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Chapter Seven







  After the Zoo, everyone had managed to agree on one thing. Coffee. Both BTS and the girls decided to go to a quiet little cafe on the other side of Gangnam. After all the excitement from the Zoo, everyone was looking for a way to just kick back and rest their tired feet.

  It just so happens that this cafe is also a karaoke joint. And this would give BTS the perfect chance to show off their skills for the girls. Kind of show them up so to speak. These Westsiders didn't seem to be able to display any talents what so ever, if ByulHee's clumsyness, SooRyun's shyness, and HaeRa's mental ability were any indication. 

  The group cozily piled into the little coffee shop. They had to put together three tables to be able to fit everyone. Oddly enough, however, nobody ended up sitting by the person they wanted to. Somehow HaeRa ended up next to Suga while MinHi ended up next to Jungkook. Just like EunSeo ended up next to jin and Hannah ended up next to V. Jimin and SooRyun were delegated to bring everyones orders so they were standing in line waiting for the mass order to be made. 

  "This place is so cute!" EunSeo said as her eyes egarly scanned the cafe. It was decorated with christmas lights on the ceiling and the lights were also dimmed so it gave the cafe a relaxed glowing atmosphere. 

  "It reminds me of one of my favorite cafe's back home." Hannah smiled as she thought back to her home. She really missed her family and the cafe she frequented often. She used to sing karaoke there as well. It was the only cafe that had a karaoke machine. She wondered how the Ahjussi and his grandson were doing. Was the shop getting good traffic? Or were there barely any customers now?

  "There are better ones than this." J-Hope commented quietly as he stared out the cafe window with his arms crossed, leaning back in his chair slightly. He silently wished he was at his favorite cafe. It was in a quieter part of Seoul. 

  Jimin and SooRyun returned to the table with everyones coffee. When SooRyun gave V his coffee he shot her a dazzling smile and his hand gently brushed against hers. She blushed cherry red and quickly retracted her hand and sat in the remaining seat. That was frightningly close. She remained with her head down until one of the girls gave her shoulder a pat.

  EunSeo couldn't help but stare at J-Hope the entire time they were sitting at the cafe. It was like some invisible magnet was attracting her eyes towards him and she was powerless to stop it. She was sure he'd caught her about twenty times now but somehow she didn't seem to care. EunSeo knew what she wanted and she knew how she was going to get it. She wanted to get to know J-Hope. He was silent, brooding, and he intrigued her to no end. Yet on stage (from the brief performance she saw) he was very charismatic. Just who is Jung Hoseok?

 "Take a picture, it will last longer." EunSeo's eyes widdened as she quickly turned her head away, ashamed to be caught staring again by the person she was staring at. It wasn't her fault he was cute as hell interresting! It also wasn't her fault her body wouldn't listen to her mind. She could hear a couple of the other guys snicker and sunk down just the tiniest bit further into her chair, which was totally unlike her. But somehow the situation called for it. What she didn't notice, however, was the slight quirk of J-Hope's lips and the subtle glance he was sending back her way.

  "I was thinking, we never really got to know each other so why don't we all reveal one fact about ourselves that no one knows?" TaeHyung suggested hoping to get some more info about SooRyun. He was DYING to read that little journal of hers. The group seemed to agree as no one threw any complaints about the game and since V suggested it V decided to start it.

  "I love playing with my little sister when she has her tea parties." Jimin and Rap Monster practically lost it when V admitted something they didn't even know. Sure they knew his little sister but not the fact that he enjoyed playing tea with her. V sighed but still kept a smile. That was the name of the game after all, a fact no one knew about you. Next V pointed towards SooRyun, obviously, whose face only got redder. Taking a deep breath SooRyun thought of what she would say.

   "I d-don't -l-like spicy f-foods." 

  "Neither do I." V said and chuckled. She was so quiet and softspoken and V couldn't help but to make her feel uncomfortable. The blush on her face was cute.

   "I can cook really well!"  HaeRa blurted excitingly, having fallen in love with it at a young age. It was the one thing that didn't require smarts and could be learned through skill and one on one mentoring. Which was exactly what she needed. She wasn't good at this whole go to school and turn in homework type deal.  She was street smart, not book smart.

   "Cooking? I think more like burning down the kitchen." Jin smirked back towards HaeRa, feeling pleased with himself. HaeRa frowned and really started to dislike Jin. She was normally a very nice girl, but even HaeRa had her limits. Those words were actually hurtful. Sure, HaeRa was used to being bullied because of her disability, but that didn't mean it hurt any less.

  "Okay let's be nice here. How about instead we have a little competition. It's also a karaoke cafe, so whoever gets the loudest applause wins." Hannah frowned.

  "That's not really fair because you're famous, so people are going to recognize you and your voice." Jungkook pointed to his sunglasses atop his head.

   "That's why we wear masks and sunglasses. The sunglasses will easily shield our eyes so it will be much harder to tell whose who."

   "Who wants to volunteer, girls?" Rap Monster said, scanning the girls for any signs of acceptance. SooRyun was definitely out of the question. She was a dancer, not a singer. And also she was extremely shy so she wouldn't have been able to handle it. EunSeo, ByulHee, and MiKyung didn't want to sing either and MinHi hated pop music. Which only left HaeRa and Hannah.

   "I'll sing." Hannah said, slightly raising her hand. She wanted to impress Jimin. Maybe it was silly, but when you like someone you want to get their attention. Even though she's been warned to stay away, but she cannot help resisting danger.

   "Okay and I'll go for us." Rap Monster said grinning because he was itching to try out his newest song he'd just debuted. 

  Rap Monster put on his sunglasses and mask and walked over to the karaoke stand. He told the DJ to play a song called Something by Rap Monster. The DJ made sure he had the song first before giving him the thumbs up. Rap Monster expertly took the mic off the mic stand. He cleared his throat a few times when he heard the melody come through the speakers. Grinning, he started to sing. He knew he had this in the bag. There was no way any of these girls were more talented then BTS and himself.


  When Rap Monster had finished his song, the whole cafe applauded loudly. They all seemed to really enjoy the mellow song, especially the girls in the cafe. Rap Monster scanned the reactions at his table and smirked when he noticed how fixated MiKyung was on him and how slack jawed most of the girls were Not only could he rap, but he could also sing as well. The boys were all smirking and applauding. They knew Rap Monster would easily win this. 

  MiKyung's heart was pounding as Rap Monster walked back to the table and took a seat. She had no idea he could sing like that. His voice was so...deep...and MiKyung found it soothing. It was enjoyable. Hannah on the otherhand was freaking out. She didn't know any recent songs. They didn't have kpop on the West Side...they only had trot music that had been passed down from the elderly citizens. It was like the West side had stopped in time, never modernizing, never growing. Always being poor. However Hannah knew she couldn't get herself discouraged. She wanted to impress Jimin after all, and even if it was an old song, that didn't mean people wouldn't like it. 

  With shaking hands Hannah stood up from her chair and walked over to the DJ. She told him to play Swamp by Jo Kwan Woo. Knowing he for sure had that song, he nodded and gestured her to the mic. Hannah hoped that she wouldn't cry during the song. It wasn't because she had any personal excperience with the song, but it's because of the story behind the song. When she'd learned of that old mans story it was extremely touching. Everytime she sang this song it just brought forth a lot of sympathy and emotions. But she'd try her best to stay poised. 

   The music started and a nasty guitar riff came out of the speakers. Hannah grabbed the mic and readied herself as she put it in front of her lips. Hannah was lucky to be blessed with the ability to sing, something she'd only discovered recently. When the song started, MinHi's ears actually perked up when she heard the haunting guitar, it's smooth sounds resonating in the small cafe. She actually decided to pay attention this time. 



   The crowd was silent. All of them stunned. But then as if someone had pressed the play button, they all stood up and applauded. She had recieved a standing ovation. She couldn't believe it. She bowed and then scurried back to her seat, where she recieved a marvelous response from her friends. Even MinHi had patted the girl on the back. She'd just won the competition for them after all.

   "God Hannah that was amzing! Where did you learn to sing like that?" ByulHee exclaimed happily, throwing a slight smirk in JungKook's direction. JungKook looked a little taken aback, but casually nodded his head as if acknowledging the win.

   "I don't know I just kind of started to sing one day." Hannah was blushing from all the attention but couldn't help to soak it all in. She subtlely cast a glance over towards Jimin and was shocked to find him staring so intensely. She felt even more elated and her heart beat faster. EunSeo had caught that look from Hannah and sighed. She didn't think the girl would ever take her advice at this point, so she'd just have to make sure the girl didn't get her innocence stolen at the very least. EunSeo and MinHi both knew how types like Jimin operate.  

  Jimin on the other hand was having trouble looking away. He couldn't believe that some little innocent bunny could sing so...beautifully. He'd never heard such a powerful voice like that, even in the industry. Sure, his Sunbae's and other solo artists were very talented, but he didn't think many of them could take a twenty year old song like this one and make it...well...enjoyable. It only strengthened his drive to win her over. Now more than ever Jimin was determined to get Hannah underneath him if it was the last thing he ever did. 

   On the walk to the limo, EunSeo was kind of surprised when she found herself positioned next to J-Hope. The sidewalk had narrowed considerably and so everyone was forced to pair off into two's or three's. Reveling in the sensation of being so close to J-Hope, she figured now would be as good a time as any to start a conversation.

  "Why are you so quiet? Do you like hate talking or something?" Hoseok only gave a pointed stare in EunSeo's direction as if to say he wasn't amused. 

  "I only talk when I find it nescessary. I don't believe in wasting my time incessantly with chatter. I don't like to waste my time in general." EunSeo frowned. This boy was going to be harder to communicate with then she thought it'd be. 

  "That's no fun!There's a lot of fun things you can talk about. That's how you get to know people." J-Hope couldn't shake this girl off. She obviously wasn't getting the message that he didn't want to talk. Maybe if he humored her she'd eventually give up.

   "Well then what do you want to know?" EunSeo thought for a moment. There wasn't any particular thing she wanted to know, she just wanted to get to know him. Anything about him really.

   "I don't know, what do you want me to know?" Hoseok smirked. 

  "That I don't like talking nor do I like to be bothered." EunSeo laughed slung her arm around J-Hope's shoulder. She was smiling like an idiot. Hoseok was shocked.

   "Well I don't give up that easily, either. You're gonna have to try harder then that Hoseok." J-Hope wasn't often surprised. J-Hope wasn't often challenged. He may not be outspoken but he wouldn't just take this girl sitting down.

    "Alright've peaked my interest." And just to prove it, he slipped his arm around her as well. EunSeo was practically squealing on the inside. She knew if she was proactive in her advances it'd pay off.

   Now that she had her foot in the door, she had no intentions of getting shut out.





AUTHOR'S NOTE :  Finally they've been around each other long enough to start to warm up and get to know the other slightly better! This was more of a filler chapter if anything but it's going to really jump start the plot now! :) I finally figured out how I'm going to write JSeo!!!! I hope you can all see the direction I'm trying to take with them. Also I am SO SORRY it's taken me so long to get this chapter up! My life is getting increasingly busier, I'm an adult after all so yanno I can't be at my laptop all day! I have classes and a full time job. But don't worry girls, I won't quit this fic ever. I will finish it but I do apologize in advance for the possible time gaps between updates. Also get ready for the next chapter because it's pretty much going to set this whole story in FULL motion. No more introductory, getting to know you things. We're going on ahead full force! Please eagerly look forward to the next chapter! :)    



credits to fallen angel



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Chapter 27: lmao I feel ty for being the one to say I miss this and then be delayed this long in concerns to commenting on the updated chapter. ;;
BUT- yes, even if I end up taking an indefinite hiatus, this would for sure be one of the stories that I would periodically check back in on.

I love how you open it with a statement about how hard the girls have been working with their academics- and then lead immediately into cutie-pie Byulhee literally folding a paper airplane and sending it flying to the proverbial sleeping dragon Minhi. LOL. Regardless though, seeing the camaraderie that's been built between all the girls is heartwarming to be sure!
But oh man, Byulhee does seem the perfect target considering her innocence in comparison to the rest of the girls- probably the only other viable option would have been Hannah, considering her plotline was literally called the "innocent touch".
[[Cause seriously, Eunseo (though surprised) would probably be the one to traumatize the flasher by just scornfully (and loudly) laughing at his *ahem* assets, Minhi would probably sooner beat the guy up for even trying, and the other girls- even if surprised, would probably snap out of it to either call the cops or one of the boys instead of freezing up like poor little Byul. ]]

It's hilarious how Jungkook fully acknowledges that he's been attempting to delude himself when it comes to a certain little klutz- & even more hilarious how he throws Jin under the bus in comparison. LMAO.

Byulhee is so cute LOL. Literally just pouting up at Kookie after he flicks her forehead. I'm glad to see some progression with our resident maknae couple here- and as for your inspiration for this scene, I just remembered a scene from the movie "Secretly Greatly". Where the main guy is trying to disguise himself using only random things- but the townspeople see him in literally a bra and leopard print granny shorts and accuse him of being a flasher/kidnapper. LOL.
Man, I kind of low-key follow your other stories too, but after seeing BTS's new comeback MV, it reminded me of this story that got me into your writing in the first place. I miss this one sometimes~ </3
I was wondering what was up since I hadn't seen an update for this & To Catch a Demon was in early January.

Haera and ChANGJO. YES. I SHIP IT. I love how both Jin and Changjo went out of their way to do something for her, though it shows that Changjo approached this a bit more intelligently in tutoring and reassuring her of her capabilities instead of just pretty much handing her a slightly more personalized textbook. (You still did good Jin, but Changjo did better LMAO-)
I'm waiting & looking forward for Jin and her relationship to blossom tbh

Hannah is so cute though. Her logic of maybe just liking every cute boy b/c of her age had me laughing. But whoa Jimin. You literally got no jams right now concerning the situation handling of the game and Niel. Being aggressive to a boy she's expressing friendliness to is not very likely to get you in her good graces. xD

Yoongi's persistence is slowly wearing Minhi down it looks like. It's pretty hilarious how he seems to always show up the moment she decides that she wants to break some rules. His stickler for the rules ways is certainly remaining at odds with Minhi but he's got the right idea. Toss away those gross cigs, they aren't healthy or make you look cool contrary to popular belief.

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tbh i'm shipping em more at this point
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woohoooooo the comments finally here and done haha
really sorryy for the late comment
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you gave this story a lot of effort and wrote way more than most applyfic authors can ever
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i'll try to comment as soon as you upload a chapter the next time :)

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Chapter 25: ok so i actually read the chapter like a few days ago
but i didn't know hot to comment
cause everything was so sad
and just...
i knew west side was bad
i didn't think it was going to be that bad

i feel so bad for mikyung
how she's giving up on treatment cause she thinks she's being a burden
i'd feel the same as her but rapmon has a point when he says no parent feels their child is a burden
if only that was the cold hard truth tho
there was a man who has been on life support his whole life
and he heard his mom telling him to just go die because she was tired of taking care of him..
real life story. smfh
but he made it out alive and it living like a normal person now tho

(pretty sure he's gunna)
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Chapter 25: That feeling of knowing that you can't afford something but is stuck there due to circumstances is something I'm familiar with.
Mikyung's mentality, while I can see where she's coming from, is heartbreaking. Sure, having people know and pitying her would probably not be something she would be ecstatic over, but it's. something kind of inevitable now? Like when they all do eventually find out it's going to happen. I almost think it'd be more of a blessing to allow the ones around you time to steel themselves for what's to come, though to be fair the groups are all still growing close to each other so I guess it can't be helped for now. It's ultimately up to her in the end.

Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

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Yanethy123 #9
Chapter 23: Continua con la historia, esta interesante.!! *0*