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Chapter Five





  The girls had finally made it home after a long day of school.

  Exhausted, Hannah was the first to kick off her loafers and plop down on the Kim's massive curling couch that seemed to stretch at least half the length of the living room. She flicked on the big screen TV. Having been on the east side for a little over 48 hours, she sure was adapting fast to the technology.

  ByulHee soon joined Hannah on the couch and the two makne's took to watching a station called SBS. Neither of them have ever had the luxary of cable so they were completely clueless as to what this station was about.

  "WHOA! Look at those men, they look like girls!" HaeRa shouted out of nowhere quickly scurrying over to the couch and wiggling her so Hannah and ByulHee could make room for her. She had the tendency to be childish after all.

  "Unnie are they wearing make up?" ByulHee questioned, noticing the eye liner and BB Cream the men were wearing. They were also dressed in very tight and very shiny pants with loose fitting black tank tops. Their hair definitely look styled as well.

  "What kind of music is this?" MinHi asked, cringing in absolute disgust. She hated boy groups and she especially hated pop music. She was edgy, she liked hard rock. The boy group on the television reminded her of that really big American boy group NSYNC. And even they only had one good song, Bye Bye Bye.

  "Well according to the girls at school it's called K-Pop and is widely popular on this side of Korea. These girls are parts of fandoms and each boy group has their own fandom. Apparently, the princes are apart of a group as well." EunSeo said knowledgeably. Unlike her counterpart MinHi, EunSeo loved all things girly so of course she had listened in on other people's conversations and gossip at school.

  "Princes? Who the hell is that?" ByulHee said. Eun Seo again spoke up.

  "Bangtan Boys. Aka, Kim NamJoon, Min Yoongi, Kim SeokJin, Jung Hoseok, Kim TaeHyung, Park Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook. Also part of the Royal 7. Their fandom is called ARMY's." Hannah perked up at the mention of Jimin. He was part of a boy group? Daebak! She internally squealed at the thought of seeing him perform on stage. She didn't know what K-Pop was, but from the sound of it, she could tell she was going to love it.

  "Then why d-don't they call themselves by t-their first names?" SooRyun asked slowly becoming comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere. EunSeo had an answer for this as well. 

  "They're called stage names. Each stage name represents them in some way. Rap Monster is NamJoon, Suga is Yoongi, Jin is SeokJin, Jimin is Jimin so no change there, J-Hope is Hoseok, TaeHyung is V, and Jungkook is Jungkook as well." The girls nodded in understanding, trying to absorb the new information. It was hard to memorize all those names. HaeRa just knew she'd have the toughest time telling who was who. Her brain wasn't really her strong point after all. 

  "Well I don't want to stick around for this so I think I'm going to go exploring. Does anyone want to come with me?" Hannah raised her hand and scurried over to MinHi. Hannah was trying to be nice and friendly to all the girls and she thought that this would be a good way to try and get to know MinHi a little more. Following MinHi's lead, the two made their way down the many hallways and into the unknown and SooRyun took Hannah's now vacant spot.

  "Hey, w-where's MiKyung?" SooRyun asked looking around noticing the absence of MiKyung. SooRyun remembered MiKyung walking in the house with them, but now that she recalls back on it she can't seem to remember what happened afterwards.

  "She's probably in her room. She did look a little pale on the ride home." HaeRa offered as she the hair on ByulHee's head. HaeRa hadn't known ByulHee long but HaeRa felt like a big sister because ByulHee was clumsy just like HaeRa was learning disabled and always messed up. HaeRa could relate to ByulHee a lot.

  MiKyung gripped her head as she once again hurled into the porcelain throne in her room. She wiped with one of the towels on the floor and leaned against the side of the bathtub, one leg propped up and the other fully extended. She knew that this wouldn't be easy and she didn't know how much longer she would be able to hide her illness if she could barely last through one day of school without fainting. 

  MiKyung wasn't supposed to get so sick this early in the game. The doctor had told her that she wouldn't start loosing her health until next year and yet here she was rapidly emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet as quietly as she could. She felt weak and helpless. If only she wouldn't have gotten sick, she wouldn't have put her parents in financial ruins. If only she hadn't of gotten sick, she wouldn't be living with the fact that her body is slowly dying. If only she hadn't gotten sick she could have had a normal life. 

  No. Shaking her head of such dark thoughts, MiKyung shakily hoisted herself up and wobbled over to her bed. Practically collapsing on her bed, she closed her eyes and dug herself under the covers. Sleep seems to help and she felt awfully sleepy so maybe going to sleep wouldn't be so bad. Feeling the pull of darkness, MiKyung closed her eyes and dreamed of carefree days.


  "Jimin why? I was gonna eat that doughnut!" V pouted cutely as he sat in the dressing room at Music Bank with the other members. Jungkook was practicing the choreography with Jin while Suga and Rap Monster were trying to get J-Hope to chug a whole bottle of red gatorade before their performance. Unfortunately he wasn't relenting. 

  "Noona! Jimin ate my doughnut." The cordi noona looked up from her magazine and rolled her eyes at the childish boys. She wished they would grow up, it was tiring dealing with seven spoiled children all day. 

  "Knock it off guys, we're going to go on shortly." J-Hope said standing up from the two hooligans who tried to get him to chug the gatorade and put on his mic and blazer. They were the next act so they were supposed to have already been lined up backstage. The boys filed out in a single file line goofing off and having fun like usual. They loved to perform, especially Jimin because of all the girls that scream for him. And he loves to make them scream.

  Standing in the little waiting area before the stage, they went through their interview with the two hosts of the show. They answered a few questions and even gave an impromptu rap performance. When that had finally finished, they walked onto the stage and got into position with the lights dimmed. They could already hear the screaming fan girls and their adrenaline had started pumping. Jungkook was the first to sing and it all took off from there. 

  "HOLY HELL! IS THAT JIN?" HaeRa shouted from her seat on the couch in the silent room practically startling poor SooRyun and ByulHee. EunSeo had managed to snag one of the recliners and was curled into it like a kitten. Her eyes were immediately drawn to J-Hope on the screen as she watched him dance and rap. He seemed to be so lively and have so much energy it was the complete opposite of how he'd been when they first met and then some. She couldn't help but admire how good he looked on stage. It was like he was made for it.

  "That's not even fair! Why are they so good at everything? Better yet, why do they have everything?" ByulHee noted as she watched the way Jungkook's body moved with a smooth finesse  that only years of dancing could produce. They were so talented it amazed ByulHee how someone could sing like that. It also made her jealous. She wished that she could do something amazing like sing, but all she was good at was making a fool of herself in public by tripping over any and everything in sight. 


  EunSeo was completely floored as she watched J-Hope rap on stage. He was like an enigma to her. How can someone be so silent off camera yet so vibrant on it? Just who was the real J-Hope? She would definitely have to listen to more gossip back at school.   

  Back with Hannah and MinHi things were not going well. They had been exploring for two hours now and it seemed that MinHi didn't want to talk much, which left Hannah doing all the talking. Anytime she'd ask something about MinHi, MinHi would just glance to the side and turn her head back around and keep walking as if nothing was ever said. It didn't take a genius to know that MinHi did not want to just idly chit chat. 

  "MinHi, what do you think of Jimin?" MinHi paused for a moment, peaking into an open room. Opening the door a bit more, she offered out a small response.

  "Playboy. Plain and simple." Hannah let her head fall to the floor, her hopes crushed. She had hoped that by some miracle she'd be able to get to know Jimin and register onto his radar but she was so innocent she couldn't dare to compete with those mature third years with bigger s and mile long legs. 

  "Do you think he'll notice me?" MinHi rolled her eyes. She was not an expert on men. How should she know? Sure she's had experience with them in the sheets but that didn't mean she was suddenly a love doctor. Glancing to the sullen youngin, MinHi sighed and took slight pity on the girl.

  "Look, I've dated his type before. You're not missing out on anything special. You should spend your feelings on someone whose more oriented towards commitment. Trust me when I tell you that boys like him, well, they're never in it for the long run." Sensing the annoyance in MinHi's tone, Hannah nodded and dropped the subject. She knew that she shouldn't fall for his charms or his look. She would do her very best to avoid him as she didn't want to get in over her head. If MinHi said that it wasn't worth it, then she would simply admire him from afar. It wasn't like she was going to be staying here permanently.

  Sooner or later she'll be sent back to her poor life on the Westside and everything will seem like a far off dream. Noticing MinHi stopped walking, Hannah finally looked up and noticed Jimin and Suga blocking the hallway, Jimin smirking at Hannah while Suga looked particularly irritated like always.

  "Well if it isn't the little rebel." Suga practically spat, holding great disdain towards the girl who disregarded everything legal. MinHi smirked and fired back just as quickly noticing his sweaty appearance. And was that make-up on his face? How feminine.

  "Well if it isn't the goody goody princess himself." Hannah snickered at MinHi's comeback. It wasn't that she particularyly disliked Suga, she didn't know him, but the whole point of her little mission was to get on MinHi's good side. If it meant literally being on her side then so be it. Plus she didn't feel as vulnerable with MinHi around, because the way Jimin was staring at her so intensely practically made her weak in the knees. He sure was a handsome devil in that blue blazer and khaki skinny jeans. And was the a chain hanging from his pocket? Could he get any more manly?

  "What brings you guys to V's wing? Don't you know we don't allow commoners?" MinHi could feel her fists tighten. Commoner. She had always been called that. It had always followed her her entire life, because even on her own side she couldn't escape poverty.

  "Don't you know we don't give a ?" Hannah shot back, literally stopping MinHi in her tracks. Did that girl really just...swear? MinHi was impressed. Maybe she had written Hannah off a little too quickly. Suga and Jimin stared intensely at the two girls and they stared back just as intensely. It was a staring match. A stale mate. Suddenly Jimin grabbed Hannah's wrist and dragged her away.

  "YAH! What are you doing?" Jimin smirked. He wrapped his arm tightly around Hannah's shoulder and pulled her close, making her cheeks flame bright red from the close proximity. "I'm giving you the V.I.P tour Hannah banana." She had never been this close to a boy before, let alone someone as handsome as Jimin. She could already feel her resolve to resist him start to slip after he had winked at her. If he didn't let her go soon, she was really scared of what might happen. And what did he mean by V.I.P tour?

  MinHi looked back at Hannah and then to Suga, torn between rescuing the innocent or settling the score with a jackass. Weighing the options, MinHi concluded that Hannah could handle herself and that she wasn't responsible for her so it wasn't as if she was obligated to help. Nodding her head, she turned back to Suga who was smirking. She smirked right back.

  "Makeup? I didn't know you cross dressed. Princess Yoongi." MinHi did a little curtsey as she said this infuriating Suga. His face had gone practically red with anger. Then he realized that she didn't call him Suga but Yoongi. And Suga knew for a fact that he had never told her his real name.

  "Combat boots? I didn't know you were so manly MinHi. How do you know my name? If you hate me so much then why did you call me by my real name? I never told you what it was." MinHi let her feelings show for just a fraction of a second before she put up her stoic defense again. She hadn't even realized she had used his real name. Why had she even remembered it? She could care less about boy bands and pop music. It was the whole reason she started exploring in the first place, to escape it.

  Brushing it off, she quickly thought up of a good cover.

  "How can I not? I couldn't even go five seconds in school today without hearing disgusting love confessions about "Yoongi Oppa" and the like. I'd have to be deaf not to know your name. It was such a drag." Suga glared. It was certainly plausible and not at all far fetched but somehow Suga just knew that wasn't true. It was like he was immune to bull and facades.

  "Hmph. Nice save, manly Minhi. But next time, I won't hold back on calling BS." Suga clucked his tongue and stuffed his hands in his pockets continuing on his way. MinHi was positively annoyed and was coming up with thirty different ways to murder Yoongi in his sleep. As she angrily stomped along her conscience started to creep up on her about Hannah. She knew exactly how his type worked and he was quite advanced in his craft. Growling she abruptly did an about face in the direction Hannah and Jimin had went off in awhile ago.

  Not even a full week in this upity town and already she was going soft. 

  Hannah nervously fidgeted with her fingers, only half listening to Jimin as he explained each room in the hallway they had gone down. She was trying her very best to stay clear and to not let her head become clouded with dangerous thoughts and feelings. She knew that she was in very dangerous territory, being alone with Jimin. She had observed him all day in school (secretly of course) and had noticed the way he let girls cling to him or how they'd leave one of the empty classroom's with a rumpled skirt and frizzy hair. Why did she let herself into this mess?

  "And this room is the sun room, it's made of all glass and it's very very steamy." Jimin said suggestively, ushering her into the said room itself. She let herself be dazzled for five seconds at the sheer size of the room. Everything seemed to shine as the light hit it and it felt so warm it just made her want to close her eyes and relax.

  "It's relaxing, isn't it?" Jimin whispered as he came up behind Hannah, hugging her from behind. Hannah became rigid as her eyes flew open, shocked. She had only closed her eyes for a few seconds, but she knew she had stumbled. A few seconds was all a hawk needed to catch his prey. Trying to calm her racing heart, she bit back an audible gulp. What would MinHi do? Probably kick and curse but Hannah didn't know the first thing about fighting. She didn't have much strength either. When she felt Jimin rest his chin atop her head she just about lost the will to stand up. He felt so soft and warm and it was something she had never experienced before. 

  "Oh Hannah there you are! The girls are having a get together in EunSeo's room and your needed there ASAP. Let's go." Hannah let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and practically sprinted from Jimin's arms and to MinHi's side. Hannah couldn't help but feel happy that MinHi came to her rescue. Maybe they could be friends after all! 

  "Nice try Jimin, but no cigar." MinHi smirked and walked out of the room behind Hannah to ensure Jimin didn't try anything else.  Jimin sat there fuming. That definirely crossed MinHi off the list. He was so close to completing step one in his plan but she just had to ruin it. He wasn't even sure when he'd get another chance because it seemed as if Hannah practically stuck to those girls sides like glue. Especially EunSeo and Jimin knew that EunSeo wouldn't let anything happen while she was around.

  Once they were a safe distance away Hannah turned around to open but MinHi held up her hand. Hannah shrunk into herself immediately.

  "Don't think this changes anything and don't think that I like you. This doesn't make us friends and I'm not here for friends. You impressed me with your little outburst back there, so consider this my thank you for the back up. But next time, your on your own. I think you can find your way back to your own room now, right?" Hannah didn't reply and walked away without a word. She felt a little disappointed. She thought she had made at least a little bit of an impact, but apparently she hadn't. As she arrived back to her room she sat down at her desk and stared at the barren walls. She wouldn't give up!

   She was determined to make friends with everyone and she'd be damned if she failed.





AUTHOR'S NOTE :  And that's the next chapter! Originally, I had planned to have them all live in seperate houses, but then I realized that it would be too complicated and wouldn't make any sense at all with how my plot is set up. So therefore since they are the richest in all of the East, they live in the biggest house which has enough space to house all seven families. It's just easier that way even if it doesn't seem practical, oh well. Secondly, I apologize profusely for the long delay. Life just got in the way, yanno? But to make up for it I made a really long chapter! Almost 4k! Let me know what you ladies think and if you can give me any feedback you'd like. Is there anything specific you'd like to see more of? If I'm not giving your character enough screen time please don't hesitate to speak up! Though I do try my very best to let everyone have their own little scenes. The next chapter will be a bit of a time skip, but so far we've gotten a little glimpse into how the dynamics of these pairings are going to work. It's a long road ahead of us ladies and gentleman but I am ready for the ride! Are you? Till next time! :)



credits to fallen angel



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But oh man, Byulhee does seem the perfect target considering her innocence in comparison to the rest of the girls- probably the only other viable option would have been Hannah, considering her plotline was literally called the "innocent touch".
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Mikyung's mentality, while I can see where she's coming from, is heartbreaking. Sure, having people know and pitying her would probably not be something she would be ecstatic over, but it's. something kind of inevitable now? Like when they all do eventually find out it's going to happen. I almost think it'd be more of a blessing to allow the ones around you time to steel themselves for what's to come, though to be fair the groups are all still growing close to each other so I guess it can't be helped for now. It's ultimately up to her in the end.

Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

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