Chapter 9

The Last One on The List

Dara entered the restaurant and looked for Yongbae among the people seated at the dining area.

“Can I help you?” the man at the reception area asked.

“Uh, yes I’m supposed to meet Dong Yongbae.” Dara softly answered cautious that other people might hear Yongbae’s name.

“Uh yes, follow me mam.” The man headed towards the dining area. They walked to the farthest part of the restaurant and the man stopped at one of the couches. “Here you go.”

“Oppa!” Dara greeted giving Yongbae a kiss on the cheek.

Yongbae getting shock at the gesture turned red.

“Oh! Oppa! Why are you blushing like that? It’s me Dara!” Dara .

“Aish this girl! I’m just not used to it anymore. I’m always surrounded by boys you know!” Yongbae told her.

“So, why did you want to meet me? Is it about Hayi?” Dara asked right away.

“Let’s order first shall we? I’m hungry.” Yongbae opened the menu and scanned through it.

After giving the waiter their orders Dara cut through the chase and asked Yongbae again. “So Oppa? Why are we here?”

Yongbae looked at Dara and thought for a moment how things really never changed.

“Do you like Jiyong?” Yongbae bluntly asked Dara causing the girl to almost spit out the water she just drank.

“What?!” Dara asked with baffled look.

“Do you like Jiyong?” Yongbae asked again. Dara was about to laugh when she noticed the seriousness of Yongbae’s face.

“Oppa, you’re serious?” Dara smiled at him. Yongbae was the only friend Dara had outside her family. Aside from Yuri he is the only one who can truly understand who and how Dara is. They might have been separated for a long time but being confronted like this by Yongbae tells her that he still knew how Dara is. “Oppa…”

Yongbae sighed. He prayed that what he feared Dara answer is, won’t really be Dara’s answer.

“Tokki, Jiyong and I we’ve known each other for as long as I’ve known you. He is your male counterpart in my life. If something bad comes out of this then I will be in the middle of my two best friends.” Yongbae explained to her.

“I know I cannot tell you to not like him. Nor can I tell you to not fall for him. These things I know are uncontrollable but please. I’m begging you to think about it a few more times before getting into something that we will all regret for the rest of our lives.”

Dara smiled and held Yongbae’s hand that was resting on the table. “Just like what you did with Yuri?”

“That’s different.” Yongbae pulled his hand from Dara’s hold and looked away.

“How is that different? Although you try to hide it and you kept being chummy with me everyone knew that you were so into Yuri.” Dara reminded him making Yongbae sigh again.

“Like it or not, it is the same Yongbae and until now you’re doing it. You’re ignoring your feelings for her just because of me.” Dara looked at Yongbae who was staring at his drink.

“I’m not telling you to do the same Dara. I’m just telling you…

“To be careful.” Dara cut Yongbae from finishing his sentence. “I know. I know what I’m feeling and I know what the situation is and I know what I’m going to do.”

Yongbae sighed and looked at his friend worriedly. “Dara I just found you guys again, I don’t want to lose you if something bad happens.”

Dara smiled and reached for Yongbae’s hand again. “Oppa. Trust me ok? No one is losing anyone ok? You’re not going to lose Yuri again, and most definitely you’re never going to lose me again. I have four other souls back home whose lives depend on me not to mention all the employees that work for our company. So don’t worry ok?”





After 5 hours…


Yongbae entered the club where the other members are hanging out. Dara and him completely lost track of time as they catch up with each other’s lives the restaurant was about to close when they finally paid the bill and went on their separate ways. He went straight on the VIP lounge where he found the others members and other YG employees too.


“HYUNG! Where have you been?” Daesung greeted immediately handing him some beer.

“Yo man! We’ve been waiting for ages!” Top said as he watches the girls on the dance floor.

“It’s quite packed tonight huh?” Yongbae asked trying to change the subject. Jiyong noticed how Yongbae is dodging the question that he suddenly felt interested.

“You know I’ve received 10 calls from the company tonight. I wonder what’s going on.” Jiyong told s all of a sudden.

The 4 other members suddenly froze to whatever they were doing and stared at their leader.

“Is that a joke hyung?” Seungri, who has gotten into trouble with YG so many times, asked nervously.

“Nope.”Jiyong lied.

“That’ it! Let’s go home!” Daesung put down his bottle of beer and straightened his clothes up.

Yongbae looked from Daesung to Jiyong and figured out that he was lying. “Yah! Don’t believe him! He’s just pulling your leg!!!!”

Jiyong chuckled and laughed at Seungri and Daesung. “Is that a joke hyung?!?!” Jiyong mimicked Seungri who was a little annoyed at his hyung’s joke.

The other three members went back to playing around while Jiyong sat beside Yongbae to snoop some more.


“I had dinner with Dara.” Yongbae confessed cutting Jiyong off with what he was about to ask.

“Oh.” Jiyong don’t know the reason why but he felt jealous that Yongbae had dinner with her.

There was a minute of silence between the two of them and only the booming sound downstairs.

“We talked about you.” Yongbae revealed.

“Me?” Jiyong’s heartbeat paced. What could possibly be they talking about me. Jiyong thought to himself.

Again a minute of silence as Yongbae thinks on how he’s going to tell Jiyong about it without Jiyong misunderstanding it.

“I told her you are my male best friend and not to mention my leader so I wouldn’t want to get caught in between you guys in the future.”

Jiyong looked at Yongbae trying to figure out what he was talking about when it finally dawned on him, Jiyong sighed as he lay back on the couch they were seating on.

“Is it obvious?” Jiyong asked him.

“To me at least.” Yongbae answered taking a sip of his beer.

Another moment of silence passed by between the two as Jiyong tries to figure out what he was going to say to Yongbae.

“Look Jiyong, it’s really none of my business if the two of you like each other, or if you want to ask her for a date. Just, please keep in mind that I never want to be in an awkward situation if something doesn’t work out.” Yongbae pleaded even before Jiyong could say his expalanation.

“Dara is like a sister to me and you’re like my brother Jiyong…” Yongbae tries his best to explain it to Jiyong.

“Hey bro, don’t worry ok? I get it. I won’t let you be in an awkward sit ok?” Jiyong smiled and patted Yongbae at the back.

“You better make sure Jiyong!” Yongbae looked at his friend with a warning.

“Don’t you trust me?” Jiyong asked Yongbae who in return shook his head.

“What do you mean no!!” Jiyong playfully punched Yongbae on the shoulder making the latter counter the attack.

“So...” Jiyong looked at Yongbae mischievously.

“What?” Yongbae asked wondering what he’s thinking.

“Did she say if she likes me?”Jiyong wriggled his brows curious on Yongbae and Dara’s conversation.

Yongbae chuckled and shook his head. “Oh no! You are not going to drag me into this!!!!”

“Come on Bae!!! Even a hint?!?!?” Jiyong pleaded but Yongbae stood up and left him whining on the couch.





“Hyung let’s go!!!” Seungri called Yongbae as they walk towards the parking lot of the club they just went to.

Just then Yongbae’s phone rang. “Yoboseo? I’m in Hongdae right now. What? Right now? Ok See you in 2 minutes.”

Yongbae hung up the phone and turned to Seungri. “YAH! MAKNAE TAKE A RIDE WITH DAESUNG INSTEAD!”

Daesung turned and wondered what’s up “WHY?”

“JUST TAKE HIM!!!” Yongbae insisted getting into his car and zoomed away.

“TOP HYUNG TAKE SEUNGHYUN WITH YOU!!” Daesung begged as he had another place to go to.

“NO WAY!!!” Seungri begged off not wanting to ride home with Top.

“WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO RIDE WITH ME?” Top shouted at him looking hurt.

“WHY ARE YOU ALL SHOUTING?!?!?!” Jiyong raised his voice too. “I’ll take the maknae home!”





A few blocks away at a café…


“Well this is a jam-packed night.” Yongbae said as he sat down across from Yuri.

Yuri smiled as she put down her cup of coffee. “Head you had dinner with Dara.”

“How’d you know that?” Yongbae wondered while Yuri raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh yeah… Chaerin?” Yongbae asked and Yuri nodded. “So what’s the problem?”

“Problem?” Yuri looked at Yongbae.

“Hmmm… A call in the wee hours for coffee…. Some things never change… just the place where we have coffee.” Yongbae winked at Yuri making the young lady blush.

“Ahhh…. I see...” Yuri has totally forgotten how she used to call Yongbae whenever she needed to vent out something.

“So what’s up?” Yongbae said sipping at his frapuccino Yuri got for him.

“Well… nothing much. Just the usual.” Yuri sighed.

“Dara still a dragon boss?” Yongbae asked.

“That will never change. Sometimes I worry about that woman. She thinks about everyone else except for her own self.” Yuri explained while Yongbae stirred the straw of his drink.

Yongbae looked at Yuri and saw her face was so stressed out. “So, what went wrong today?”

“Nothing.”Yuri told him smiling then taking another sip of coffee.

“Nothing?” It was not like Yuri to ask him to come out at this time of the night just for nothing.

“Yah! Can’t I call my friend at this hour just because I want to have coffee?” Yuri told him sounding a bit annoyed.

Yongbae looked at Yuri and observed her carefully. Hmm… what’s up with this kid? Yongbae thought to himself but since the moment was there he just decided to seize it.

Yongbae smiled making his eyes disappear.  Cute. He’s even more charming now than before. Yuri thought to herself as she stared at Yongbae.

“Hmmm… I didn’t say anything like that.” Yongbae acted out. “In fact I’d be happy to get more calls from you at any time of the day.”







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