticed EunSeo's grim expression and couldn't figure out the reason as to why. Not that he cared, but he had never seen the girl frown before. In fact, she always seemed genuinely happy and maybe a little cheeky. He smirked slightly thinking back to their walk home. This girl really was something.

   "I have a bad feeling about this EunSeo." MiKyung wished she was in anywhere but the classroom at the moment. SooRyun had the bright idea to get up and use the restroom. Why didn't MiKyung think of that? Wait...where the heck did MinHi go?

    Class luckily went on without incident much to the girls relief. However that didn't change the fact that the female glares were still prevalent and had shown no signs of letting up which made concentration extremely difficult. EunSeo had given up taking notes all together and MiKyung decided to take a nap. She'd been feeling a little faint since this morning.

     SooRyun was downright terrified. She couldn't believe the situation she'd found herself in right now. If she'd known her worst nightmare would have come to life, she never would have asked to go to the bathroom. Currently surrounded by the Queenka of the school and her posse, SooRyun was completely frozen. She didn't do well with men, let alone her own .

    Also, this was the bathroom. There weren't many options to escape and it wasn't like SooRyun was daring enough to try any of them. "So we heard you went out on a date with our TaeHyung." The Queenka's blonde lacky started, picking up a strand of SooRyun's hair while twirling it around her finger. The three girls started to circle around SooRyun like vultures, studying and observing her quiet demeanor. 

    What was so great about her for TaeHyung to want to even be around her in public? She didn't have any extraordinary talents, she didn't have beauty that stood out in a crowd, so why would he be interested in a little mouse such as SooRyun? Especially when he could have someone like her.

    "Did he hold your hand? Did you kiss? OH dare I say it, did you drag him to a love hotel? You think you're so innocent with your little good girl ruse, but I know it's just an act. I bet you bed any guy who gives you the time of day." 

    SooRyun had her eyes closed tight and her head towards the floor. She felt cornered, suffocated, and hurt. What did she do to deserve to be made fun of? It wasn't her fault she was so shy. And it wasn't an act. It's a part of who she is. "What? Nothing to say? Or do you think you're better then me so it's okay to ignore me?" SooRyun refused to look up, to terrified to even move. Plus she stuttered. Everyone always made fun of her stutter.

      She felt Suji push her up against the tiled wall, the three of them holding her down. She felt Suji grab SooRyun's face and pull it up to look Suji straight in the eye. "Speak mouse." When SooRyun still didn't speak, Suji raised her hand to smack the poor girl, only to feel her arm violently gripped and pulled back.

     "Oh look if it isn't the tough Neanderthal to save the day. I thought you didn't give a about anything." One of Suji's lackeys baited MinHi. MinHi saw how terrified the poor girl looked and started to roll down the spandex shorts she had on under her skirt. She was itching for a good fight and now seemed like a perfectly good time to start one.

     "Oh look if it isn't Barbie and all her plastic es." Suji smirked. "What are you going to do beat us up? You'll be suspended and put on probation. It's bad enough you have to ware those ridiculous arm bands, but wouldn't it be such a shame to have to send you back home?" MinHi silently cursed inside her mind. She knew she couldn't fight. She knew damn well she'd be reprimanded and forced to partake in some punishment. However, she wasn't going to stand for such nonsense against poor SooRyun. But that didn't mean she liked her or anything, it was just because they had to stick together. MinHi is not here to make friends, she's here to serve her time and then get the out of here. 

     "Since I can't beat your sorry I'll do you one better. A contest. If you win, however, then we will do your bidding for one month. If we win, you leave SooRyun alone and never speak to us again or involve yourself in OUR business." Suji seemed to mull it over for a moment before snapping her fingers together in an idea.

     "Fine but I get to pick what the challenge will be." MinHi nodded at the conditions, figuring it fair enough. "As you may or may not know, the school's annual talent show is coming up. The winner gets to record one song with a member of BTS and appear in one of their music videos. Whoever wins the talent show wins the terms of the deal." MinHi frowned not liking how confident Suji seemed. "What's the catch?" 

      "SooRyun has to enter as a solo act and compete against me one vs one. Her act can be any dance of her choosing. As for the rest of you, you have to enter as a group act AND you have to perform a boy group dance." MinHi wanted to barf at the idea of a boy group but glanced at SooRyun shaking her head furiously at the idea and for the sake of her pride, she'd have to make SooRyun take one for the team.

      "Deal. Now leave." Suji flipped her hair and motioned for her lackey's to follow. When it was just SooRyun and MinHi left in the bathroom, SooRyun let the tears flow freely. MinHi sighed and gave the girl a paper towel.

     "Just because I stood up for you doesn't mean that I like you." SooRyun nodded and smiled gratefully at MinHi knowing that she cared inn her own way even if she was harsh and rough around the edges. "T-Thank y-y-you Unnie." MinHi patted the girls shoulder. "Let's get you back to class. However since I just saved your , you owe me a favor." SooRyun became hesitant.

        "W-what favor would t-that be?" MinHi pointed towards the clock. "I'm skipping class today. I need you to cover for me and say I am recovering in the nurses office from an illness. Can you do that?" SooRyun shook her head in confirmation and scurried back into her classroom, sending a small wave to MinHi. 

        Feeling the relief and safety of being in her desk, Sooyun let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and tried to calm down her beating heart. She was so relieved she didn't even notice the piercing stare TaeHyung was giving her. Then again, he was always staring at her intensely so maybe she just got used to it. 

       Meanwhile with the third years, HaeRa was practically drowning in her math lesson. What the hell is an integral? What are all these symbols and lines on the board? It was giving HaeRa such a headache, it all looked like a jumbled mess. She'd forgotten to take her medicine this morning so her mind wasn't as focused as it usually is. Which didn't help AT ALL. If Jin wasn't such an , she'd have surely asked for his help. But seeing as how all he could think of her as was stupid, she didn't really want to be near him.

      Turning to her desk partner, she gently nudged him with her pencil. "Excuse me, but, I don't really understand this, can you help me?" Said boy looked down at the obnoxious band around her arm and scoffed turning his head the other way. HaeRa looked like she wanted to cry after that, putting her head down. Was she really so terrible that no one would help her? She didn't know stupidity would be contagious. Why would no one ever be nice to her?

     A phone could be heard ringing throughout the classroom. The teacher held up one hand. "Excuse me students, I have to take a very important phone call." He walked out of the room answering his phone and the whole class erupted into conversation. HaeRa remained silent however, trying to hold in her tears. She stared endlessly at her notes, trying to fathom the slightest idea as to what they mean and what the teacher was teaching. 

      HaeRa felt a tap on her shoulder so she lifted her head and saw Jin, smirking, and leaning over her shoulder staring at her notes. HaeRa really wanted to die right then and there. She couldn't handle Jin's harsh words. Not today, not at this moment. "Do you want help?" HaeRa's eyes widened as she looked towards Jin like he had two heads. Did he really just say that?

     "Are you sure my stupidity won't rub off on you?" Jin laughed and crouched in front of HaeRa's desk,taking her pencil and quickly drawing up a detailed guide to integrals. Just this once, he'd have pity on her.

    "So, given a function, F of a real variable x and an interval [a,b] of the real line, the definite integral is definted informally as the signed area of the region in the xy-plane that is bounded by the graph of F, the x-axis and the vertical lines x=a and x=b. The area above the x-axis adds to the total and that below the x-axis subtracts from the total. This is why the graph is the way it is and why that is the answer we obtain." HaeRa nodded her head in understanding, trying to make it seem like she understood exactly what he was explaining. Jin could see right through her though.

    He knew he could easily have his mother make it so that she was in a lower level math class, but, for some reason he WANTED her to stay in this class. He wanted to be able to watch her struggle and laugh at her expense. The least he could do was make sure she passed the class if he was going to be so cruel as to keep her in it. 

   But, did he really want to put in the effort for someone so stupid? Apparently so. 



AUTHOR'S NOTE :  I am going to have so much flipping fun writing this arc :D I have many idea's in store and PLENTY of fluff to go around! I cannot cannot cannot wait for all the good situations and happening that will arise in the future. I anticipate this story being fairly lengthy and so I hope you all continue to read and comment each chapter! REMEMBER each part of this story is going to have a specific emphasis on one of the characters/couples. This first arc happens to be SooRyun's turn. You'll understand more as the story progresses. ALSO I need to know you're alive out there, right? So be sure to comment each chapter and for the coming chapters, I am going to make another Author's Note with a series of videos for you to vote on for the talent show. You will understand more when you see the note. ALSO, I apologize for the gaps in between updates. Life just get's in the way, yanno? Anyway till next time and I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it! 



credits to fallen angel




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Chapter 27: lmao I feel ty for being the one to say I miss this and then be delayed this long in concerns to commenting on the updated chapter. ;;
BUT- yes, even if I end up taking an indefinite hiatus, this would for sure be one of the stories that I would periodically check back in on.

I love how you open it with a statement about how hard the girls have been working with their academics- and then lead immediately into cutie-pie Byulhee literally folding a paper airplane and sending it flying to the proverbial sleeping dragon Minhi. LOL. Regardless though, seeing the camaraderie that's been built between all the girls is heartwarming to be sure!
But oh man, Byulhee does seem the perfect target considering her innocence in comparison to the rest of the girls- probably the only other viable option would have been Hannah, considering her plotline was literally called the "innocent touch".
[[Cause seriously, Eunseo (though surprised) would probably be the one to traumatize the flasher by just scornfully (and loudly) laughing at his *ahem* assets, Minhi would probably sooner beat the guy up for even trying, and the other girls- even if surprised, would probably snap out of it to either call the cops or one of the boys instead of freezing up like poor little Byul. ]]

It's hilarious how Jungkook fully acknowledges that he's been attempting to delude himself when it comes to a certain little klutz- & even more hilarious how he throws Jin under the bus in comparison. LMAO.

Byulhee is so cute LOL. Literally just pouting up at Kookie after he flicks her forehead. I'm glad to see some progression with our resident maknae couple here- and as for your inspiration for this scene, I just remembered a scene from the movie "Secretly Greatly". Where the main guy is trying to disguise himself using only random things- but the townspeople see him in literally a bra and leopard print granny shorts and accuse him of being a flasher/kidnapper. LOL.
Man, I kind of low-key follow your other stories too, but after seeing BTS's new comeback MV, it reminded me of this story that got me into your writing in the first place. I miss this one sometimes~ </3
I was wondering what was up since I hadn't seen an update for this & To Catch a Demon was in early January.

Haera and ChANGJO. YES. I SHIP IT. I love how both Jin and Changjo went out of their way to do something for her, though it shows that Changjo approached this a bit more intelligently in tutoring and reassuring her of her capabilities instead of just pretty much handing her a slightly more personalized textbook. (You still did good Jin, but Changjo did better LMAO-)
I'm waiting & looking forward for Jin and her relationship to blossom tbh

Hannah is so cute though. Her logic of maybe just liking every cute boy b/c of her age had me laughing. But whoa Jimin. You literally got no jams right now concerning the situation handling of the game and Niel. Being aggressive to a boy she's expressing friendliness to is not very likely to get you in her good graces. xD

Yoongi's persistence is slowly wearing Minhi down it looks like. It's pretty hilarious how he seems to always show up the moment she decides that she wants to break some rules. His stickler for the rules ways is certainly remaining at odds with Minhi but he's got the right idea. Toss away those gross cigs, they aren't healthy or make you look cool contrary to popular belief.

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woohoooooo the comments finally here and done haha
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you gave this story a lot of effort and wrote way more than most applyfic authors can ever
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Chapter 25: ok so i actually read the chapter like a few days ago
but i didn't know hot to comment
cause everything was so sad
and just...
i knew west side was bad
i didn't think it was going to be that bad

i feel so bad for mikyung
how she's giving up on treatment cause she thinks she's being a burden
i'd feel the same as her but rapmon has a point when he says no parent feels their child is a burden
if only that was the cold hard truth tho
there was a man who has been on life support his whole life
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(pretty sure he's gunna)
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Chapter 25: That feeling of knowing that you can't afford something but is stuck there due to circumstances is something I'm familiar with.
Mikyung's mentality, while I can see where she's coming from, is heartbreaking. Sure, having people know and pitying her would probably not be something she would be ecstatic over, but it's. something kind of inevitable now? Like when they all do eventually find out it's going to happen. I almost think it'd be more of a blessing to allow the ones around you time to steel themselves for what's to come, though to be fair the groups are all still growing close to each other so I guess it can't be helped for now. It's ultimately up to her in the end.

Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

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Yanethy123 #9
Chapter 23: Continua con la historia, esta interesante.!! *0*