Chapter 8

The Last One on The List

Japan 2012


Dara and CL are making their rounds at one of their shopping malls. It has been a month that they have stayed here and aside from meetings here and there… rounds at the different establishments… they have not really gone out and CL was getting cranky.

“Tonight we can go home early and you can go out.”Dara told CL.

CL was caught off guard that she just stared blankly at Dara still digesting what she has been told.

“YAH! Why are you like that?” Dara chuckled. They were about to turn to their right when they bumped into 2 guys who were wearing sunglasses and caps.

“Ouch! Hey! Watch out!” CL exclaimed who almost fell luckily Chen caught her.

“You ok?” Dara asked CL looking with concern.

“Oh! Noona!” one of the guys greeted Dara who in return looked at the two boys not being able to recognize them.

One of the boys removed his glasses and it was Seungri!

“Chaerin-ah… I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Seungri asked with concern.

CL blushed and just nodded.

“What are you doing here? Does Yongbae Hyung know you are here?” the other guy who turned out to be Daesung asked.

“Uhm… I’m not sure.” Dara answered looking at CL.

“I don’t think so. Why would he know where we are?” CL shrugged.

“Oh… I thought… well never mind. Are you guys here for shopping?” Seungri asked but then he saw that the two were holding papers and all.

“We’re working actually.” Dara smiled at him.  I wonder if Jiyong is with them.

“Wait… this mall is work?” Daesung asked trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

The two girls nodded and the boys just looked at them in awe. Seungri suddenly ran towards their manager and was talking with him about something.

“How about you guys what are you doing here?”CL asked trying to ease the awkwardness.

“Oh Seungri needed to buy something and Jiyong Hyung doesn’t trust him to go alone so I had to come with him.” Daesung explained.

Seungri walked back towards them. “Are you guys doing something tonight?”

The two girls looked at each other and CL just shrugged.

“If you’re not that busy tonight you guys should watch our concert.” Seungri invited them, handing over 2 VIP tickets to CL.

“We have to go.” Their manager told the two boys.

“Oh ok, see you noona later!!!”Seungri waved at Dara as he followed their manager.

“See you!” Daesung waved goodbye too.

CL stared at the ticket and then looked at Dara. “Unnie….”

“Oh no! Don’t drag me there!” Dara shook her head and started to walk to continue their rounds.




“There you are! Did you get it?” Yongbae excitedly greeted the two boys.

Seungri nodded and handed over a paperbag to Yongbae. “YES!!! I love you Seungri!!!” Yongbae said patting the head of Seungri.

“Aish… I’m so touched.”Seungri sarcastically answered.

“Hey we bumped into Dara Noona and Chaerin awhile ago at the mall.” Daesung relayed to the other members.

Jiyong who was having his make-up done gazed at Seungri through his reflection at the mirror. Top who was sitting beside him noticed how their maknae caught GD’s attention by the mention of Dara’s name.

“Ah sincha? They’re here?” Top suddenly found himself asking.

“Yeah. I was surprised you don’t know Hyung.” Seungri told Yongbae who was busy looking at his new shirts.

“Why would I know their schedules?” Yongbae answered nonchalantly.

“Yah hyung do you like Dara Noona?” Seungri bluntly asked earning a glare from Yongbae.

“What are you talking about? She’s my bestfriend. She’s like a sister to me.” Yongbae answered.

“Dara Noona’s pretty Hyung, you mean to say you’ve never been interested with her before? You don’t even find her beautiful?” Daesung couldn’t believe how naïve his hyung could be.

“I know she’s beautiful. It’s just not that way ok?” Yongbae answered getting annoyed.

“Hyung, did you get dumped by Dara Noona?” Seungri looked at Yongbae innocently.

Yongbae smacked the back of Seungri’s head getting irritated with all the questions. “What the heck are you talking about! I told you it’s not like that ok?”

TOP who noticed how tensed Jiyong is when they started to talk about Dara and Yongbae that he decided to join in the fun.

“So you dumped Dara?” Top suddenly blurted while discretely looking at Jiyong and finding his jaw tensed up.

“AISH HYUNG!!! Why do you have to join in?!?!” Yongbae asked wondering what Top is up to.

“What?” Top answering amusingly.

Yongbae couldn’t believe that the members are finding it amusing to gang up on him about Dara. Why are they so much interested about it anyways? Yongbae thought to himself.

“It’s ok Hyung, you can tell us. We won’t tell anyone.” Seungri told his hyung excitedly.

Yongbae shook his head and smiled at him. “You guys don’t give don’t you? Look we are just friends so you guys should just give up.”

Daesung leaned his back on the couch and shook his head. “I’m not buying that.”

“Me either!” Seungri agreed.

“Well believe whatever you want to believe.” Yongbae ended the discussion and turned his back on them to check on the standing mirror the shirts that he asked Seungri to get for him.

Top was observing Jiyong who was browsing through his mobile pretending not to listen.

“What about you Jiyong?” Top suddenly asked Jiyong making Daesung and Seungri turn and look at him. Yongbae didn’t turn to look but he paused at whatever he was doing upon hearing Jiyong’s name.

“About what?” Jiyong asked pretending that he didn’t know.

“About Yongbae and Dara. Who dumped who?” Top was now observing Jiyong’s facial reaction and he must admit the boy was good at pretending.

“I don’t know. What’s the big deal anyways?” Jiyong shrugged.

“Wow hyung! You’re such a party pooper!” Seungri told him placing a hand in Jiyong’s right shoulder.

“Aish!!! What do I care about them anyways!!!” Jiyong annoyingly shrugged off Seungri’s hand and glared at him through the mirror.

Top smirked. You can’t fool me Jiyong.

“Well anyways, I hope they’ll come tonight. I want to see CL again.” Seungri announced making his hyungs look at him with their OH-NO-YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT look.

Yongbae approached Seungri and placed his arm around Seungri’s shoulders. “YAH MAKNAE. You do know Chaerin is my dongsaeng right?”

“OUCH! OUCH! Hyung! You’re hurting me!!!” Seungri winced as Yongbae continued to wrap his arm around his neck.




“Stop it Chaerin.” Dara was reading some inventory reports for the new club that they just opened a few days ago, but from her peripheral view she could see CL staring at her while pouting.

They were back at the office finishing some paper works and CL has been begging and nagging Dara if they could go to Big Bang’s concert.

“Please Unnie. Please!?!?!? I love you!!!” CL begged sounding like a little girl.

“You sound like Hayi right now.” Dara answered without even looking at CL. “You know that’s not my thing.”

CL didn’t budge and continued to pout at Dara.

“CL, I told you, you can go alone. You can bring Chen.” Dara said her eyes still fixated on the papers she’s checking.

“Duh! I’d look stupid watching a concert on my own.” CL objected.

“You’re watching a concert what do you need a companion for? All you have to do is watch the people performing!” Dara answered but she could still see her pout.

“AISH! Fine. I won’t go then.” CL said finally giving up and focusing back to her work.

A few minutes have passed and CL didn’t utter any word or noise that the silence was killing Dara.

“OH FINE THEN! Let’s go to that concert thing! But this is going to be the last time you’ll be dragging me to one of those stuff ok!!!” Dara said giving up.

CL couldn’t contain her excitement and was now jumping up and down in front of her.


Seungri kept looking at his watch every 5 minutes. So CL is not coming? He thought.

Ever since he saw CL the first time when they all barged in at the office, Seungri was already attracted to her. Only he couldn’t get close to her because Yongbae would kill him if he used his moves on her, he was planning to get close to Hayi but since they bumped into each other awhile ago he figured this could be his chance.

“Yah Maknae! Don’t expect too much! Those two girls are always about work and no play. The chances are 1%”Yongbae said after noticing that Seungri couldn’t stay still.

Jiyong looked from Yongbae then to Seungri then back to Yongbae. “1 percent of not going or going?”

“Going.” Yongbae answered.

Jiyong was kind of wishing CL would come meaning Dara would come too. He doesn’t know why but the thought of Dara might be watching the concert has gotten him excited as well. Only unlike Seungri he has to be discrete with his actions, up until he is sure that his friend doesn’t really like or worse love her.

“Dara doesn’t like closed, noisy, crowded places. She seldom parties and prefers quiet places.” Yongbae said.

Jiyong just nodded and started to text someone.

Help me with Dara and I’ll help you with CL.

Seungri read the message his hyung just sent him and then discretely nodded his head slowly so that Yongbae wouldn’t notice it. Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door and when it opened CL walked in.

“OH!” Seungri exclaimed surprised to see CL.

CL got startled that she suddenly stopped walking causing Dara to bump on her back.

“Ouch! What’s wrong?” Dara said wondering what happened.

“OH!” Seungri couldn’t say another word and was surprised to see the girls.

Dara nudged CL and the two girls greeted them. “Anneonghaseo.”

“Wow now this is a first.” Yongbae said as he hugged Dara and then CL.

“Aish oppa… CL wouldn’t take no for an answer!” Dara whined and Yongbae chuckled as he ruffled CL’s hair.

“What? I was so stressed at work. I needed a break.” CL reasoned out.

“YAH! Aish this girl really!” Dara said sounding annoyed.

Jiyong stood up and offered a seat to Dara, Top was just observing them.

“Oh Anneonghaseo Top-shii.” Dara greeted upon seeing him.

“Anneonghaseo. It was nice of you to come.” Top smiled.

“Ten minutes!!!!” the PD shouted at the room and everyone got on their feet.

“Oh that’s fast!” Seungri pouted. “Listen, you guys should go to your seats now. Just come back here after the concert ok?”

CL and Dara nodded and waved goodbye to the boys and headed to their seats.

“Wow, and I thought our work was toxic.” CL muttered as she sees the staff and crew running from here and there with their two radios.

After a few minutes the concert has started and the two girls are surrounded by screaming fans that Dara’s heart was pounding. Dara couldn’t believe how cool the concert concept was 5 capsules were going down and as it landed at the stage, it opened revealing the 5 boys looking so cool with their stage costumes

“Wow!” Dara suddenly found herself saying.

CL has opened as well and was thinking about the same thing. The boys on stage looked a lot different than the ones they knew. Yongbae looked like a handsome cold city guy on stage but of course the two girls know how much of a soft warm person he is.

Chaerin couldn’t stop looking at the guy who invited them. He was annoying and cute in real life but on stage he looked so awesome. Dara on the other hand don’t know if she should look at Yongbae or at Jiyong. G-Dragon was far from the Jiyong she has known. Jiyong was shy and quiet but G-Dragon is cold, attractive, bad-boy image.

What am I doing? Dara suddenly thought to herself. I feel like I’m Hayi. I can’t be like this.


After the concert…



“Nice work everyone!” the 5 members told the staff and crew as they walk back to their dressing room.

“Hyung! Are CL and Dara Noona still here?” Seungri hasn’t forgotten about CL. He was actually trying his best to be cool the whole concert so CL would at least notice her.

“Is that why you were acting so cool tonight?” Daesung suddenly asked him.

Hul. Why do they know everything?!?! Seungri told himself as he shook his head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about hyung.”

Daesung laughed and pointed a finger at him and just then Dara and CL entered the dressing rooms again only Jiyong was changing his shirt putting the girls in an awkward situation.

“Omo!” CL blurted backing away making everyone turn to look at them.

“Sorry, it’s ok you can come in.” Jiyong said hiding from them and then coming out after changing.

“Chaerin! Did you like the concert?” Seungri asked acting all cute in front of her again causing his hyungs to wonder what has gotten into him.

CL nodded. “Yes, it was nice to watch Yongbae Oppa on stage. You were so cool.”

“Ah is that so?” Seungri said sounding disappointed.

“And you were so cool on stage. You can dance so well.” CL added trying very hard not to show here eagerness.

Seungri’s face lighted up that the other members couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Aigoo… our maknae is growing up.” Yongbae said patting him at the back and then winking at CL. “Are you guys going back to your hotel?”

“NO!!” Seungri butted in startling everyone. He then realized what he just did and composed himself. “I mean. We’re having an after party, I was planning on inviting you guys.”

Dara was zoning out everyone and was just staring at Jiyong who has been avoiding her gaze and her greetings. What the heck is wrong with him? What the heck is wrong with me? Why am I even bothered?

“Unnie!!!!” CL nudged and Dara turned to look at her.

“Huh?” Dara asked wondering why everyone else was staring at her as if they were waiting for her answer.

“Sorry Unnie sometimes does selective hearing.” CL joked and glared at Dara.

“What?”Dara asked still clueless on what were they asking her.

“They just invited us to come at their after party. Can we go?” CL asked cutely.

NO WAY! Dara thought but then she caught a glimpse of Jiyong and something inside her told her to nod.

“Sincha?” Yongbae and CL said at the same time shocked that Dara agreed.

“Ok! So it’s final right? You guys have your own cars or you want to ride with us?”Seungri excitedly asked.

“Uhm… we’ll meet you there.” Dara said turning around and walking out of the door.

Yongbae looked at CL who in return shrugged her shoulders. “See you later Oppa!”




“What was that?”CL asked Dara as soon as the two of them got inside their car.

“Where to miss?” Chen asked as he drove away. CL gave him the name of the club and then went back to glare at Dara.

“What?” Dara asked innocently.

“Don’t what me. What was that?” CL demanded.

“I thought you wanted to see Seungri?” Dara replied.

“I do but you don’t like partying.” CL said.

Dara shrugged her shoulders and continued looking outside.

“OMO! Do you like Yongbae hyung again?!!?!?!” CL exclaimed inside the car

“YAH! What are you talking about? Yongbae and I are not like that ok.” Dara answered calmly. “He’s like a brother.”

“So you like Jiyong Oppa?”CL insisted.

Dara was taken aback by the question making CL’s eye grow wide. “OMO YOU DO?!!??!”

“I don’t know yet. Beside I don’t have time for a relationship.” Dara admitted.

“Why?” CL wondered. “Is it because of your siblings? Of minhyuk?”

Dara didn’t answer but CL was right. Her focus right now is her siblings. Seeing that their mother is impossible to raise them well and that she needs to play both mother and father to them, getting into a relationship right now is absolutely a ridiculous idea.



2 hours later…


Dara was by herself at the roof deck of the place they went to. CL was having so much fun that she didn’t want to be a party pooper and just looked for a quieter place. This wasn’t actually her thing. She didn’t like going to crowded places her head was already full of rackets she doesn’t want her surrounding to be filled with it too.

“Nice view huh?” A voice from behind her suddenly said. She turned and saw Jiyong walking towards her and sat beside her. “How long have you been here?”

“Not long enough for my sister not to notice. Or maybe she’s just busy.” Dara answered smiling at him.

Her smile is so bright and yet her eyes are so lonely. Jiyong thought.

“So, what are you doing here?”Jiyong started the conversation.

“It’s nice here. It’s more peaceful.” Dara answered looking at the view.

“Oh yeah, Yongbae said you don’t like noisy places.” Jiyong remembered.

“How does it feel?” Dara suddenly changed the topic. Jiyong looked at her wondering what she was about to ask.

“To be in front of thousand of screaming girls calling your name.” Dara wondered.

“Well it’s nerve-wrecking. When I’m up there all I think about is not making a mistake. But the fans, wow they are unbelievable. They can stand for how many hours just watching us perform.” Jiyong told her shaking his head.

“You must be really used to it by now.” Dara concluded moving her gaze from the view to Jiyong.

“Honestly, no. It’s really nerve-wrecking. I’m usually a shy person.” Jiyong answered and when he turned to look at Dara, she did not believe what she just heard. “What?”

“G-Dragon? SHY? Hmmm based from what Hayi has been telling me it’s unbelievable.” Dara said smiling at him.

“Well Dara-shii you can ask Yongbae about it and he will say yes.” Jiyong suddenly felt embarrassed that he was insisting that he was shy that he lowered his head to hide.

“Aiii cute…” she suddenly blurted out shocking even herself that she suddenly blushed.

Jiyong and her looked at each other and laughed at the same time upon seeing that both of them were blushing like idiots.

“Well I like the shy Jiyong. He’s cute.” Dara don’t know what came up to her and why she said that.

Jiyong was surprised too and got even more embarrassed that he couldn’t look at Dara straight in the eyes.

“Weo? Why are you like that?” Dara giggled as she lightly slapped Jiyong at the arm.


Unknown to them CL was behind them quietly watching them as the two continued to chuckle.

“There you are!” Yongbae said from behind CL that the girl covered his mouth right away so that Jiyong and Dara won’t know.

“Shhh!!!” CL warned him.

“What?!?!” Yongbae asked whispering and CL pointed at the two people watching the view at the roof deck.

It felt like something pinched him in the inside. Jiyong you can’t. Yongbae thought to himself but then CL dragged him downstairs and back to the club.




Author's note:

hello everyone!!! sorry for this chap if it's kind of boring... I need to squeeze in some moments like these... and yeah... Big Bang Alive Tour was on Cinemas here at the Philippines over the weekend and my BFF and I watched it!!!! Though it was the same as the DVD I had I still super enjoyed it cause I was with my bff and we were watching Yongbae... 

Ok can I just rant how happy I am that 2NE1 won in Inkigayo... well yea I can cause this is my story... anywhos... I'm ecstatic that they won... not that I normally care if they are number one but then yeah I'm just so happy because Come Back Home is such a nice song...

SHOUT OUT TO MY BFF... thank you for making that moment in your story.... lol now how can I name your future child Minho if he keeps being the villain in your fics?!?!?! lol.... 

are there filipino blackjacks who are reading this? if there are... uhmmm where to line up for the AON Manila on Saturday if you want skyseats... please?!?!?!?!?!


Oh and I kept thinking this while listening to 2ne1's new album: "COME BACK HOME" song of Dara to Jiyong asking him to stop the Dark GD phase and go back to the cute GD leader before... GOTTA BE YOU... Dara's song to Jiyong telling him though she's hurting so much about the past she still wants him... ok i'm delusional sorry...

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