Chapter 10

The Last One on The List

It was 6 o’ clock in the morning and CL is in a café having coffee and reading her tab.

Every Monday Dara takes her siblings out for breakfast giving CL and Yuri some me time before their crazy day starts. 

“Oh Anneonghaseo Seungri-shii” the barista greeted as Seungri entered the coffee shop. 

“One Americano please hot.” Seungri ordered. He looked around to see where best to take a seat when he noticed CL reading her tablet. 

After getting his drink, Seungri started to walk towards her. 

“Chaerin?” Seungri smiled as he peeked to look at her face. 

“Oh! Seungri-shii, what are you doing here?” Chaerin looked around and saw that he was by himself. 

“May I sit?” Seungri asked first as Chaerin might want to be by herself. 

Chaerin smiled and gave him a nod. 

“So why are you here so early? And alone?” Seungri took a sip of his very hot coffee. 

“I have some free time before I meet up with my boss.” Chaerin explained. She can’t help but stare at the young man in front of her. Ever since when she was young she never had any relationship. She’s used to talking with men but it has always been for their business that’s why she finds it unusual on why her heart beat was pacing. 

“Oh good thing I dropped by then.” Seungri grinned at her. With all honesty he really likes Chaerin only he’s having a hard time on reaching her because of Yongbae and his other hyungs and not to mention that the girls are always busy running around from here to there. 

“Huh? Why is that?” Chaerin busily checked her emails. 

“So I have a bit of an alone time with you.” Seungri suddenly felt shy at what he just said but since this is an opportunity for him he was going to grab it. 

Chaerin looked up and blushed. “Wha- What did you say? Why would you want to have an alone time with me?” 

Seungri looked at CL blankly and blinked twice. “Because I like you.” 

“Heul.” Chaerin blurted out getting shocked at Seungri’s bluntness. 

“Please don’t run away. I didn’t mean to shock you.” Seungri realized that CL might not be used to getting confessed at like this and finds himself as a complete idiot for being so blunt. 

Chaerin stared at Seungri. She can’t believe what the Big Bang member just said. Is this even true? Or is he playing me? 

“Hmm… how do I know that you’re not just playing with me?” Chaerin became suspicious. Why would an idol suddenly be confessing he likes her when he barely even knew her? 

“Why would I even play with you?” Seungri got a bit disappointed that CL sees him differently. 

“Cause that’s what they say you are.” Chaerin answered still getting confused at Seungri. 

“Hmm… Don’t you think it’s unfair for you to judge me based from what people who aren’t even close to me say?”Seungri defended himself. 

Chaerin couldn’t say anything. He has a point. She thought to herself, but she was still not sure. Considering that they just met each other. 

“Come on, you can’t be that of a prejudice.” Seungri insisted. 

Chaerin smiled at him and can’t help but blush. I must say he is cute when he’s persistent on something. 

“How about we put it like this, let’s be close friends first and if we think we need to go another level then we talk again?” Seungri suggested. He was really being patient althought it was kind of annoying that the girl he likes don’t trusts him. 

Chaerin paused for a moment. She was attracted to the boy she’s not denying it. Come on Chaerin you can’t be forever by Dara’s side. 

“Deal!” Chaerin excitedly smiled at Seungri reaching out her hand to seal their agreement. 

“YES!” Seungri suddenly shouted and stood up with both his arms up in the air. Lucky for them there weren’t many people there yet. 

CL chuckled as Seungri embarrassingly sat back down and took a sip of his coffee. 



Dara was sitting on a bench at the park near the kid’s school. She still have 30 minutes of me time before she calls CL to pick her up there.  She sighed as she thinks about her siblings. 
A lot has been happening at the company lately and their new ventures are stressing her out more than usual. Not to mention she kept thinking about that G-Dragon person ever since she saw them perform in Japan. 

I wonder if he’s back here in Korea now. Dara thought to herself. What am I thinking? 

Just then a familiar figure sat beside her waving his hand at her face. She was shocked to see the man holding a dog leash smiling widely at her. 

“Nice to see you again Dara-shii.” Jiyong smiled brightly with his face turning red. 

“Jiyong-shii.” Dara didn’t know what to say. Great, I must look like a complete idiot right now. “What are you doing here?” 

“I’m walking my dog.” Jiyong waved the dog leash he was holding in front of Dara causing the girl’s eye to widen. 

“OMO!” Dara is afraid of dogs. Even if Jiyong’s dog is still a baby she was still afraid of it. 

“You’re scared of dogs?” Jiyong asked upon seeing Dara’s reaction. 

Dara nodded worried that the dog might bite her. 

Jiyong carried Gaho and placed him at his lap. “Gaho this is Dara Noona, Dara-shii this is my son Gaho.” 

“Gaho anneong!” Dara greted weakly, her heartbeat was pacing and she was frozen to where she was seated. 

“Gaho’s not going to bite you. He knows you’re nice.” Jiyong blurted out suddenly making him close his eyes upon realizing his slip up. 

Dara blushed as she caught Jiyong’s comment. “Ah is that so?” 

Jiyong blushed. “Well, that was what I thought he would say… I mean… if he would be able to talk that is.” 

Dara smirked as Jiyong got lost for words to say. 

“How about you what are you doing here?” Jiyong asked as he softly massaged Gaho. 

“I had breakfast with my siblings and walked them to school while my driver picked up CL and now I’m waiting for them.” 

“Wow. You’re very hands on in being a sister” Jiyong praised. 

Dara sighed diverting her look towards the field in front of them. “Well, they need to at least feel family love from somewhere.” 

“Well, just so you know, Hayi thinks so highly of you.” Dara looked at Jiyong upon hearing this. “You know just from stories from other trainees that I know, or even their trainors. They said she’s very hard-working and her character is no-joke.” 

Dara smiled. At least I’m doing something right. 

“From Hanbin’s stories though it looks like Hayi worries about you too.” Jiyong shared. 

“I must have done something right then.” Dara blurted out. 

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself Dara-shii, you may have touch other people’s lives more than you think.” Jiyong smiled at her while placing down Gaho to play in the ground. 

“Besides, base from Yongbae’s stories you have been helping other people ever since you were a teenager. I think that’s something to be proud of. Look at you, you’re young and you own a whole company, you take care of your siblings, you take care of your friends, you take care of your employees, I don’t know about you but for me that’s something right you’re doing out there.” 

Dara blushed at the compliment. The last time she was complimented was when Dara’s father was still alive and when Yongbae was still around. After her dad died and her and Yongbae lost contact, Dara had to be the strong woman to run things. It was refreshing to hear someone actually complimenting her. 

“Wait. Why would Yongbae share stories about me to you?” Dara suddenly wondered. 

Jiyong froze and felt like he was set on fire. Stupid Jiyong why did you have to open your mouth. Jiyong thought to himself. 

“Were you asking about me Jiyong-shii?” Dara teased smiling at him. Omo he’s cute when he gets shy. Dara couldn’t help but smile as she observe Jiyong. 

Jiyong nodded blushing at her. “Looks like that’s what happened.” 

“Well, what do we have here?” Jiyong and Dara turned around upon hearing a voice behind them. 

Seungri and CL were behind them surprised to see the two together. 

“Oh, Seungri-ah what are you doing here?” Jiyong asked. 

“How about you hyung, what are you doing here?” Seungri asked raising one eyebrow. 

“I’m walking Gaho.” Jiyong answered. 

“I’m walking CL.” Seungri answered back. 
“Yah!” Chaerin smacked him at the back of his head. 

“Omo! Chaerin!” Dara exclaimed shocked at Chaerin’s reaction. 

“Unnie, why are you guys together?” CL asked susupiciously. 

“You’re together?” Seungir exclaimed. 

CL rolled her eyes. “I mean, why are you here, together?” 

“I was waiting for you. Jiyong passed by cause he was walking Gaho.” Dara explained. 

“Oh! Good both of you are here! Chaerin and I are planning a family outing.” Seungri told them and Chaerin nodded in agreement. 

“Family outing?” Jiyong and Dara repeated. 

“Yeah let’s go campin or by the beach. Let’s have a barbecue party or something.” Seungri suggested. 

“I can’t” Dara answered right away. 

“What? Why not?” Jiyong wondered. 

“Yeah why not?” Chaerin raised her eyebrow. 

“I’m busy. I have hundreds of proposal to review.” Dara replied. “But don’t worry you can go Chaerin, you can bring Yuri too and you can ask Bom to come along too.” 

Jiyong pouted and Seungri’s face looked sad. 

“But it wouldn’t be much fun then…” Jiyong muttered. 

“Why not? Everyone will be there though.” Dara answered back. Just then Dara and CL’s phone rang at the same time. 

“Oooh… that’s creepy.” Seungri told them while Jiyong picked up Gaho and held him in his arms. 

“WHAT?!?!” Dara and CL exclaimed at the same time leaving the two guys in front of them wondering. 

CL hang up her phone and looked at Dara who was calling someone else now. 

“Sangmin-shii, you need to go right away to Hayi’s school, the principal just called saying there were men looking for the kids. Bodyguards are not allowed at the school so they’re unguarded.” Dara instructed with a worried look on her face. 

“Let’s go.” Dara told CL who followed her as she walked away from the boys. 
“I’ll call you.” Seungri shouted at CL but she didn’t turn around and instead the two of them rushed inside the van and it sped away. 

“Wow.” Jiyong said and Seungri nodded his head in agreement. 


“Sinchayo?” Daesung asked Hanbin in disbelief. 

It was already afternoon and after school Hanbin went straight to the YG Building to train. 

“Yes hyung! It was quite a commotion at school, it was still homeroom period we were just fooling around. There were men pretending that something horrible happened to Dara Noona and that they need to bring home the children right away. Yedam’s teacher was the first one informed and Yedam came running to our classroom and told Hayi.” Hanbin explained. 

“Hayi left Yedam to me and Hanbin then ran outside after a few minutes Hayi came back with Minhyuk and the three of them ran to hide to I don’t know where. After a few minutes Hayi’s bodyguards came rushing in and then Dara noona and then there were a swarm of police cars outside the school. You should’ve seen it oh my gosh it was so cool!” Bobby excitedly told them. 

“Is that why Dara and Chaerin left right away?” Seungri asked himself and everyone turned to him. 

“You were with the girls this morning?” Daesung asked, wondering what’s up. 

“Well… it was just a coincidence you know. I didn’t even know Jiyong Hyung would be there.” Seungri answered. 

“Jiyong was there?” Yongbae questioned Seungri. 

“Well when me and Chaerin picked Dara Noona up he was already there with Gaho so I don’t know why he was there with her.” Seungri explained innocently. 

“I better go check up on Dara.” Yongbae got up and walked out of the studio. 

“Wow. I guess Hayi’s really that high profile. No wonder YG was very careful with her.” Daesung said. 

“I’m guessing the Madame has something to do with this again.” Hanbin blurted out and everything turned to look at him. 

8 in the evening 
Park Mansion 

“Unnie! Unnie! Unnie!!” Minhyuk rushed inside Dara’s office den. 

“What? What’s going on? What’s the matter?” Dara worriedly asked her brother. 

“I heard Yuri Noona and Chaerin Noona talking at the family area that they’re going camping. Can I come? Can I come? Can I come?” Minhyuk excitedly asked. 

“ME TOO! ME TOO! ME TOO!” Yedam suddenly barged in. 

Dara looked at her two brothers and this is the first time she saw Minhyuk get excited over something. 

“I don’t know boys, with what happened today, I’m not sure.” Dara answered and saw her brother’s faces frowning. 

“That’s exactly what Hayi Noona told us that you’re going to say.” Yedam pouted and sat at the guest chair. 

Dara looked at Yedam and wondered why Hayi would say that. “What? Why would she know what I was going to say?” 

“I don’t know.” Yedam shrugged. 

“You know Noona, I’ve never seen Hayi so scared today. She was trembling when she took me out from my class and while we were hiding at the men’s locker room her hands were all sweaty and she was breathing heavily.” Minhyuk told Dara. 

“She was so brave today though. She acted like how we were trained by Sangmin Hyung. She kept telling us what to do if we needed to separate and she kept telling me to think like she was waiting for me on where I was supposed to go.” Yedam added. 

“Yeah, she was so brave today. I was panicking but she kept telling me, I need you to focus oppa, you need to follow me, you need to focus, I can’t have you throwing a fit right now, focus on me and nothing else.” Minhyuk shared while a tear ran down Dara’s cheek. 

Poor Hayi. She must’ve gone through so much today. Dara thought to herself. “Where’s your sister?” 

“In her room.” Yedam answered. 

Dara got up and headed towards Hayi’s room. 

She knocked three times and opened the door. 

“Oh Unnie?” Hayi looked at Dara. 

Am I in trouble? Hayi thought. Usually Dara would only enter her room when she was going to apologize after scolding her or if she was just about to scold her. 

“Hey.” Dara smiled at her as Hayi stared at her sister. 

“What’s going on Unnie? Did I do something wrong?” Hayi asked waiting to get scolded. 

“Huh? Nothing I just want to check up on you.” Dara answered back wondering why Hayi was acting this way. 

“Why?” Hayi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

“Well because you did well today. The boys told me what you did… and… I’m just…” Dara starts to tear up.

“Oh Unnie… why are you like that?” Hayi suddenly hugged her sister.

“I just… you’re too young for this… I just… Mianhe Hayi…”

“Unnie! What are you saying sorry for?!?!” Hayi exclaimed getting worked up that her sister was apologizing. She didn’t realize that tears were running down her cheeks.

“It’s just… what happened today… you didn’t have to go through that… you didn’t have to… You were… probably scared…”Dara choked up as she cried and talked at the same time.

“Unnie… it’s not your fault… I just got scared… but… I knew what to do…”Hayi answered back while crying.

Dara let go of their hug and looked at Hayi. The two wiped their tears and Dara smiled at her sister. “I’m so proud of you today. You stepped up and you guided your brothers. I’m just so proud of you.”

Dara kissed Hayi on the forehead and hugged her tightly then all of a sudden Hayi started to cry again.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Dara asked worriedly scanning Hayi’s body.

“Ani. It’s just, this seems like the first time you said you were proud of me.” Hayi answered.

Dara stared at her sister whose tears continued to run down her cheeks.




“Now bumping into you is starting to be a habit.” Jiyong said sitting beside Dara.

He just finished a schedule and instead of going clubbing with his friends he decided to just get a few drinks at a bar he frequents at.

Dara turned and looked at Jiyong, she then smiled and looked at her drink.

“What is that?” Jiyong asked pointing at her drink.

“Jack and Coke.” Dara answered casually.

Jiyong looked at her with a shocked face. “What are you an old man?”

Dara smirked and took a sip of her drink.

“I’ll have what she’s having.” Jiyong ordered and the waiter nodded.“So why is a girl like you in a place like this at this hour of the day?”

“Today…” Dara was thinking of the right words on how to describe this day. “Today is one of those wake-up call days.”

Jiyong looked at Dara slightly confused. “Was it about what happened this morning?”

Dara nodded and then took a sip of her drink again.

“Today my brothers came up to me and told me how Hayi helped them out when the men got inside their school. Although she acted up and she knew what she was supposed to do the boys said she was trembling the whole time.” Dara frowned and just stared at her drink. “My poor baby sister whose supposed to be having crushes, hanging out with her friends, studying, dance or singing training, was instead protecting her brothers, one happens to be older than her.”

Jiyong opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say so he decided to listen instead.

Dara smirked and played with her glass. “I grew up raising them and taking care of the business that I forgot they’re growing up too. That they’re just teenagers too.”

“For the record, Hayi has a crush on Taeyang.” Jiyong out of the blue told her.

Dara looked at Jiyong with a question mark on her face but then she soon realized he was just trying to lighten up the mood. Dara laughed a bit and took a sip of her drink.

“Ah mianhe Jiyong-shii I must be boring you with my stories.”

“Hmmm… Honestly, it’s making me want to know you more.” Jiyong told her bluntly.

Dara whose face was all red due to the alcohol intake she had turned even redder because of Jiyong’s comment.

“It seems blushing is starting to be a habit of yours.” Jiyong joked to which Dara’s eyes grew wide.

“Mr. G-Dragon you better stop those comments then.” Dara answered smiling back at him.

“Hmmm nope. You look cute when you blush.” Jiyong then clinked his glass unto Dara before taking a gulp of his drink.

Dara was speechless. Is he flirting with me? Dara’s heartbeat paced, not sure if it’s because of the alcohol or because of Jiyong.

“Stop it.” Dara giggled.

“Hmmm ok well, seriously don’t be too hard on yourself Dara-shii. When I see you and how you juggle your family and work all I could say is WOW. I mean, I barely survive leading my members. And Gaho, oh my gosh he’s just a puppy and all I can do for him is walk him.” Jiyong added and Dara was now giggling  at the mention of Gaho.

“I’m serious!” Jiyong told her that led the girl to laugh some more. “No but sincerely I’m telling you, you’re on the right path.”

Dara sighed and started to stare at her drink again.

“You know what you should do?” Jiyong asked and Dara looked at him. “You and your siblings should join us camping this weekend!”

Dara shook her head and took another sip.

“Come on Dara-shii, you said you wanted your siblings to feel even for a moment that they’re kids.”

“But I have work.” Dara insisted.

“Come on, you’re the boss of that company I’m sure you can spare a day or two!” Jiyong persuaded.

Dara stared at him and Jiyong wriggled his eyebrows trying to persuade her.

“Tell you what, if you come and join us I’ll take care of everything and you don’t even have to worry about it… all you and your siblings need to do is come and I’ll make sure you’ll have fun.” Jiyong promised raising his right hand.

Dara was thinking about it as she played with her glass. Hmmm… I guess after today the kids needs a break.

“Ok. But I’ll hold on to your promise!” Dara said pointing at Jiyong’s right hand that was still raised.

“Promise!” Jiyong confirmed ending up high-fiving with Dara.




The next day…

“Dara the girls and I are having dinner at that new Chinese restaurant you want to come along?” Bom asked as she flips through the papers she was going to sign.

“Uhmm no I have to review the proposals.”

“That’s not due until Monday.” Chaerin reminded her wondering why Dara was rushing.

“Well I have to finish it by Friday afternoon.”Dara answered back her eyes focused on the proposal she was reading.

“What’s the rush?” Bom wondered.

“The boys wanted to come camping and since Hayi needs a break from the trauma Jiyong suggested it would be a nice getaway.” Dara answered casually.

Bom and Chaerin exchanged looks. “Jiyong? G-Dragon Jiyong?”


“Interesting.” Bom smiled at Chaerin who in return nodded her head.




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