Chapter 4 - new update*

The Last One on The List

“I can’t believe that you know him!” Hayi exclaimed for the hundredth time inside the van.

Yuri rolled her eyes at the young lady and looked at CL asking for help but the latter just shrugged her shoulders.

“After all those whining, begging and escaping just to see my oppas you never mentioned that you know them. Not even a hint!” Hayi started acting like she was deprived her whole life.

“Cut it out.”Yuri answered.

“Where do you think we got all those tickets you use from?” CL suddenly blurted out.

Hayi paused for a moment and then turned to look at her sister. “Unnie, you still didn’t tell me that you knew them!”

“I was in America! What did you want me to do?” CL defended herself.

“Hayi. Stop it.” Dara who was busy looking at some emails on her Ipad at the very back of the van suddenly spoke.

Hayi sensing that her sister was not on a good mood gave up with a loud sigh.

“Look, what are you whining about? We got you the tickets whenever you want it right?” CL asked her when her mobile started to ring. “Yoboseo?”

“But that’s different! I wouldn’t have gone to all those fan meets if I knew I could just get a hold of them that easily.”

“That was Yejin, she’s already at the office and she has the documents.” CL told Dara who didn’t look up and just continued to look at her Ipad.

“Now where’s the fun in that?” Yuri winked at Hayi pissing her off even more.

“And how could I not remember knowing Taeyang?” Hayi continued to whine.

Dara suddenly raised her head at the mention of Yongbae’s name and looked at Yuri.

“You were young then that’s probably why you don’t recognize him.” Yuri answered.

“What’s our schedule tonight?” Bom asked trying to change the topic.

“But still, I should be able to remember him. Or was he part of my selective memory deletion?” Hayi started talking to herself.

“Dara and I have no schedule tonight. Yuri?” CL answered looking at their planner and looking at Yuri afterwards.

“I have painting lessons in the afternoon until 6 why?” Yuri answered.

“Let’s invite them tonight?”  Bom smiled and winked at Dara.

“Oh my gosh!!!!”Hayi suddenly screamed and pointed at her sister then towards Yuri. “It’s him isn’t it?!?”

“Who?” Yuri asked not sure what Hayi was looking for.

“I KNEW IT! IT’S HIM!!!!” Hayi started screaming making Bom raise an eyebrow towards Dara.

“CL your sister has gone mad.” Dara told CL.

“When she’s mad she’s my sister ONLY?” CL frowned at Dara.

“What are you talking about Hayi?” Yuri asked Hayi again.

“Taeyang is the guy that almost ended your friendship wasn’t he?” Hayi looked from Yuri to Dara raising an eyebrow at both her unnies.

“WHAT?!?” CL exclaimed in surprise.

“He was? Wasn’t he?!?!?!” Hayi cheered up when both Yuri and her sister didn’t answer.

Just then their van stopped in front of YG’s building with Hayi still clapping her hand. One by one they got out of the van but Hayi wouldn’t stop on teasing Yuri and Dara.

“Why don’t we just go home?” Dara suddenly said making Hayi shut up.

“Now that’s better.” Yuri smiled giving Dara a high-five.




“What’s up!” GD greeted the boys who were inside Teddy’s recording studio. Yongbae was seated beside Teddy and Seungri and were editing some music. Top was in front of the computer searching about something while Daesung was on the couch playing with his mobile phone.

“Hyung! You’re here!” Daesung greeted.

“Have you heard the news?” GD asked as he placed his backpack near Daesung.

“What news?” Top asked not removing his gaze from the computer.

“The Park girl. She was allowed to train in YG.” GD answered bluntly.

Yongbae stopped what he was doing upon hearing the name “Park”.

“Hayi?” Yongbae asked looking at GD who in return nodded.

Just then Yongbae’s phone rang. “Yoboseo?” he answered.

“YONGBAE-AH!!!!” Yongbae had to move his phone away from him because Bom’s scream was too loud the boys thought it was on speaker.

“Ahh noona! Too loud!” Yongbae answered.

“Where are you? Are you here in the office?” Bom asked him.

“You’re here noona?” Yongbae asked suddenly standing up startling Top and Teddy.

“Yah Youngiebae where are you?” The guys heard CL shouting at the phone.

“Yongiebae?” Seungri and Daesung uttered at the same time.

Yongbae opened the door and at the far end of the hallway where the girls with YG.

“YONGIEBAE!!!!!” Bom suddenly screamed and ran towards the blushing Yongbae. Bom was about to give Yongbae a hug but paused noticing the 5 other guys behind him looking at them questioningly.

“YONGBAE BEAR!!!” another woman screamed and the 5 guys saw an excited Yuri approaching Yongbae.

“YAH! What’s wrong with you? Why are you staring like that?” Bom suddenly slapped Yongbae on the chest.

“Ah… noona… what are you doing here?” Yongbae smiled awkwardly.

“Ah… we came because we dropped Hayi and Dara wanted to talk to Uncle as well.” Bom explained and looked at the 5 guys still staring at them.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to your friends Yongbae bear?” Bom asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, yeah sorry… Noona, this is Seunghyun Hyung, Teddy Hyung, Jiyong, Daesung and Seungri. Guys this is Bom Noona and this is Yuri.” Yongbae introduced them to each other making the girls go inside the studio to shake hands with the guys.

As they exchange pleasantries YG and Dara and CL suddenly appeared by the doorway,

“Hey.” Yongbae greeted Dara staring at her eyes as if it longed to look at hers.

“Hey.” Dara smiled and stared the same way at Yongbae.

They paused for a moment staring at each other and suddenly broke out of laughter.  Everyone around them just stared at them confused at what had happened.

“Don’t mind them, they’re just like that ever since we were kids.” Yuri said turning her back from the two and smiling at the boys.

“So I heard Yongbae and you girls go way back.” YG suddenly spoke reminding the others that he was there.

“Yes. Since we were kids.” Dara answered while Yongbae nodded.

“Well, Dara here has agreed for us to train her sister Hayi. You all heard her sing I’m sure by now you know she has a special talent.” YG explained to the boys.

“Uncle, you’re praising Hayi too much.” Dara said slapping YG on the chest shocking the boys.

“Did she just slap the Boss?” Seungri whispered to Top who in return slapped him back lightly.

“Ah Hyung!” Seungri whined as he held on his cheek.

“Well, if Sajangnim says she’s good then she really must be.” Yongbae said wrapping his arms around Dara.

“Is that so?” Dara smiled and looked at the arm placed on her shoulder. “You think I’ve forgiven you for ignoring me and Yuri all those years huh?”

“What?! Me?!?! You guys left me here!” Yongbae insisted removing his arm and looked at Yuri asking for help.

“You stopped responding to our emails!” Yuri answered back pinching Yongbae on the side.

“OUCH!” Yongbae exclaimed while the other people inside the room watched the three argue.

“Seriously? After so many years you still can’t stop with that love triangle?” Bom asked them sarcastically.

Everyone in the room looked at them including YG.

“It’s not like that!” all three of them said at the same time.

“It’s just them two!” all of them saying at the same time with Yuri pointing at Dara and Yongbae, Yongbae pointing at Yuri and Dara, Dara pointing at Yuri and Yongbae.

“WHAT?!?” the three of them saying at the same time.

“Hyung I’m confused.” Daesung said looking worriedly at GD who shrugged his shoulders in return.

“Anyways, Uncle can I invite Big Bang tonight at Dara’s place for dinner? You can come too if you want.” Bom said excitedly not minding the Yuri, Dara and Yongbae.

“I’m afraid I can’t come. I promised my wife I’d be home for dinner. But the boys can surely come.” YG replied.

“Really? So, Bae, you guys have something to do tonight? Can you come over for dinner?” Bom asked excitedly turning and looking straight at the guy behind her who happens to be Top.

“Uhm. Ji?” Top asked looking at their leader who in return shrugged his shoulders. “Fine with me if it’s fine with Yongbae.” GD answered.

“Fine with me if it’s fine with you guys.” Yongbae nodded and pointed at the other members. Seungri excitedly nodded while Daesung just shrugged his shoulders. “I have nothing to do tonight anyways.” He answered.

“Teddy-sshi you should come over too.” Bom invited smiling at Teddy.

“Uhm. Sure why not.” Teddy agreed.

“Then it’s settled then! I’m cooking!” Bom said excitedly.

“NO!!!” Dara, Yuri and CL screamed at the same time startling everyone.

“Why?” Bom asked raising an eyebrow at them.

Yongbae snickered. “Still that bad huh?”

“What did you say?” Bom glared at Yongbae making the boy halt from laughing.

“I see nothing has changed.” YG winked at Dara and the young lady giggled in agreement.




Hayi looked at Hanbin who has been staring at her for about 2 minutes now.

“Yah! Why are you staring? Do I have something on my face?” Hayi asked.

“No. I just can’t believe that I found you again after all these years.” Hanbin said looking straight into Hayi’s eyes.

“YAH! Are you two getting cheesy huh! You know that’s against company trainees rules!!!” Seungri suddenly butted in from behind the two.

“Ah hyung! It’s not like that. We’re bestfriends.” Hanbin explained but Seungri couldn’t be persuaded.

“So have you introduced little Ms. Lee here to the other trainees?” Seungri asked Hanbin.

“Not yet. The others have lessons so we’ll just do that later.” Hanbin answered smiling at Hayi.

“YAH! Cut it out! Trainees can’t date each other!!!” Seungri shouted only to be slapped at the back of his head by Yongbae.

“Why are you so noisy!” Yongbae said then looked at Hanbin. “Yah, we’re going to the Parks later you can come and bring Bobby with you.”

“Really? Ok!” Hanbin answered excitedly.

“Bom’s cooking.” Yongbae added.

Suddenly Hanbin’s excitement turned down a little. “That’s not good.”

“Why? What’s wrong with Bom’s cooking?” Seungri asked looking at Hanbin.

Hayi, Hanbin and Yongbae exchanged glances and started laughing.

“What? What’s wrong with her cooking?” Seungri asked again and still the three didn’t answer.




It was past 6 in the afternoon when Hayi got back home, Yuri picked her up from YG after her painting classes.

“So Unnie, is Bom Unnie really the one cooking tonight?” Hayi asked as the two of them entered the house.

“Are you kidding me? Do you think your sister would really let that happen?” Yuri asked Hayi in disbelief.

“I just heard from Yongbae Oppa that’s why I thought it was true.” Hayi shrugged her shoulders and was about to head for the stairs when the two boys hurriedly went down the stairs and hugged Hayi.

“Hayi! You’re here! I missed you!!” Minhyuk smiled and ruffled Hayi’s hair.

“Oh! Oppa did you behave well today?” Hayi asked her older brother who in return nodded.

“Noona! How was it? How was it? Did you meet new friends? Were they good to you? Were your teachers nice?” Yedam hovered his sister excitedly.

“Calm down! I’ll tell you about it later. For now, we better get dressed we have visitors coming!” Hayi told them while they watch Bom and Yuri give instructions to the house help and security.

“Why what’s happening?” Yedam asked finally noticing that their terrace and the pool has been lighted up.

“Well, Dara Unnie found her long lost love and he and his friends are coming over for dinner!” Hayi gushed to her brothers.

Minhyuk’s jaw dropped while Yedam’s eyes widened. “WHAT?!?” The two boys asked at the same time.

Just then Minzy entered the house and saw the siblings over the lounging area. “Hey you guys! What’s up? Hayi! How was your first day? Are you guys having a party? Why is the driveway litted?”

The three turned and looked at her with MInhyuk and Yedam still in shock. “What’s wrong?” Minzy asked rushing towards Minhyuk.

“Ah. Unnie, Oppa got shock because we’re having Dara Unnie’s first love and his friends as visitors tonight!” Hayi explained shocking Minzy too.

“Really?” Minzy asked in disbelief.

Then the front door open and Dara followed by CL entered the house.

“Noona!” Yedam ran towards Dara and hugged her tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Dara stopped walking and looked at Minhyuk, Minzy and Hayi with a questioning look. “What is he talking about?”

“Noona! Is it true? You’re first love is coming for dinner?” Minhyuk asked bluntly.

“WHAT?!?!” Dara and CL exclaimed at the same time.

“Dara! Good you’re here! Chef Wong prepared variations of Japanese and Korean food would you like something else?” Bom said as she goes inside from the patio followed by Yuri.

“Is it true noona?” Yedam asked again waiting for explanation.

“No Japanese and Korean is fine. How about you guys you want anything else?” Dara asked the rest of them.

“Noona is it true?” Minhyuk asked again insisting on his sister.

“What’s true?” Yuri asked wondering what the boys are pestering Dara about.

“Hayi told us that Noona invited her first love and his friends for dinner.” Minzy answered.

“What the?!” Bom turned and looked at Hayi who shrugged her shoulders in return.

“Aigoo… I’m getting a headache. Yongbae is an old friend and he is not my first love alright? He’s just a best friend before.” Dara explained to her two brothers and glared at Hayi. “Now you three go up and get ready. Minzy, stay for dinner ok?”

Minzy nodded and followed Hayi, Minhyuk and Yedam up the stairs leaving Bom, Yuri, CL and Dara to discuss further the event for tonight.




“Whoa… so you’re telling me that our trainee, and Hanbin’s puppy love is 10 times richer than me? Or even GD Hyung? And it’s just her not including the joint worth with her siblings?” Seungri asked looking at Yongbae.

“Ah hyung! She’s not my puppy love!” Hanbin protested.

It was nearing 7pm and they are all huddled in a van with Teddy driving and GD in front. Hanbin and Bobby are at the back with Seungri and Daesung while Top and Yongbae are at the middle row.

“JOINT WORTH? What the? Where do you learn this words Seunghyun!” Teddy blurted from the front while GD laughed.

“Don’t they have rules like, she’s one of those rich people so she has to be in the family business?” Daesung asked Yongbae.

“Well, their case is complicated. Dara is the only Park among the siblings and the only rightful owner. That’s why she made sure her siblings had their own businesses while they were still young so they can save enough for their own.” Yongbae explained.

“Wow, Talk about first world problems.” Teddy said.

“How old is Hayi?” Daesung asked Hanbin.

“16? 17? Around that range.” Hanbin replied.

“Imagine being 17 and the owner of an expensive watch shop and having a bank account where she can’t even empty in one day!” Daesung said imagining in his mind what he would do if he was in that situation.

“Well, if you asked me I’m fine with where I am right now. Right Hanbin?” Yongbae turned and reached his hand to Hanbin for a high-five.

“RIGHT!” Hanbin slapped Yongbae’s hand in agreement.

“Yongbae I think the address you gave me is wrong.” Teddy called on from the front. “Or my GPS might be ed up. It can’t find the address you gave me.”

“Oh I forgot to tell you! They’re not listed so you’re GPS most likely won’t really find it.” Taeyang said looking outside  checking where they are. “You’re still at the right path just go straight Hyung.”

“Not listed?” Top asked raising an eyebrow at Yongbae.

“Yah Hanbin they’re that rich that they can’t be found on the map?” Bobby asked slapping Hanbin on the shoulder.

“Well I guess that’s why Hayi has so many bodyguards.” Hanbin  answered unsurely.

“Yongbae if I go further I’ll go straight on the expressway.” Teddy said wondering where they headed.

“Ah yes hyung you’ll see a rough road on your right before you reach the expressway turn right on that rough road.” Yongbae instructed and Teddy did as he was told.

“Are you sure about this hyung? This road looks like it’s headed on a dead end.” Daesung asked while looking outside the window.

“Yeah. I’m sure about it.” Yongbae assured them.

“Why are there few lights on this road? And it looks like a haunted road look at all the bushes and trees outside. Like a guy with an ax would come out of nowhere.” Seungri said holding onto Bobby.

“Ahh hyung! I should be the one holding unto you!” Bobby said as Seungri hugs him tightly.

“Tsk. What an example you are to your dongsaeng.” Top shook his head in disapproval.

“Ok now take the path diagonally leading to the right.” Yongbae instructed. “There, that’s the gate. You just have to show your driver’s license.”


They stopped in front of the iron gate, there was a camera and a speaker phone on the driver side. “Name please?” A voice said on the speaker phone.

“Teddy Park.” Teddy answered and showed his license to the camera.

“Please hold.” The voice said and after a few minutes the iron gate automatically opened.

“Whoa!!!” Seungri and Bobby said at the same time.

They passed through a long pathway and finally they saw the big mansion before them, not to mention the a lot of suited guys surrounding the area.

“Damn now that’s a mansion!” Teddy blurted as they reach the front of the house.


“They’ve got a freaking fountain outside their house!” Bobby exclaimed at Hanbin.

As soon as Teddy stopped the car suited guys opened their doors for them and bowed to them one by one.







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