The Last One on The List


The Last One on The List is another daragon story for all the Applers and especially my Daragon subscribers =) Thank you for always supporting me. 


Dara’s father died when she was 15 years old, leaving her his entire wealth and the largest conglomerate in South Korea. Left with no choice she became an adult and never went through the life of a teenager taking care of her 3 siblings all from different fathers. She became Sandara Park, CEO of Park Group of Companies. 
Now at 25, she is one of the most powerful business women not only in Korea but also in the whole world. Behind all the power and wealth lies a lonely, broken soul who thinks about taking care of everyone else putting her happiness at the very last of her list until she met the man that would always put her on top of his list. 
Kwon Jiyong better known as G-Dragon was the leader of the infamous idol group Big Bang. Living his life to the fullest and enjoying every moment on stage finds the intimidating CEO Park challenging. Making it his goal to prove her wrong about how life is, he finds himself falling in love for the woman even if he was always the last on her list.
Park Dara –  25 yr old CEO of Park Group of Companies. 
Kwon Jiyong – Leader of Big Bang 
Kang Min Hyuk – 22 yr old brother of Dara from their mom’s husband number 2. Their mother and Minhyuk met an accident when Minhyuk was 7 yrs old causing him to be mentally incapacitated. 
Lee Hayi – 17 yr old sister of Dara from their mom’s husband number 3.  She is a Big Bang fan who often sends them expensive gifts until one day an accident made her meet her idols and even better she was offered to be a YG trainee! 
Bang Yedam – 15 year old youngest among Dara’s siblings (so far) now being the next in line in handling their family business since his older brother is mentally incapacitated. 
Bom Park – Dara’s cousin. COO of Park’s Mining Corporation owned by her father, Dara’s uncle. She is also the General Manager of Park Shopping Malls a shopping mall chain owned by Dara. 
Lee Chaerin – Hayi’s half-sister when Dara realized that CL was being neglected by their father when he married Dara’s mother and afterwards leaving her on her own when her mother and Mr. Lee separated Dara took her under her wing and made her a personal advisor of Dara. Though they really are not related by blood they have been best friends ever since and took care of each other like sisters. 
Gong Minzy - she was arranged to get married to Min Hyuk only with the accident happening and with Minhyuk's mentally incapacitated Dara pulled out of the agreement only Minzy couldn't let go of her puppy love. 
Kwon Yuri - private tutor of the kids. She was Dara's classmate before and when Yuri's parents died Dara took her under her wing and made her finish university to be a teacher and become a private tutor and governess of her siblings. She earns more than a bank manager's salary monthly just to go shopping with Hayi.
Big Bang – as themselves 
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