Chapter 6

The Last One on The List
Yongbae quietly entered their dorm careful not to wake the other members. 
“Bae?” Jiyong called out from the lounge area. Yongbae looked up and saw that the members are sitting at the couch waiting for him. 
“Oh. You guys still awake?” Yongbae said as he walks through the hallway and stopped in front of the couch. Daesung and Seungri are now sleeping while Jiyong and Top were talking about the events that happened at the Parks. 
“Everything ok?” Top asked. 
Yongbae sighed. “Well it took awhile and a lot of antique vases before we could pacify Minhyuk and convince him that I am Taeyang of Big Bang from outerspace. “ 
“What’s the story really? Was that really their mom and why do they all hate her?” Questions started pouring out from Jiyong. 
“That was their mother. Let’s just say that Madame thinks of her kids as assets, or investments. Someone whom she can get rich with.” Yongbae explained to them. “Dara’s father loved no other woman aside from the Madame, only it was different for her.” 
“Is that why Dara hates her so much?” Jiyong asked suddenly having the urge to know more about Dara Park. 
“It’s bad enough that the Madame left them but she was the reason why Minyuk is unstable and then she went on with her life like nothing happened and had Hayi and then Yedam. To make it all worse Dara’s father took Minhyuk under his care due to his love for Dara’s mom.” Yongbae continued while Top and Jiyong listened carefully. 
“When Dara’s dad and mom divorced, the court ordered Dara’s dad that she will get a monthly fixed allowance regardless if she remarried or not. It was to make sure that though she was no longer part of the Park family that she will still be able to live a lifestyle not far from luxury. Also, everyone knew that she was still included in his will and that should anything happen to the Sajangnim she will get one fourth of the company. Only when they could no longer handle her escapades investors started to pull out and Dara’s dad had no choice but to cut her off.” Jiyong and Top were now listening to Yongbae seriously. 
“Then?” Seungri suddenly spoke, while Daesung kept forcing his eyes to wake up. 
“Then Dara’s father had an accident and passed away.” Yongbae answered and now the 4 member’s attention is all focused at him. 
“So the will didn’t get changed?” Daesung asked Yongbae. 
“It did. The thing is the will was changed days before Dara’s father announced it. In the news it was said that it was a random road accident but Dara and I always suspected otherwise. Due to lack of evidence to indicate that it was a planned accident Dara didn’t push it any further.” Yongbae said as he stood up and headed towards the refrigerator to get some water. 
“So you’re saying that Dara and her siblings have one mother but different fathers?” Seungri asked with his eyes blinking in disbelief in which Yongbae nodded to. 
“Awhile ago, Dara mentioned something about the court and being her siblings legal guardian. What was that all about?” Top asked. 
“When MInhyuk got into that situation his father begged Dara’s father to take MInhyuk under his wing. They went into court and the court granted Dara’s father to be their legal guardian, in the absence of her father Bom’s Dad will be their guardian. When Dara’s mother married Yedam’s father, Dara went to court to be Hayi’s legal guardian because both parents are inadequate to raise her unlike Dara. When Yedam’s father and the Madame separated Dara did the same thing with Yedam.” Yongbae explained. 
“Wow. She had a lot to handle at a very young age. I feel sorry for her.” Daesung suddenly said shaking his head. 
“It was another excuse for Dara since her mother is using her siblings to leech out more money from them. So since her mother is not fit to be a guardian Dara took the chance and went to court. That pissed off the Madame even more unfortunately, the court sided with the Parks and that’s how their little family was formed.” Yongbae concluded looking at the other members now in awe of Dara’s courage.
“That’s why Dara despises her mother so much. Nothing she ever did was for the benefit of her children. It was always for her benefit only. Dara took over the company when she was 15. It took away part of her teenage years. While others are out partying she was at home reading a bedtime story to Hayi and Yedam. While others are in school she was at the boardroom, stockholders meeting, investor’s meeting. While others go on camping trips she went on business trips. While others are out to have fun she was at the hospital accompanying MInhyuk with his sessions. But never did I hear Dara say she was tired. Never did I hear her that she was exhausted. And never did I see her cry.” Yongbae told the others. 
“Oh man that’s hard.” Daesung said. “Believe me, I’ve been through that and damn it’s hard.” 
“Even when her father died?” Jiyong asked curiously. He doesn’t know why but he had this urge to know more about Dara. There was something about the way she acted awhile ago that he wanted to protect her more than what Yongbae was doing for her. 
Yongbae nodded at Jiyong. “Even at her father’s funeral. I kept asking her why, and kept telling her that she can cry when it’s just the two of us and she would just stare at me like I’ve said the craziest thing in the world.” 
Jiyong felt a pinch of hurt in his heart upon hearing this from Yongbae. He doesn’t know why but the girl has caught his attention when the unexpected event happened awhile ago. The way Dara acted gracefully even if she was already fuming mad with her mother. 
“I’ll go wash up and then go to sleep early morning tomorrow.” Yongbae told them and one by one the other members head to their own rooms leaving Jiyong at the couch by himself thinking deeply. 
“Good morning!” Minzy greeted as she walked in the dining table. 
“Well, you’re up early.” Yuri greeted back. 
Hayi was already at her seat. MInhyuk stood up and pulled the chair beside him for MInzy to sit down. 
“Thanks.” Minzy said touched by Minhyuk’s gesture. 
Just then Yedam entered the kitchen in his pajamas and was still yawning as he sat down on his designated seat. 
Dara and CL entered the dining with CL saying in detail their schedule for the day. “we’re doing the ocular visit for that new land you want to buy. Then we have a few meetings with our tenant with the South mall. Then for lunch we have a meeting with your uncle and Bom regarding the new Jewelry line Bom wants to do. After lunch we’re meeting with the construction firm for their monthly report. Then in the afternoon suppliers for the clothing line are coming to present their proposals. We have dinner meeting with the new editor-in-chief of MInhyuk’s publishing house.” 
“Let me see that!” Bom grabbed CL’s tablet and looked at the details for a bit and then turned to her cousin. 
“Sweetheart you can breathe starting 10:05 and then stop at exactly 10:06 in the morning!” Bom told her cousin sarcastically. 
Dara rolled her eyes and sat down at the end of the table. “Hey, you alright?” Dara asked Yedam who was still sleepy. 
“Just a bit sleepy Noona.” Yedam answered trying his best to open his other eye. 
“Ahhh.. how will you be able to survive going to school if you can’t wake up early.” Dara told her brother while filling her plate with some scrambled eggs. 
Both Hayi and Yuri turned their heads and looked at Dara. It took awhile before it registered to Yedam what his noona said. 
“You mean?” Yedam asked with his eyes wide open now. 
“Well, I was thinking, it would be quite unfair if only Hayi gets to see the outside world. So, if you want I’m enrolling you and your Noona to the international school your Yuri noona will be teaching at starting next week.” Dara told her brother and sister. 
Yedam’s eyes were sparkling with excitement but he suddenly paused for awhile when he catch a glimpse of Minhyuk smiling at them. “Noona, what about Hyung?” 
Hayi’s smile faded upon hearing Yedam. 
“Don’t mind me. I’ll stay here at home and do something.” Minhyuk told his dongsaengs. 
“Well I don’t want to kill your plans my dear brother but that school has a curriculum for music and arts and I enrolled you.” Dara told his brother. 
“So I’m going to school?” MInhyuk asked in disbelief while his sister nodded while smiling at him. 
“OMO! What if there are other girls there!?!” Minzy suddenly exclaimed. 
“Aish this brat! You go to school too! And you don’t hear me complaining about the boys in your school!” Minhyuk said ruffling her hair. 
Dara watched her dongsaengs as they excitedly talk about school while eating breakfast. 
Minhyuk has finally calmed down and Hayi and Yedam are camping in his room just so he won’t throw any fit again, Yuri started reading them a book when Yongbae said goodbye and left the room. He was about to go down the stairs when he met Dongmin who was going to check on the kids. 
“Minhyuk now ok?” Dongmin asked where Yongbae nodded. 
“The kids and Yuri are with him. Where are the girls?” Yongbae asked wondering if Bom has already left and if Dara was fine. 
“They’re at the back by the pool.” Dongmin answered. “By the way, thanks for tonight.” 
Yongbae patted him at the back and started to descend the stairs. He walked through the hallways and saw the househelps cleaning up while the security is doing their night rounds. He saw Bom waving at him telling him to join them. He opened the glass door and walked towards them. 
You ok Yongie Bear?” Bom asked patting the empty sit next to her. Yongbae sat beside Bom across from CL and Dara. 
“Yeah.” Yongbae answered extending his arm on the head rest of the couch. 
“Chaerin, don’t forget to contact our lawyers and tell them about the little incident tonight. Please inform Jaesuk-shii that I am not pleased with what happened and that they should let the lawyers of the other party know about this.” Dara instructed CL where the latter got her phone and started to make a reminder. 
“Aigoo…” Dara sighed. “I knew making the kids go back here was a mistake. What do I do now? What if another incident happens to the the kdis when I’m not around?” 
“You still think she’s behind the mall incident?” Bom asked. 
Yongbae looked at Dara she was frowning but she was still the same Dara that left years ago. Then upon hearing “mall incident” Yongbae looked at his shoulder where Bom was lying her head. 
“What mall incident? The one where we had our fanmeet?” Yongbae asked shifting his gaze from Bom to Dara. 
“Unnie, I know it’s her. Who else knows who Lee Hayi is? She’s at a fan meet how on earth would a random kidnapper know that she’s worth millions of wons?” Dara said trying to convince Bom to what she was thinking. 
“You think she would go that far to hurt the kdis?” CL asked Dara. 
“Come on Chaerin, let’s not pretend that that woman is an angel.” Dara retorted back. 
Just then Yuri joined them and sat at the couch beside Dara. 
“Are we still talking about the Madam?” Yuri asked looking at everyone. 
“That woman is ready to do anything just to be able to cash out money from me.” Dara told them angrily. 
“Wait. Are you teling me that your mother hired men to shoot at Hayi? Ran after her and tried to drag her?” Yongbae asked Dara. 
“Drag her?” the 4 girls all turned and looked at Yongbae. The report that reached there was a man who was aiming to shoot at the stage. Fans saw the man and screamed thinking it was aimed at Big Bang. No one told them about running after Hayi and dragging her. 
“Bae, what are you talking about?” Dara worriedly asked. 
“That day when someone tried to shoot at the stage Seungri and Top grabbed Hayi when she was pushed on the floor due to the stampede right? When they got her and we took her at our exit the shooter and another guy went after us. Then they grabbed Hayi from Seungri or Top hyung I can’t remember but they grabbed her and drag her only one of our managers helped her.” Yongbae explained to the girls. 
“Bae are you sure?” Yuri asked. 
“I’m sure because I was there. I saw what happened. We all saw how our manager was punched at and how Hayi single handedly beat those men. That’s why I won’t be able to forget that moment because Hayi was like a trained fighter the way she counter-attacked those men.” Yongbae confirmed at the girls. 
Dara rubbed her forehead. “If what Bae is saying is true then now do you believe me about that woman?” 
Bom sat quietly as she looked at the other girls. 
“Wow.” Yuri whispered. “I can’t believe the Madame is capable of really hurting the kids.” 
“Chaerin fix everything I’m taking the kids back to the States.” Dara decided. 
“What?!?” the 3 girls exclaimed at the same time. 
“Yah! Dara! Calm down!” Yongbae protested. 
“Dara we just got settled in here.” Yuri reminded her. 
“Don’t forget if you’re bringing the kids out of the country for more than 30 days you have to notify the court. And…. If you’re staying for too long out of the country you have no choice but to let the Madame get the kids for 2 weeks too.” CL reminded her. 
Dara became silent, she was thinking too hard on what to do with her siblings. CL was right, though she has full grant to be the guardian of the children, she still has to follow some rules and can’t just take the kids wherever she wants to take them. 
“What are we going to do them?” Bom asked. 
As if a lightbulb clicked at the top of her head Dara suddenly clapped her hand. “That’s it!” 
“What’s it?” Yuri asked looking at Dara. 
“I’m going to enroll the kids to school.” Dara told them smiling. 
“WHAT?!?!” the three girls exclaimed at the same time. 
“Are you sure about this?” Yuri checked again.
“You see Mother dear is worried that I’ll take the kids somewhere any time soon. So let’s not make her worry so she’ll stop all those threats and just make her think that the kids are here for sure. Yuri, you told me that the school you work part-time at has special courses that Minhyuk could take right?” Dara asked looking at Yuri. 
Yuri still taken back with what she was hearing just nodded at her. 
“Then! It’s settled. Yuri enroll the kids first thing in the morning! Chaerin make sure to brief Sangmin regarding this.”Dara instructed. 
Bom lifted her head and exchanged glances with Yongbae. 
“Dara are you sure about this?” Yongbae finally asked. 
“No but I can’t afford to lose another sibling. I almost lost Minhyuk. I still can’t forgive my mother for that night. I still regret that night. Every time Minhyuk flips I blame myself.” Dara answered. 
-end of flashback- 
“Unnie! You’re not listening!” Yedam said pouting. 
“Huh?” Dara said as she snaps out of her daydream. 
“I said can we go shopping for school supplies today?” Yedam asked excitedly. 
Dara smiled and nodded. 
“Oh! I have training today.” Hayi frowned remembering her schedule. 
“Then I’ll pick you up after training and let’s go shop? I need to talk to Uncle anyways.” Dara said smiling at her sister. 
Meanwhile… in a high-class condominium… 
3 suited guys are standing in front of a unit waiting for the door to open. When it did they entered the unit and walked towards the dining area. 
“Ah… Good morning Attorney Ho. What brings you here?” the Madame asked pausing from her breakfast and looking at the 3 guys who bowed at her. 
“I received a very irate call last night from Jaesuk-shii saying that we broke one of the conditions therefore they can bring it up to court and get a restraining order.” Atty. Ho reported making the Madame’s face turned pale. 
“Madame, How many times did I tell you to stop breaking the conditions! You cannot just do what you please to do because-“ 
“Why can’t I I’m their mother!” the Madame cut him off angrily. “I wanted to see my children so I went to the Mansion! What’s wrong about that?!” 
“Well you should’ve thought of that before you messed up your life.” Atty. Ho reprimanded her. 
“YAH! IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CLIENT?!?!” The Madame answered back. 
“I AM NOT SAYING THAT AS YOUR LAWYER! I’M SAYING THAT AS YOUR BROTHER!” Atty. Ho angrily told her. “Aren’t you even tired of what you’re doing? Look at yourself!!! Your first born is suffering and yet here you are partying like an 18 year old girl!!!!” 
“OPPA!” the Madame protested and acted like she was hurt by the last comment. 
“Yah! I am warning you. Stop doing this to your children one mistake and you’ll lose them forever!” Atty. Ho warned his sister. 
“I already lost them and I’m sure after last night that stubborn first born of mine would fly them back to the States!” the Madame said. 
Atty. Ho shook his head and smirked at his dongsaeng. “Your daughter is smarter than you. She has no time for playing around she has a conglomerate to run. Your children are enrolled at the Seoul International School.” 
“Really? You’re going to school?” Hanbin asked Hayi in disbelief. 
“Yes. Can you believe it? And it was Dara Unnie’s idea!” Hayi told him excitedly. 
“What? Really? Dara Noona?” Hanbin could not believe what he just heard. Just last night everyone was tensed with the sudden visit of the Madame at the Mansion and now, Hayi and her brothers are going to school. Something’s up. Hanbin thought. 
“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy?” Hayi asked frowning at Hanbin. 
“Huh? No, no, I am happy. But does that mean you’re no longer going to train?” Hanbin asked trying to change the subject. 
“No. I think Dara Unnie will talk to the Sajangnim about my school and training.” Hayi answered with a wide smile. 
“Ah… What school are you going to?” Hanbin asked again. 
“Seoul I.S.” Hayi answered. 
“Really?!?!!” Hanbin asked in disbelief. 
“Yeah! Weo?” Hayi asked him back. 
“That’s my school! That’s where Bobby goes to school too!!!” Hanbin answered excitedly. 
“Really? I didn’t know that YG trainees goes to school!” Hayi said 
“There’s an option of you can and you can just learn the elective subjects here at the office. But if the trainees wants to go to school then you go, no problem with that just as long as you can do good in both.” Hanbin explained to her. 
“Hmm.. Oppa, you’ll take care of me right?” Hayi suddenly asked Hanbin. 
“Of course! I’ll be taking care of you! Just like the old times!!!” Hanbin said giving Hayi a high-five. 
authors note:
sorry nothing much happened in this chapter will try yo do better for the next one
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