Chapter 1

The Last One on The List

"Please! Please! Please Unnie!!! Please?" 17 year old Lee Hayi begged her older sister while talking at the video call. She, her brother MInhyuk and Yedam were all huddled in her room talking to their Unnie as they always do every night before they go to bed. 

"When is this?" Dara who is at the other end of the video call asked her sister.

"March 2, 3, 4" Hayi answered excitedly.

"Noona just let her go do you know how much hard work she did so she could save up for the tickets?" Minhyuk their brother said.

"2,3,4? Which one are you going to?" Dara asked looking at a calendar.

"All of them!" Hayi exclaimed.

"WHAT?!?!" Dara shouted her face full of shock. "ALL 3? WHY?" 

"Cause they might do something on the other days that they didn't on the first 2 ones!" Hayi said as an excuse causing Dara to rub her forehead.

"Hayi, Don't you think it's kind of too much? I get it ok you like Big Bang but 3 days? come on." Dara told her sister trying to get some senses to her.

"Noona! Don't be like that! Hayi Noona has been really really excited about this concert! Do you know how many nights she stayed out late just finishing those dresses that her friends bought from her?" Yedam defended his sister. Dara gives everything her siblings needs and wants while their fathers give them their monthly allowances but ever since Hayi discovered her talent in drawing and sewing, she earns extra money in selling her designs to her friends, not that she needs it really but at times like these it helps a lot in getting her Unnie’s approval.

"Please Noona!!! Let Hayi go!" Minhyuk helped Yedam and Hayi persuade Dara.

"Please! Please! Please!" Dara's three siblings begged at the same time.

Dara sighed she knows Hayi will go even if she says no anyways. "Ok fine! I give up! Ok you can go!" 

"YES!" The 3 jumped and down the bed excitedly.

"BUT! Hayi listen to me. I'll pull some strings and get you VIPs instead." Dara told her sister who shook her head in return.

"ANI! NO!" Hayi objected. "Unnie VIP seats are often far from the stage I want to be at the standing area! I want to be able to touch their hands! Please?!?!" 

Dara shook her head. "Out of the question! That's too dangerous what if something happens and a stampede occurs? How can your bodyguards get to you ASAP? NO!"

"Unnie, please!" Hayi begged.

"NO. TOO DANGEROUS." Dara glared at her sister.

Hayi didn't object anymore instead she kept quiet and hang his head low. Tears suddenly flowed down on her cheeks.

"Hayi don't do that to me! It's too dangerous!" Dara told Hayi but her sister just kept crying.

"I have to go." Hayi suddenly said hanging up the video call.

"Noona, you think it will work?" Yedam asked as soon as the video call ended.

Hayi wiped the tears and smiled at her brothers. "Of course it will! Noona can't take it whenever we feel sad! Just wait and see!"





There was a soft knock at Dara's office door and CL and her executive assistant entered.

"Unnie, the directors are complete we can start the meeting already." CL told Dara who was rubbing her forehead still thinking about Hayi and their video call. "Uh? What's wrong?"

"Hayi." Dara answered standing up.

"Let me guess? Big Bang?" CL asked raising an eyebrow while smiling.

"What else?" Dara said bringing her tablet and phone walking towards the door.

"Do I get her the tickets?" CL asked.

"You really had to ask that?" Dara said looking at CL.



After 2 days...


Hayi, Minhyuk, Minzy and Yedam are all in the music room hanging out. Minzy was teaching Minhyuk by the grand piano, Hayi was singing and Yedam was playing the guitar when Bom barged in.

“Hayi, this package came into my office today. It has your name on it.” Bom said handing a medium sized box to Hayi.

Hayi immediately torn the wrapper and tried to see what was inside making everyone in the room quiet, waiting to know what’s inside the box.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hayi shrieked jumping up and down. Minhyuk who has mental difficulties sometimes covered his ears and embraced Minzy who in return scolded Hayi.

“Will you stop screaming you’re making your brother jumpy!!!!!” Minzy told her

Hayi stopped from jumpin and suddenly hugged Bom.

“UNNIE! THANK YOU!!!” Hayi said hugging Bom.

“Don’t thank me, that’s from Dara.” Bom answered sitting down on a stoll.



First day of Alive Tour Concert

Big Bang’s dressing room


One of the venue’s security was walking towards Big Bang’s dressing room 30 minutes before the concert started. He was followed by another suited guy carrying a paper bag with 2 security men behind him. They stopped in front of the dressing room and then the security guy opened the door.

“Here you go.” He told the suited guy who nodded in return and entered the room with staff running here and there.

“Ehem.” He cleared his throat and one of Big Bang’s managers approached him.

“Yes? Can I help you?” the manager asked.

The suited guy bowed. “I have a package for a Mr. G-Dragon, Mr. Yongbae, Mr. T.O.P, Mr. Daesung and Mr. Seungri.”

“They are being done for performance right now. I can receive it for them.” The manager told him reaching out his hand.

“Ani. I’m sorry sir the client specifically said on the contract that it has to be received and signed by them.” The suited guy refused.

“What’s going on?” Jinu who was listening to their conversation before joined them.

“Package for the boys only they are the only ones authorize to receive.” The manager explained.

“Package?” Seungri approached them overhearing the conversation. “What package?”

“Right, You are Seungri-shii,” the suited guy looked inside the paper bag and got a box and handed it to Seungri.

Seungri got the box and got shocked upon seeing what was inside the box. “NO WAY!” he shouted excitedly “HYUNG! COME!”

Daesung and Taeyang who just finished their make-up and outfit approached him and the suited guy who was now reaching the boxes for the two other members.

“Daesung-shii and Taeyang-shii.” The suited guy handed the boxes to them and then a paper to Seungri.

“Seungri-shii please sign this as proof that you are the one that received the gift.” The suited guy said.

Daesung and Taeyang were shocked upon seeing the gift too. “Oh my gosh! Is this real?” Daesung said not believing.

“What’s real?” T.O.P asked looking at the box. “Whoa! Who sent this?”

The suited guy gave him his box and then handed GD’s as well who walked behind Top.

“Please sign to acknowledge also.” The suited guy said handing each one of them their acknowledgement papers.

“Is this real?” GD asked the suited guy again shocked from the gift inside the box.

“Yes sir, there’s an authentication card inside together with the Service Maintenance card. You have the authentication number also you can have the watch check at any store if you want to authenticate it again.” The suited guy said.

“Woah! Seriously?” Seungri asked his eyes full of excitement.

“I’m sorry but who is this from?” Jinu suddenly asked wondering who would spend a fortune just for a fan gift.

“There’s a note there sir. I am not allowed to divulge such information all I can share is she owns the store and her sister owns the mall. I have to go sirs. Good day!” the suited guy bowed and headed towards the door followed by 2 security behind him.

All the five boys were in awe at the gift they have received. It was none other than a Rolex Submariner Blue Dial. Each box has a note saying: “Good Luck! Fighting!” But there was a letterhead on the note card Lee Expensive Watches.

Just then YG entered their dressing room and saw the faces of the 5 boys.

“What’s going on? Why do you all look like you hit the lottery?” YG asked.

“They got a gift from a fan.” Jinu said showing the gift making YG’s eyes grew big in shock.

“Lee Expensive Watches? Is anyone of us an endorser of this? Could it be a sponsor?” Jiyong suddenly asked wondering who could give such expensive gifts.

YG got Daesung’s notecard and read it. Then he walked out of the room and brought out his mobile phone



“WHAT?!?!” Dara exclaimed standing up and banging one hand on her desk. Just then CL hurriedly entered Dara’s office while talking on her mobile too.

“No, no need. I’ll look into it by myself. Yeah thank you for informing me.” Dara said hanging up and then looking at her bestfriend. “You wouldn’t believe what my beloved sister did!”

“Wanna bet?” CL said waving her mobile in front of camera.

“Finish the negotiations and meetings already. We’re leaving for Korea a day after tomorrow!” Dara instructed sighing at what her sister did.




Author's note:

sorry for the late update and the short update well better than none. HOPE YOU GUYS WILL SUPPORT THIS TOO!!!! 

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