Chapter 2

The Last One on The List

“Noona, don’t go please.” Yedam begged. 

It was the day after Big Bang’s 3-day Alive Tour Concert in Seoul and Big Bang was having an autograph signing sessions with their fans in a mall. Hayi woke up early excited to attend the session. She told their teacher/guardian Yuri that she’ll just go shopping and visit the store. 

“Yah what’s wrong with you? I’m just gong to ask for an autograph and then come home right away arasso?” Hayi whispered scared that Yuri might hear them. 

“It’s going to be crowded there Noona what if something happens?” Yedam asked worriedly. 

“Don’t worry ok? My bodyguards are going to be with me so relax.”  Hayi said ruffling Yedam’s hair and then looked at one of their househelp. “Chunhei-shii can you please tell Kwangho-shii and DongMin-shii that we are leaving.” 

Just then the head of their security staff entered their front door and greeted Hayi and Yedam. “Hayi-shii, I heard you are going to the mall today for your rounds. I have added security for your team Miss.” 

“WHAT?” Hayi exclaimed. “SangMin-shii I am just going to the mall. Just the mall! Why would I need extra security? I survived the concert with only 2 shadows I don’t need extra ones.” 

SangMin bowed apologetically in front of her. “Just precautionary Miss we do not know what might happen.” 

“But..” Hayi was still going to object when their home tutor / governess Yuri was going down the stairs. 

“Hayi? What’s wrong?” Yuri asked looking worriedly at her. 

Yedam tensed upon hearing Yuri’s voice and looked at his Noona. 

“Nothing. I’m going to do my rounds at the store and I get extra security.” Hayi sighed knowing that if she insists in front of Yuri she’ll figure out that Hayi is up to something. 

Yuri looked at Hayi for a moment and then shifted to the suited man. “SangMin-shii, I believe you have something for me?” 

“Yes mam.” SangMin nodded. 

“Let’s go over my office so we could video call with Bom.” Yuri smiled. “Hayi don’t stay up too late ok?” 

Hayi nodded and got out of the door as soon as she caught sight of her van. 

“Noona, call me!” Yedam shouted as his sister fled. 


“Hey look!” Seungri pointed at a watch store they passed by. “Isn’t that the name of the store where our watches came from?” 

Yongbae and Jiyong looked at where the Maknae is pointing. “Lee Expensive Watches. Yep! That’s where it came from.” Daesung read out loudly and agreed. 

“She must be one rich Noona!” Seungri said as the five of them are escorted to their waiting room. 

They were now inside the mall before it opens to make sure that they enter the building safely and because chaos might break lose once fans see them enter the building. 

“How sure are you that the owner is a girl?” Jiyong asked looking at Seungri. 

“And that she’s a noona?” Daesung added. 

“Because..” Seungri was about to say something when TOP cut him off. 

“Because my dear friends, only a girl would gift those really expensive watches as a gift. If it were a boy he’d ask for us to endorse them first before they actually give us something.” TOP explained in which Seungri nodded in agreement. 

“I see your point.” Yongbae said. 


Meanwhile, outside the mall the fans are starting to line up. Luckily for Hayi since she will be making her rounds she got inside the mall earlier than the others. 

“Hayi-shii, what are you doing?” Dongmin, one of her security asked when Hayi lined up in front for the meet and greet of fans and autograph signing of Big Bang. 

“Shh… just don’t tell the Unnies ok?” Hayi ordered her security. 

DongMin shook his head. He had been Hayi’s personal bodyguard ever since he was 18 years old and the girl was taken in the custody of her sister Dara. His father was the head of security of Dara’s father before and his brother SangMin was Dara’s personal security. Dara and him practically grew up together and after the tragedy that took both their fathers lives DongMin and SangMin promised on their father’s deathbed that they will forever protect Dara and her family. 

Hayi was only 7 years old then and wasn’t a handful yet. She would make him and Kwangho sit on her little chairs and pretend that it was tea time together with her other stuff toys. Then, she grew up and learned about boys and idol group and now his and Kwangho’s life span lessened 5 years every time she would sneak out to see the idol group Big Bang. 

DongMin and Kwangho wandered a few feet away from her to be less obvious. The three other securities did the same thing but all were watching closely. 

“I have informed the mall’s security that Hayi-shii will be in the autograph signing.” Kwangho said talking to the others through their radio walkie talkies. 

“Good. I swear my life span lessens even more when spent with this child.” DongMin said standing nearby and looking around. 

“I miss the days when we just have to worry about tea time.” Kwangho commented while smiling and saw that DongMin was smiling from the other side too.

Just then the mall doors open and a lot of screaming girls ran to fall in line behind




“I knew it she was going to be here.” A guy wearing all black talked to someone from his mobile while staring at Hayi.

“Good job.” A voice on the other end said.

“But you better come down here. They added security on her.” The guy told him.

“Hmm… they must’ve received the letter already.”

“Come on over here, we’ll take her when it gets crowded.”




Yuri was with Minhyuk and Yedam at their study room when they heard a soft knock.

“Yuri-shii, DongMin called in that Hayi-shii is at Big Bang’s autograph signing event at Park’s Shopping Mall.” SangMin informed her.

“What! Aigoo that kid!” Yuri exclaimed.

Yedam fidgeted on his seat and tried to contain himself so that he won’t get scolded by Yuri.

“She has 5 security men with her do you want me to send some more?” SangMin asked.

“No. I think 5 is fine. It’s just an autograph signing event. I don’t think anything harmful would happen to her. Just ask DongMin to send her home right after. No more stalking.” Yuri instructed to SangMin and then proceeded to their daily lesson.




“Yah! Hyung! Look at that girl at the front of the line. She’s so pretty!” Seungri said pointing at Hayi who was patiently waiting for them to come out.

Just then Top smacked Seungri at the back of his head. “She’s obviously too young Seungri!”

“Ahhh Hyung I just said she was pretty!” Seungri said rubbing the back of his head.

“All right Big Bang 1 minute!” The PD called and the members huddled.

“1,2,3, FIGHTING!”the 5 members chanted and afterwards lined up to get out and join their fans.

One by one the members went out of their waiting room and the screams were loud enough to break the glass from every store inside the mall.



“KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hayi screamed as she jumped up and down giddy to see her idols up close and personal.

After a few minutes the crowd has calmed down a bit and the members did their greeting.

“ANNEONGHASEO WE’RE BIG BANG!” they greeted and waved at the crowd who in return became chaotic again.


The autograph signing started and of course, Hayi was the first one.

“What name do I write this for?” Daesung who was the first to sign asked.

“Hayi. Lee Hayi.” Hayi answered and smiled at him.

“Wow, you have a great smile.” Daesung smiled back and then signed her album.

The next was G-Dragon, beside him was Yongbae who was now staring at Hayi. GD finished signing and Hayi was now giving the album to Yongbae but he was still staring at Hayi.

“Uhm… Oppa…” Hayi called him wondering what was wrong.

Where have I seen her before? She looks familiar?  Yongbae thought as he stared at the girl.

“Yah! What’s wrong?” Top nudged Yongbae bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Uhm… nothing… Uhmmm… excuse me but have I seen you or met you anywhere before?” Yongbae asked Hayi ashe signed her album.

Hayi looked at Yongbae wondering what he was talking about. “Uhm no. I don’t believe so.” Hayi answered she was really ecstatic that her favorite member was talking to her.

“Ah really? Too bad…  you’re  one pretty dongsaeng I could have had.” Yongbae smiled and winked at Hayi as he returned the album.

Hayi dreamily walked towards Top and had her album signed.

“Hmm… Do you still want me to sign this? Looks like Yongbae have you covered.” Top said pouting in front of Hayi.

“Aii Oppa! Of course I want you to sign!” Hayi said smiling at him brightly and just when Seungri was about to sign her album somebody from the crowd shouted. “OMMO! THAT MAN HAS A GUN! GUN! GUN!”

All hell broke loose and fans scattered screaming and a stampede occurred. The man with a gun seemed to be aiming at Big Bang but luckily Kwangho was able to reach him right away and when he tried to pull the trigger the gun was already pointing up.

The members hurriedly got off the stage and Hayi ran for her life only too many fans were pushing here and there she felt her bracelet were no longer around her wrist that she hurriedly looked for it on the floor.

Top and Seungri was about to head where their exit was when they heard Hayi cry from being stepped on.

“AAHHH Stop it! OUCH!” Hayi yelled she found her bracelet only there were girls running here and there that she couldn’t stand up. Every time she tries she gets pushed down on the floor again. Just then someone grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the crowd.

“Are you ok?” she heard Top’s deep voice as Seungri held on to her and pulled her to the emergency exit.

They were headed towards Big Bang’s van when a man suddenly pulled Hayi making her let go from Seungri.

Seungri stopped and as he turned he saw a man grabbing Hayi back towards the mall.

One of the managers tried to get Hayi only the black suited guy pulled out a gun in front of him.

“HYUNG!” Seungri shouted making Top and Taeyang stop to see what’s happening.

Just then Hayi stepped on the man’s foot and punched the man’s stomach with her elbow making the man squint in pain letting go of the gun. And in one swift move Hayi kicked the gun away, twirled and did a high-kick throwing the guy on the side. Then Big Bang’s manager grabbed Hayi to take her to the van but due to her instincts she punched him too using her elbow making the manager groan.

“Ommo! I’m so sorry!” Hayi exclaimed helping the manager up and the two of them walked towards the van.

Seungri who couldn’t believe what happened helped her and the manager and their van sped away.



“KWANGHO! Where is she?” DongMin shouted they were still in the mall looking carefully for Hayi. He has been trying to ring her mobile phone but she wasn’t answering.  One security looked for her if she ran towards her store to take cover only she wasn’t there.

There were only a couple of people left at the venue and most are security people taking custody of the gun man. Kwangho walked towards a mobile phone that was ringing and picked it up and answered the call. “Mobile phone is here.” Kwangho waved at DongMin.

“!” DongMin cursed. “I’m calling it in!”



“WHAT?!?! DONGMIN-AH WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST HER!!!!” SangMin shouted at the phone as he stood up and ran towards the study room.





“WHAT?!?! OH MY GOSH!!! WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE? OK CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU HEARD SOMETHING I’M ON MY WAY THERE!” Bom hurriedly grabbed her bag and rushed outside her office and looked at her secretary. “CALL MY DRIVER TELL HIM WE’RE LEAVING!”




The members arrived at YG together with Lee Hayi. She wanted to get off somewhere  but they were scared that the black suited guy might follow and grab her again, so they told her to just get off at their office. Hayi agreed and told them she’ll have someone pick her up there since she lost her phone.

“What happened?” Yang Hyun Suk, their president was waiting for them as soon as they entered. “Who is this?”

Just then he took a good glimpse of the girl behind Seungri and Top and was shocked on who it was. “Oh boy! We’re in trouble.”

The members exchanged looks as YG turned and walked away from them to call somebody.



“Kwangho! She’s at YG Building SangMin said her tracker from her bracelet was still working.” Dongmin told the other security and they headed out towards where their car was parked.


“Bommie SangMin and I are on our way to YG Building. Hayi’s tracker tells us she’s there.” Yuri said.

“Meet you there.”Bom answered.


“SHE’S WHAT?!?!” Dara shouted startling CL who was just beside her. “Chen, Take us to YG Building.”

“What now?!?” CL asked Dara who just rolled her eyes in return.


“Wow! Is this your dance studio? This is where you train?” Hayi asked giddily as Yongbae and Seungri took her on a tour. The other members were at Teddy’s studio resting.

“Well most of the time now the trainees are the ones training here.” Yongbae explained still wondering where on earth did he first see Hayi.

“Hayi? Lee Hayi?” just then one of the trainees called her.

“Hanbin?” Hayi answered in return recognizing the guy. “Is that really you?”

“It’s been so long! How have you been?” Hanbin approached them and was about to hold Hayi’s hand when Seungri stepped between them. “Yah! You know her?”

Hanbin looked at Seungri and then to Hayi. “Yeah she was my school mate before Hyung. How did you know each other?”

“Long story. So you went to school together before?” Yongbae butted in.

Hanbin nodded. “Yeah. But then she had to leave for the States with her sister so we lost contact.”

“Yeah.” Hayi confirmed the story.

“So you’re from the States?” Seungri asked looking bewildered as she speaks fluent Korean.

“Just for a couple of years and then last year my brothers and I stayed here in Korea for good.” Hayi explained.

“Oh, Dara Noona is not here?” Hanbin asked her.

“No she comes back and forth. She has business to take care there.” Hayi answered.

“I heard about your watch store. When are you going to give me a watch ei? Have you forgotten I always saved you and MInhyuk from bullies?” Hanbin teased reminding the girl of their past.

“Watch store? Lee Hayi?” Yongbae muttered to himself until a lightbulb lit on top of his head. “LEE EXPENSIVE WATCHES?!?!”

Seungri’s eyes widened and looked at Hayi in disbelief. “YOU?!?!”



“YAH! DAEBAK! DAEBAK!” Seungri barged inside Teddy’s studio startling the rest of the members and Teddy.

“Yah! What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know how to knock?” Kush one of their producers said.

“Yah Hyung! You know those Rolex’s given to us by a fan? You’ll never guess who the owner of that store is!” Seungri excitedly told Daesung

“Who?” Daesung asked and then Yongbae entered the studio followed by Hayi and Hanbin.

“I can’t believe you didn’t introduce yourself like that!” Hanbin told her as they entered the room.

“What’s going on? Hanbin knows Hayi?” GD asked upon seeing them.

“Yep. Apparently they were childhood sweethearts.” Yongbae answered as he sat between GD and Top.

“WHAT?!?” Everyone inside the room exclaimed including Hayi and Hanbin.

“Ah Hyung!” Hanbin protested.

“YAH! Oppa! It’s not like that!” Hayi objected.

Just then Big Bang’s manager knocked on the door and called for the members. “Hey guys, YG wants to talk to you. He’s at the conference room beside the studio.”

One by one they went outside and left Hanbin, Hayi, Kush and Teddy.

“You still sing?” Hanbin asked Hayi.

“Yeah we still get lessons from Yuri Unnie.” Hayi nodded.

“Really? Sing for me?” Hanbin suddenly sat down by the keyboard and started playing the first notes of Rihanna’s Love the way You Lie.

“From the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright. Then this thing turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m still surprised.” Hayi sang smoothly while Hanbin sang the second verse then Hayi sang the Chorus again, Kush and Teddy suddenly stopped what they were doing because Hayi caught their attention.

“Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s all right because I like the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry. But that’s all right because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie…”

Then Hanbin rapped while Hayi enjoyingly sang together. By this time Kush and Teddy were now totally focused at the two who were suddenly up at their own world. After the song, Kush and Teddy’s mouths were hanging open and by the door Big Bang members including YG were watching them.

“Hayi-shii, let’s talk before you go home. I just need to finish something. Ok?” YG suddenly told her and signaled Kush and Teddy to join him. “Hanbin stay with her while we finish.”

Hanbin nodded and ruffled Yuri’s hair. “Yah! You’re voice has gotten better!!!” Hanbin said excitedly as soon as the door of the conference room closed.

Hanbin and Hayi walked out of the studio and went to the lounge located down the hall. “Wow, so you’re a trainee here?”

Hanbin nodded. “How about you? How are you? How’s Minhyuk Hyung?”

Hayi smile suddenly faded. “Still the same.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Hanbin said

Just then the elevator door opened and a furious Yuri got out together with DongMin. “HAYI!!!!” Yuri shouted.

“Unnie?” Hayi answered

DongMin turned and saw Hanbin. “Hanbin?”

“DongMin Hyung?” Hanbin answered.

“Hanbin?” Yuri asked looking at him too.

“Yuri Noona?” Hanbin answered.

“Yuri?” Taeyang asked recognizing her as soon as she joined them.

“Who?” Seungri asked looking at each person standing around him.

“Yongbae?” Yuri said.

“Yongbae?” DongMin said shifting his look at him.

“DongMin?” Yongbae said looking at him.

“DongMin? Yuri?” Hayi repeated wondering why they know each other.

“Seungri?” Seungri suddenly joked trying to break the seriousness.

“What’s going on?” Top asked as the other members joined them and saw Yongbae staring at another lady and a man. Just then another lady came out of the elevator.

“HAYI!” Bom screamed.

“Bom Unnie?” Hayi asked wondering what she was doing  there.

“Bom?” Yuri asked as she turned.

“Bom?” Yongbae repeated.

“Yuri?” Bom looked at Yuri then shifted to Yongbae. “Yongbae?”

“Noona?” Hanbin asked looking at her.

“Hanbin?” Bom answered.

“SEUNGRI!” Seungri exclaimed while Daesung smacked the back of his head.

“What? It’s called roll calling of names!” Seungri joked.

“You guys know each other?” GD finally steps in only the elevator door opened again with a rushing SangMin.

“SangMin!” Yongbae greeted.

“Yongbae?” Sangmin looked surprised.

“Hyung!” Hanbin greeted him too.

“Hanbin?” Sangmin answered.

“Bom?” Sangmin looked at Bom surprised that she was there too.

“I’m getting confused.” Seungri whispered to Top who rolled his eyes on him.

Just then the elevator door opened and Dara and CL got out.

“HAYI!” Dara screamed angrily that Hayi hid behind Hanbin.

“Dara?” Yuri and Bom exclaimed surprised that she was here.

“Dara?” Yongbae said looking at her.

“Yongbae?” Dara paused and stared at him. CL was surprised too. “Yongbae?”

“Chaerin?” Yongbae asked.

“Chaerin?” Hayi and Hanbin both said only people who were close to them knows the real name of CL.

“Hanbin?” CL called.

“Hanbin?” Dara echoed.

“I’ve had enough of this name-calling.” Seungri said giving up on what was going on.

“Dara? Bom?” YG finally emerges from the hallway and called her.

“Dara? Bom?” everyone else shifted their looks from YG to Dara.

“Uncle.” Dara greeted.

“Uncle?!?!” Hayi exclaimed shocked that the two knew each other…

“That’s it! I give up!” Seungri said raising both his hand up in the air as everyone around him just exchanged gazes.






Author's note: 


anneonghaseo =) so now this is how they met... through Hayi... anyways... how do you find it so far? Thank you for my subscribers and votes... 

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